Enneatype 2 Discussion Thread

A space for attendees of our Integral Enneagram practice sessions to connect, ask questions, and unpack your experiences with our live practice sessions.

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Self-Compassion Practice

“Self-love is an ocean and your heart
is a vessel. Make it full and any
excess will spill over into the lives
of the people you hold dear, but you
must come first.”
By Beau Taplin

Self-Compassion Meditation

Self-Compassion Writing Prompts

Conditional Beliefs Practice

As humans, our various ways of relating to, experiencing and moving through the world are informed by a set of largely unconscious conditional beliefs. For those of us who identify with the Enneagram 2, those beliefs often reflect our deep impulse to serve others.

This practice is about:

  • making conscious one (or more) of those conditional beliefs by grabbing pen and paper and completing the following sentence: “As long as I am helping by meeting the needs of others (first?!), I will feel/be…” (ie. worthy, enlivened, loved, needed, safe, alive). You might also note if meeting the needs of others helps you to avoid something, too.
  • exploring how these beliefs are informing how you are showing up in daily life, particularly in the following 3 domains:
    • Relationally: intimate, familial, professional
    • Emotionally: the feelings/emotions that the impulse to ‘help’ evoke in you
    • Somatically: bodily sensations or impacts that you experience when drawn to help.

Let your exploration be guided by compassionate curiosity. Simply notice what arises when you bring your awareness to your own experience. Yes, I know, us Two’s don’t always like focussing on ourselves…

Give it a try and see where you land.

Deeply disappointed to be at meeting 5 minutes early only to have it closed by host at 6:33. Now waiting for host to start meeting at 6:40. Looks like it’s not going to happen.

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Same here,Aneesha. I was 2 minutes early and got same host ended meeting and reapply and no response through 1250.
Disappointing as this is my 2nd month and missed this last time not knowing my type or now maybe wing 2…
Sad, didn’t participate yesterday to do this one, so I don’t burn out on these as my wife tells me…

Thank you for the headsup. This kind of thing … technical glitches has happened too many times with no official follow up… and no make up sessions. Let’s hope we get to meet at another one soon. Disappointing. Have an excellent day, nevertheless. Best

Hey guys, so sorry you weren’t able to make it onto the session. Just to be clear, were you using the Zoom link from the actual practice session page here on Integral Life? I ask because Google seems to be adding an erroneous Meeting link when people add the session to their calendar, and some folks have clicked that link instead of going back to the session page for the link as they are supposed to. Could that be what happened here?

read my email below. I was early and could not get in , then after that closed only 10 minutes in;frustrated and sad…
Is it recorded? Usually says they are?
Missed last month,now think 2 wing…
Jim Bruns

No I used your webpage link early, then when”host ended meeting” at 1240 could not renter. Hung on for several minutes…
Ty for getting back, but rec light has been on most sessions I have been in my first month here. Is it possible to view ?

I also used the link 3 times from the actual practice page, online. Clicked the picture then the bar that’s “animated” also toggled between the page and clicked the blue words “practice session”.

Corey, I just got an email response from Jenni:
Hi Aneesah. I am sorry for any mix up. I stayed signed into ZOOM for 35 minutes and didn’t see any participants.

I share your disappointment. I will chat with my colleagues at Integral life and get back to you.



Thanks for letting me know Aneesah. I just looked at the session in detail, and everything should have been in order. I am wondering if this was an issue with Zoom itself, since there very clearly were people waiting for the session. I will let you know here if we reschedule this one sooner than later.

Hey everyone, just a heads up that we rescheduled the Enneagram 2 session for later this week. Hope you can make it!

Thank you.
I hope to but enneagram 6 is 2 hours prior.
We’ll see.
J Bruns

Hi Corey. It’s 6:02 CET, waiting for the host to start this meeting.

Corey,12:12 edt and cannot get in either?

Looks like we are earning our own personal enneagram 2 session.

Agreed, I test as a one anyway but only 1% off as a 2…

Perhaps Jenni can post here the session plan with some self-reflection and conversation prompts. That way, at least I might feel less disappointed and not “hanging”.

Anyhow, hope she’s well.

I have Lisa checking things out now. Standby :slight_smile: