Enneatype 2 Discussion Thread


She asked if I have a meeting #. I simply follow the protocol as I do exactly for every meeting. Either the colorful full bar or the blue button that says Join the meeting.

I don’t have meeting id or link addresses or anything like that.


Same here, I hit the bar below jenni’s class that says join now…


Yeah I think you are doing everything properly, Lisa is trying to see what the problem could be since this doesn’t happen with our other sessions!

Obviously it’s all an part of a critical meta-practice she designed just for 2’s. “Where is the wisdom in the waiting?” That sort of thing. LOL


As St Francis said, Paraphrase: I asked for patience and God gave me trials and tribulations to teach me patience…


I am in touch with Jenni. She sent me the number. but I get ILP channel 2, another meeting in practice. Then she sent me the link but same issue.


The Hero’s Journey. When you finally get it together to take the step, those trials and tribulations test your resolve!


Okay Jenni is in, hopefully you are too!


Yes ty. Glad now I waited. Great class.


So I am not sure where else to write but I sent an email last week with no response, and today I can’t get into the live practice for the fourth time in about 3 weeks. I can get in about 2/3 of the time…writing here since I did get response 2x here…
Very frustrating as it says host is in another meeting.
Class is GUS, but I was 2 minutes early and have been waiting for over 20,again.
Basically I have missed it.
To try to keep an IL prescience, I will try a taped practice but not what I felt I needed today.
Thank you for any feedback…
Jim Bruns