Enneatype 6 Discussion Thread

A space for attendees of our Integral Enneagram practice sessions to connect, ask questions, and unpack your experiences with our live practice sessions.

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Type 6 Practices

Hey all, we’ve had a great first few sessions and I wanted to offer some of the practices we have been doing here. Please feel free to comment and discuss what you are learning here.

Practice #1 - Cultivating Self-Trust

Think of a specific and recent time when you trusted yourself. Replay the scene in your mind. In reflecting on this, how does it make you feel to notice that trust? What do you notice about the situation you were in…what sticks out to you?

Follow up journal inquiry:

Daily: I trusted myself today when…
Weekly: What I’m noticing about what it takes for me (or what the ingredients are for me) to trust myself is… What I’m noticing about how it makes me feel to trust is…

Practice #2 - An Attitude of Gratitude

What do you absolutely love about being a 6 (or other type)? What are you most grateful for?

Follow up journal inquiry:

Daily, take 5 mins at the start or end your day to finish this sentence stem… I am so grateful for…

Practice #3 - Darkness and Light

What’s one thing you do at the holidays that is full on 6ness but that you can laugh about? [One of mine is agonizing over the perfect gift so long that it either sells out or can no longer be shipped in time and then thinking, well, wasn’t meant to be!]

What’s one thing you’ll look back on this year (2020) and laugh about?

If you need something to laugh about…here’s the perfect treasure trove of spendy gift ideas for the practical six in your life. https://www.preppi.co/ - By 6’s for 6’s.

What’s one thing about yourself that is causing challenge for you that you are ready to let go of?

What’s your intention around this for the New Year?

What’s one action/practice/thing you can specifically commit to in order to release this?

Practice #4 - January

Box breathing to regulate your nervous system: [https://www.verywellmind.com/the-benefits-and-steps-of-box-breathing-4159900](http://Box Breathing)

Other ways to regulate your nervous system: https://chopra.com/articles/7-ways-to-help-regulate-your-nervous-system-when-stressed

Self-Compassion Break: [https://self-compassion.org/exercise-2-self-compassion-break/](http://Self Compassion Break - Kristen Neff)