Doctors & psicólogist chronic fatigue

**dear all

I been having chronic fatigue for over 3 years.

I still don’t know the reason why.
I wonder if you know really good Integral Doctors or Spicogist that specially in this topic that I can get online videocall consultant. Do you know someone? I know Ken also have it and wonder if I could get in touch with his doctors as I see he is doing really good with it.

I lead a organization inspired by the Integral wisdom… I feel I can’t lead any longer the community , I am looking for Integral organization/workers that want to do it. I will post another post about this in the group.

Thanks in advance



Dear Nico,
Yes, I can recommend The Optimum Health Clinic.

The following is from the About Us Page on their Website:
" The Optimum Health Clinic (OHC) is an award winning (CAM Magazine “Outstanding Practice Award”) integrative medicine clinic with a specialism in the diagnosis and treatment of ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia along with CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) based approaches for optimising health, relaxation and general well-being. OHC was set up in 2004 by Alex Howard (author of WHY ME? My Journey from ME to Health and Happiness ) and having worked with patients in 35 countries the clinic is recognized for its innovative approach of systematically researching and testing different approaches, and integrating them together in the most effective way. With over half the team having had personal experience of ME/CFS, the clinic is also well known for its caring and empathic approach."

Good Luck and all the best!

Hi Nico
You may find Lynn Fuentes course The Koan of Illness useful. Its available thru Integral Life or you could search Lynn has masses of experience in CFS/ME and although not a therapist or doctor, has used the IOS to teach people how to best understand and manage their conditions. I’ve personally been a part of her courses and found it to be extremely helpful. Apart from anything else it is a small community of people who are living with all manner of conditions incl CFS/ME. Lynn has a son with the same & has been care giving him since he was 12yrs old. It’s a great place to learn from others and gather support. I hope you are able to find what you need, I so understand your experience.

Namaste, Imago

Thanks Imago

Yes, I am doing the course. She is great .

Hello Nico,
what you have is caused by XMRV (Xenotropic murine leukemia virus–related virus).

This is a Retrovirus, like HIV, that causes your Immune System to break down causing all your ME/CFS symptoms.

It now has contaminated 60% of the human genome through Retroviral contamination of Vaccines.

It comes from the brain tissue of Mice used in Vaccine production & is a form of rodent leukaemia.

You can improve your health by reading up about how HIV patients use diet, anti-retroviral drugs, cannabis etc to keep their Immune Systems optimal.

Perhaps too, you could find a sympathetic Dr who can Test you to see if you actually do have XMRV. Then, they could prescribe you the Antiretroviral drugs HIV patients take.

If you are looking for more information, search Bitchute (the Youtube alt. Platform) for videos centred around Dr Judy Mikovitz’ new book “Plague of Corruption”. If you search mainstream sources like Wikipedia you will see False Information. Her life was destroyed by Dr Fauci & his minions when her research threatened their agenda (21) & $Billions in Profit. She is a Good & Honest Scientist who’s life has been destroyed.

This links also into how the COVID 19 epidemic is a Hoax designed to impliment global mandatory vaccinations in service of Agenda 21 (global population reduction by elites such as Bill Gates).

Make no mistake, this is not a Theory, it is now a Conspiracy Fact. This pandemic is Political. We are being intentionally infected with Monkey & Rodent Retroviruses. This is why children today are mysteriously allergic to Nuts, their immune systems have been compromised. So has Yours unfortunately, mine too.

Start hitting the Vitamin C, Sodium Ascorbate in the mean time in a high dose until you get informed, it works for me.

I wish you luck, be well


Hi Nico,

I don’t know how sure are you about the chronic fatigue, but I had a really bad few months until I got my blood tested and found out that my vegan diet of 5 years caused B12 deficiency and elevated homeocystein which caused me to feel very low energy and fatigued. My treatment of B12 supplement worked from day 1, no joke (I took 1mg daily).

I recommend to get tested, if you haven’t got your B12 checked yet

Cheers, wish you get healthy and full of energy again!

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