Fan of Integral and Ken W but...Integral Life...WTF?

I’ve spent the last couple of days cruising the Integral Life website…I’ve been supporting it since it’s inception and have not actually spend a lot of time on the site until recently. I have been published in the Integral Journal as well and teach our perspectives in universities. I just want to add as constructive criticism that I am disappointed with the videos//blogs…they are long and not structured. I love Corey’s energy though. I would recommend shorter videos and more topics. Ken…please get rid of the ridiculous wig, wigs are never a good idea unless for a party. I am baffled by this site in several ways…and am heart broken. I know finances are not great right now…but it would be best focus on quality content. All this said…Aristotle, Kant, Hume, Emerson, Pierce, Whitman, Einstein…didn’t even have websites. :slight_smile: Peace and love!


I think live sessions are a very good idea. And I like a lot the courses. Steel don’t see anything like this site In the web. I wish It will grow a lot. Love corey too.

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