Embody Your Ancestry

Welcome to this Integral Life Practice exercise by Lee Mason.

In this video, you’ll be invited to engage in a practice titled Embodying Your Ancestry.

The goal of this practice is to invite you to consciously embody both your unique individual ancestry and the ancestry that you share with all life.

Doing this exercise can help you to feel more at home in reality and more deeply appreciate your interconnectedness with all life.

Within the context of Integral Life Practice, this exercise encourages you to simultaneously appreciate:

  1. The experience of being an individual self (Upper Left Quadrant)
  2. The physical reality of being an embodied self (Upper Right Quadrant)
  3. The experience of being part of an interconnected whole (Lower Left Quadrant)
  4. The physical reality of being part of an evolutionary process (Lower Right Quadrant)

Enjoy the experience!

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