Enneatype 5 Discussion Thread


A space for attendees of our Integral Enneagram practice sessions to connect, ask questions, and unpack your experiences with our live practice sessions.


Will an initial meeting/introduction of type 5 be offered again? I missed the last presentation and hope to participate in another if and when it is offered.


It will! We plan on having a session for each type, once per month. Keep your eye on to the calendar!


I’m a 5 and I’ve been on two Zooms for 5’s and would really like to see some interaction here (as if 5’s were going to do something social). According to the practice leader in January, it is supposed to happen the third Wednesday of each month, which is next week but it’s not on the calendar. Does anyone know anything? I am putting together my commitments for the week and am holding Wednesday open.

Here’s a tidbit for 5’s to entice you to post here: last month someone pointed out that 5’s are full of good solutions but won’t pick up the phone or go talk to someone to implement them. I do this too and once asked Diane Hamilton for her advice. She suggested I imagine the person I am resisting calling is a Bodisattva who wants nothing more than to have me call so they can help me solve my problem.


Hi fellow 5’s. I, too, missed the last session.
I’m loving the present ILP emphasis on “showing up” which we 5’s may have difficulties with. When I tie that in with Nomali’s session on 4 quadrant mission statement which showed for me (a) how much I prioritise and come from UL and (b) how behaviour is an UR function I need to get to grips with, I get a clearer idea of what’s behind my failure to make the difference in the world I thought I would be doing as a youngster. Anyhoo, my wife is appreciating the difference it’s made to our lives over the past few months!
Does this resonate with any of you 5’s?
I would love to continue the discussion


I can see there is a session for type 5’s tomorrow . I’m planning on joining in the session. Anyone else?


Hello all! I just found the community section and this thread thanks to Mark on the type 5 practice session.

Anybody have a solid way to distinguish between 4w5 and 5w4? I’ve read everything I can find about it online, and still seem right in the middle. It may not matter… except that it does matter for the lines of (dis)integration.

I test out as a 4w5, but people who know me would say I’m a 5. It may be that I’ve just developed my 5 aspect much more than my 4 aspect, especially in my outer life (got science degrees, career in applied science, emphasis on (inter)objective, all of which reinforces the 5).