Exploring the connection between AQAL and Kahneman's Thinking Fast & Slow

I want to invite you guys to check out my recent appearance on the podcast series The Integral Stage, where I explore the connection between the AQAL model and Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast & Slow and also the connetion this has to the different branches of phenomenology.

I’m arguing that we can have an adaptation of AQAL that is simplified and approximated to align for the interior left quadrants with the System 1 and System 2 of Kahneman’s cognitive model. We thus end up with 4 aspects of the inner world, which correspond to 1st person epistemics and 2nd person epistemics and there is a System 1 and System 2 for each of these. There are then 4 branches of phenomenology which help us hone our thinking with regard to each of these. Of course, the right quadrants are also essential to the overall framework, but other people have done extensive work in those areas and I think the interior quadrants have been kind of neglected. I’m trying to produce educational materials based on this to serve as a more easily understandable and inspiring way of helping citizens relate to each other, including people who come from different background in life, and also helping them sort out fact from fiction in the news. Check out this podcast and let me know what you think.


I like your approach Brandon. You are looking into a “surf zone” that I don’t see clearly looked into.

Also appreciate the mention and introduction to Kahneman. Kahneman’s Thinking Fast & Slow, at least for me, helps to get past much of the either intuitive or rational world view discussions. The distinction between intuitive/fast and rational/slow helps with seeing what can be our unbridled confirmation biases.

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Thanks @FermentedAgave. Yeah and the point of recognizing these different branches of phenomenology is to be able to hone our thinking, feeling, relating, and participating skills.

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I have an update on this that I’d like to ask for comments from the Integral Life community. This is related to a lot of things being discussed recently.

I was invited to present a spreadsheet “Forms of Mindfulness and Inner Development” to a Metamodern Hangout session organized by Emil Ejner Friis. This table explores possible correlations between Wilber’s Integral Theory, the Hanzi Freinacht books, 4E cognitive science, Vervaeke’s 4 P’s of knowing, and phenomenology.

Here’s the video https://youtu.be/B5-7L6d1myE
And the table document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fVkR9lLiC1eADGJfcz0quI29409mywwx/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=117491835000953037563&rtpof=true&sd=true

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I noticed that several of my postings here got flagged as inappropriate, including some from months ago. That explains why nobody bothered to chime in when I previously has posted about the generalized definition of Integral Theory and also the distinction between the biosphere and the “zoosphere”, the latter of which comes from integrating Wilber with Gregg Henriques. It was interesting stuff and nobody here seemed to care. Well it turns out that stuff never got passed the filters. Perhaps I needed to earn more reputational credit first. Perhaps it is because I included external links. I was not aware of the community guidelines. I can tell you that it would have been nice to receive an email from the system informing me that my posts were hidden from general view.

I post lots of external links. Maybe I’ve been flagged and can’t see the flaggings? Is that how it works?

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Yeah Corey approved my posts. He said that the software here must have flagged me as a spammer because I was posting a few links. Of course, these are legitimate and relevant to Integral and I’m interested to get people’s thoughts and opinions on this stuff I’m putting out.