Enneatype 3 Discussion Thread

A space for attendees of our Integral Enneagram practice sessions to connect, ask questions, and unpack your experiences with our live practice sessions.

Enneagram 3: The Path of Authenticity

How does your core fear of being worthless or your core desire of feeling valuable and worthwhile show up in your daily experience? How honest are you with yourself and others about your genuine feelings, needs and values? What triggers you to lose yourself in your image? How often do you allow yourself to simply rest and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones rather than relentlessly pursuing your goals? How often are you focused on charity and cooperation over personal advancement? Join Lisa Frost for a monthly facilitated practice group designed specifically for Enneagram 3’s, where we will support each other on the path of becoming self-accepting, inner-directed, and authentic.

In our first meeting, in October, we discussed self-image and the trap of attunement/modulation for Enneatype 3.

In our 2nd meeting, in November, we dove into deceit as the passion/vice of the Enneagram 3 and how it leads to hiding the truth of who we are even from ourselves.

If you are an Enneagram 3, join us December 2 at 6pm PST to find out how the Enneagram 3 is blocked in the heart center and how to work with that. See you there!