Doshin Roshi and John Vervaeke in Dialogue

Whilst perusing Doshin Roshi videos I found this 2020 dialogue with John Vervaeke (1:22:39).

While Vervaeke inhabits a space I find personally unappealing from the “too much thinking” angle," (not unlike Integral IMO) I thought of you, Robert Bunge, since you have mentioned him in the past …

… and since, as they say, “all roads lead to Rome,” have had to loosen my grip on my axe handle …

Worth the time to those interested,

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Thanks. This has a lot of integral references.

TLDR: Contrasts waking up and growing up. Discusses Zen in relation to Western psychology. Relates Jung to AQAL.

To me, Vervaeke’s model sheds light on how waking up differs from growing up, and gives some specific suggestions about how to ground waking up.

Listening carefully to the whole video, Doshin Roshi really pulls a lot of the weight here, and that weight is both very Zen and very integral. Plenty of insight here about Roshi’s direct work with Ken Wilber, among other things.