Fitting into societies

Succumbing to pressure to be a certain way,
to fit into society’s play right now,
would take away the push towards a better future.
I can’t do that to myself or to anyone.

To change the system from the inside out is maybe easier when you fit in everywhere, but only if a secret agent. I couldn’t do this. I have to be true to you all, to me, and to God(dess).

How much do you change to fit into society? Is this always an amber aspect? Above is a poem i wrote about this topic.

For me, society-self relations are ongoing processes. We constellate a self (ego if you will) over time, through numerous transactions with family, friends, associates, society in general. Personal development involves a gradual increase in independence and effective agency. At a certain point, we realize that self or ego are contingent, not all there is, and not going to last forever anyway. So we start seeking a sense of Self that is more than just self.

Fitting in with society is something that happens are every stage, just like adjusting our clothing to the weather is generally a good idea. But at more mature stages of personal development, beyond fitting in there is also serving, guiding, and transforming society. In extreme cases, society must sometimes also simply be opposed, often at great personal cost.

I think we can fit in to a certain extent while also battling against pressure to fit in in a negative way. To fit with the way things currently are isnt a good moral stance in most societies.

The way things currently are is a mixed bag in most cases. I won’t comment around the world, but in the US there are certainly some positive things I hope persist into the future. For example, public parklands are very important to my personal way of life, and if anything I want more of those and better care for the ones we have. On the other hand, needles in the streets and grafitti on every wall I could live without. Some businesses just do a good job of taking care of their customers. Whatever one thinks of “capitalism” as an abstract system, the small shops, the cafes, the farmers markets are here to stay (I hope).

Oh, when speaking of societies I mean all groups, however small. I was focused on a specific group actually that caused harm to me because they were sexist and misogynist. This needed to be rebelled against. Most groups are actually fine that I come across.

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There are many aspects of society as a whole I definitely want to stay into the future - public hospitals and medical care, schools and nursery care :yellow_heart: and many other caring aspects of society and the people in it.

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