Enneatype 4 Discussion Thread

A space for attendees of our Integral Enneagram practice sessions to connect, ask questions, and unpack your experiences with our live practice sessions.

Well, I do lead the Enneagram Type 4 group on the practice platform but I haven’t engaged this forum very much. If anyone has any question about Enneagram Type 4, do leave them here. For anyone who wants to read, here’s an excellent description of Type Four - https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-4 In my opinion, Ken Wilber is a Type 5 with a Type 4 wing :slight_smile:

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For our next Enneagram Type Four group, I will be leading a session inspired by Mary Magdalene as it would be Holy Thursday. You don’t need to be a Christian to attend (I’m not a Christian myself) and all types are welcome! :slight_smile:

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I did not see that this thread was here.

I wanted to ask how can I integrate my quality of higher being as a 4 which is spiritual absorption what does that mean and how can I grow as a four besides having discipline and reframing that as a path way towards freedom, as well as not equating myself with my feelings. How can I embody spiritual absoprtion as my “quality of higher being” and what does that mean ?

Hi Once3800,
I’m sorry I didn’t see this email until now. I really hope that you can join our monthly Enneagram Four groups. The next one will be in September. Unfortunately, the scheduling isn’t yet finalized, so I don’t know what day. But we will post on the calendar soon.

Your question is quite broad and might be difficult to answer here as it actually does require some good reading. For example, I highly recommend reading the chapter of Type Four on the Wisdom of the Enneagram book by Riso and Hudson. The path of growth for the Enneagram Four includes understanding and integrating the healthiest aspects of an Enneagram One, leveraging on the Wings (types 5 and 3 on either side of 4), and also learning more about how Type 4 goes to the unhealthy aspects of Type 2. It is also incredibly useful to understand the Subtypes (Self-preserving, Social and Sexual). These are all very extensive amounts of reading that one needs to do in order to really understand and then, of course, one has to practice, practice, practice. I also encourage you to look out for a program with Leslie Flood Hershberger which would be available on Integral Life in the fall.

Thanks for the commenct I listend to the audiobook “Wisdom of the Enneagram” as well as orderd a book from Helen Palmer about relationships as well as did the two courses on integral. I am a bit familar with the subtypes I am a social 4 so/sx. I definitely notice I have re-occuring theme of shame if it is possible to ask a specific question, how can I deal with this shame thing as a social 4 ? Especially when interacting with other people.

I mostly notice accepting the ordinary is the easiest way to deal with that Spiel. I will definitely look into how I can integrate the healthier aspects of Ennea one, which is mostly self-discipline and being pragmatic is that correct ?

I watched a couple of videos from Leslie Flood Hershberger on YouTube and this explained a lot of the dynamics that I see in my personal life. Thank you for the information !