Explaining Integral to others

I would love to hear stories of when you tried to explain Integral to people that have never heard of Integral. Do they get it? Are there complaints? Do they like it? Do they get it? Do they think you’re weird?

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my answer to all of your questions is yes, because for some to be able to understand integral they need a lot of human development and a very strong Fundation and infrastructure about self and life in general and most important part is high level of consciousness

Nobody can explain Integral more clearly than Ken does in this simple 23 minute introduction to Integral which I found online years ago and which I automatically direct folks to if they want to know more. It’s a powerful summary of the basic ideas and I get an instant read about where people are with it after they listen to it. Otherwise, I usually end up talking to myself or to an empty room because most people in my world just aren’t ready for it yet. Saves a lot of frustration just to give them a link to Ken’s talk first and see if they want more. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytkJmZBvamQ

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The thing that is holding back progress in integral explanations is Neo-Darwinism (ND) and its because-genes narrative. The impact of ND has been catastrophic. Until this ND nonsense is properly dispensed with, it will continue to be a ball-and-chain holding back progress in all the life sciences.