Fourth Turning Dharma Wheel


I thought I would share my most recent carving, a piece I made for my family. The fourth version I’ve made altogether, and by far the most ornate.

Many different kinds of hardwood in this piece, including Bubinga, White Oak, Curly Maple, Amboynya Burl, Bolivian Rosewood, Leopardwood, and Walnut.

Total dimensions: 29” x 20”


Wow, that’s GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Scott


What is it? I’m not entirely unfamiliar with the concept but I’d like your explanation.


I go into a good deal of explanation here :slight_smile:


Almost finished with the piece! The ones who have seen it in person, say “I didn’t realize how big it is from the pictures”, so here’s a pic with the artist for scale :wink: