Esoteric Christianity: Two Kinds of Religion

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Father Thomas Keating, Rollie Stanich, and Ken Wilber discuss the “inside” and the “outside” of the Christian tradition, exploring the rich contemplative legacy that exists at the core of the world’s largest religion.

An Insight Map for this discussion:

Very clear intro on the two kinds of religion, Corey. Thank you.

I’m guessing it was written some years ago when Fr. Keating was alive. I experience it as a map, a schematic, but not as a practice and not historically very relevant: The state of the practice of Christianity, exo and esoteric is coming under threat of “woke” authoritarianism. The church is already in many ways coming to be a necessarily underground church in the manner described by Rod Dreher in Live Not by Lies and The Benedict Option. That is, the target of globalist overlords.

It’s happening and about to happen. I find it striking that while there is an integral map there is little practical community in Integral Life. The right hemispheres are not very active but i could very well be missing it, so I hope someone can point me to it.

I did “Christian wisdom school” work recently but found that the practices were weighted toward individual practice and little fire generated by interactive group practice. Little with the intensity of Circling, which Ken has liked, or Authentic Communication, for example. I’m missing the “we.” Very likely it’s there and I’m missing it. (A friend pointed me to someone some time ago but I can’t remember whom.)

I’m curious where the living group practice is, the “we.” If I’m out of line or misinformed, please do set me straight!


Hi Andrew. I’ve connected to this group through email only for the past few months.

If there were a group in my local area with a similar orientation, I might be drawn to a practice community around these values. Various CAC instructors have been involved with Integral from time to time.