Difference between Full Spectrum Mindfulness and Religion of Tomorrow

I’m stuck between buying the two courses in the title. From what I can gather from the descriptions FSM seems to be more practical, whereas RoT is more theoretical.

I feel myself leaning much more toward FSM. I’ve already read RoT and I’ve had a lot of self-education on Spiral Dynamics (reading the book, and watching Actualized.org’s videos), so I do have a very good theoretical understanding of the structure stages.

I basically want a very practical way to help raise myself through the stages, while also doing work to properly integrate the stages I’ve already transcended. I would place myself at Green. I’m currently working on integrating the previous stages, before I really dive deeply into gaining some horizontal complexity within Green by putting myself around Green people, reading postmodernism books, etc. I have a lot of work to do in Green before I’m ready to begin moving into Teal.

So yeah, that’s my decision. Thanks for any help and advice!

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I am unsure if this is helpful or not the practices in FSM, are very practical it gave me more confidence, also on where to peg myself on the rungs of development. I did not do all of the exercises but most of them, because I’ve felt I already do most of these things in my daily life. Meditating with mindfulness, educating myself and going to meditation retreats.

So, reading about holons and and talking with friends who are very educated and intuitive about this stuff, personally helped me to develop a more “teal”/yellow/turquoise worldview. Although with more translation and contemplation the development would be more solid. I can definitely see the full spiral in action every day.

I still struggle with technicalities such as Fulcrums and stuff like this. I did not finish reading RoT yet, I’ve listend to multiple Audiobooks from Ken Wilber and read Spiral Dynamics in Action as well as the original book, read “Integral Psychology” as well as “A Theory Of Everything”. I was also on the Actualized.org forum and watched Leo’s videos about Spiral Dynamics, yet during that time Leo’s understanding IIRC he says it himself, was not fully ripe. He also has very high standars for this stuff. To be pedantic for instance stage orange has the hubristic charateristics not yellow.

The course definitely is great for bringing all of the awarness and concepts around integral into a practical domain and it helped me to see that I am already doing most of the things correctly, and that it’s more about my theoretical understanding and being in some sort of sangha, where the teacher is on a high stage of development. On Leo’s Spiral Dynamics example thread you can see a lot of teachers who are above turqouise most likely even.

I’ve been around green my whole life and I got tired of it very early… I am more of a counter culture kid, so I had to work through and still am working through stage red stuff and trauma. I still slip up and down the spiral based on living conditions, which are a core part of Spiral Dynamics, LC1, LC2, LC3 etc…

The bonus sections are also awesome !

The course is great if you want to know more about power dynamics, integral concepts around sex, higher stages above turqouise and to get a taste of them, as well as stages below turqouise or Integral / Teal. Ken explains all of the above fantastically, and this definitely helped me to build a core understanding around Integral in an experiantial manner, as well as conceptually. This would be my honest feedback from taking the course. I noticed also how deep all of this stuff is and that even though I took the course, my understanding of integral theory still feels incomplete.


Thank you so much for the detailed response! I may wait a little while for a few more more responses, but it seems very likely that I’ll just go with FSM.

I would personally recommend Full Spectrum Mindfulness. It is a truly novel approach that Ken has developed, and the course itself is bursting at the seams with practice material including several expansions (and hopefully more in the future). I consider this to be Ken Wilber’s “flagship” teaching, as it really does a fantastic job integrating his most important theoretical considerations into a powerful practice we can use for our own ongoing growth and awakening.

Don’t get me wrong, Religion of Tomorrow is awesome too, but FSM is something really special in my mind :slight_smile:


I think that settles it. Thank you so much.

Just a heads up, if you wait a few weeks it will be included in our Memorial Day sale at a deeply discounted rate :slight_smile: