Does Growing Up make Waking Up easier and faster?

So I know that Waking Up facilitates Growing Up, but is the inverse also true? Does Growing Up facilitate Waking Up?

Is it easier to awaken at Turquoise than it is to awaken at Orange?

To me, showing up seems to be the big one.
After that cleaning up.
To me those are the “bedrock”.

With waking up and growing up:
Based on my own biases and judgements (always a dodgey place to make observations from, lol), one of the most common “trope” is the person who has woken up but has not grown up. I myself might have used the term “hippy-dippy” or “woo-woo” or just plain “hippy”. “Life isn’t all rainbows and waterfalls” is something a parent might have said to a child in such a case in judgement towards someone who they felt woke up but did not yet grow up.
I’m not sure what % of people grow up more slowly than wake up, but it seems to be common enough that there are a lot of phrases to describe it.

I think one of the biggest problems of modern society in contrast is that it is very common the majority of the population to grow up without waking up. It’s the crisis of the modern age. We have a lot of people who are very developed in many areas - but there is no “ultimate” for them. Or worse, they have their growing up mapped to something like capitalism as the “ultimate real”. Again, I’m not sure of the % - but it seems to be why people make hundreds of millions of dollars but are not satisfied and fall into addictions.

My first, snarky reply to Vision’s deep question: none of this is “easy.” Ever. in an entropic universe, achieving any higher level of complexity always takes effort.

A more thoughtful, considered reply: I have accepted & adopted Wilber’s presentation on this matter, to the degree I understand it, because it agrees with my own experience. Each “waking up” state cross-correlates very specifically with one of the “growing up” stages. It would be fairly natural (if not easy) to “wake up” to the state structure that correlates with the stage structure to which one has “grown up.”

But it doesn’t necessarily happen this way. That correlation of state structure with its corresponding stage structure is fluid, not fixed. It can and does vary hugely. As Wilber takes great pains to point out, one can access any state of consciousness, as a living experience, from any stage structure. But then one will inevitably “translate” that experience according to one’s current stage, or level of grown-up-ness. (Hence the Wilber-Combs lattice).

An example from history. St Bernard of Clairvaux, a French mystic of the 12th century (he founded the Cistercian monastic order) reached a state of consciousness probably well into Wilber’s Third Tier, IMHO. But he was very much a man of his time in terms of stage structure, or grown-up-ness. That is, Medieval, traditional, pre-modern. With the immense spiritual authority he had legitimately achieved in his society, he went out and preached the Second Crusade, encouraging the warriors of feudal Europe to go off to the Holy Land and take it back by force from those heathen saracens i.e. Moslems.

In closing, one can “awaken” to any state from any stage as a “peek” experience (Wilber’s term). But then one will translate that experience in terms of the stage one has grown up to. I’m speculating here that the most “natural” way (if never easy) is to settle out into the state structure that cross correlates with the equal-level stage structure one inhabits. But this settling out is optional, not inevitable.