Free Range Integral Thinker?

This author reached out to me and we are exchanging messages. He likes to make a lot of quadrant diagrams. Also, his thought ranges through territories familiar to this community. I asked Hemant how he relates to Integral and similar meta-theories. He really has not read any of them. I’m going through his book right now and it’s really interesting. He really is very hunter-gather, poking all over the place. I’d be curious what others here think. You can get a decent preview for free on Amazon, or pay $5 and have the whole book.

“There was a strong undercurrent simmering up until 2012 i.e. this feeling of not being in integrity; of being someone else; inside my skin and outside. There was something mysterious I couldn’t explain or be with.”

Gupta, Hemant; Shukla, Kalpen; Nizam, Tanveer. Meditations of a 21st Century Hunter Gatherer (p. 122). Kindle Edition.