Engaging Climate Change in All Four Quadrants

Originally published at: https://integrallife.com/engaging-climate-change-in-all-four-quadrants/

In this episode of Integral Justice Warrior, Diane and Corey are joined by Rob McNamara, integral teacher and author of The Elegant Self, in order to take a closer look at climate change through all four quadrants.

OMG this conversation was the first time I have listened to something on IL and left so frustrated!

The upside is it has gotten to me think about how do we develop our LR intelligence. We, as a world, are so underdeveloped in this area. Given it’s my native perspective I find the fear and power God projections that occur in this quadrant fascinating and frustrating. I also find it so interesting that we think the LR is “big picture” thinking. That is such a small piece of the LR. It would be like discussing the LL by only including music abstractly and denying the presence of the song.

I feel like there are so many processes now to develop in the other 3 quadrants, I wonder what could be a process to develop the LR…

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