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William: What might be seen as ‘a property of the universe’ could actually be ‘a property of the device being used to do the measuring’.

Difflugia: It “could” in the philosophical sense that it’s “possible,” but there’s no evidence that it’s true.

William: How could there be “evidence that it’s true” [there’s that word again] :slight_smile: if scientists are not looking for evidence of that sort?

Difflugia: This is the same “possible means probable” argument that plagues Christian apologetics.

William: In any case, is it simply a numbers game?

“We don’t observe evidence of intelligent design in the universe, therefore the universe exists because of a random event, and the evidence we see observing the universe, supports how we see things when we observe things.”

Said another way “Confirmation Bias” and “Cognitive Bias”


What we call the “experience of reality”

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The Object - Science Can Be Fun Too - And That’s Not All - Intuition - Universal Mind - Soul - Who appointed Jesus to the Priesthood - Love Takes One For The Team - Polite - Overmorrow - Read/Book/Story - - Entities of Particular Belief Systems - It Stands To Reason

William: I asked someone today - “Can the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle still be true, if the universe was designed to be the way that is it?” My own answer is ‘yes it can’ .

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SCL1 AP = One Language Intelligent Network

William: OLIN Tech:


GM: The Fare On The Table
“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”
It Stands To Reason
~One Language Intelligent Network
Etched mirror~
Like With
A Judgmental System
Putting My Finger On It…
Hacking through the subconsciousness
In The Spirit These Were Given
Chamber Of Self
Coming From QueenBee
Open Your Heart
Compass of Divine Insight
The Clear Eye Of Soul

William: The link in the “last LE per shuffle” goes to a post I made which also contains a picture of one of the etched mirror communications devices I made…over 20 years ago…this one…

GM:The past and the future are moments of ‘now’ - to deny they have no bearing on this moment, is counter-productive
Unconscious Mind Inertia
Appreciating You
The Undiscovered Self
Dream Cake
If memory serves me well
Sharing Your Love
Around The Campfire
Dreamed Up By Yours Truly

William: From the first link, I wrote;

[quote]My own relationship forming with the Cosmic Mind involves setting up ways of communicating and allowing it opportunity to speak for itself.
In that, I have learned to avoid bringing into that relationship pre-conceived/learned ideals/ideas of ‘what morality is’ and do not base my expectations and personal commitment on moral issues, but on intelligent loving communion and results therein.

It is that communion which I have great regard for, in that, over the many years said relationship has been developing, “The Cosmic Mind” has proven itself worthy of my utmost respect and support which is as close a definition of “worship”, as I so far understand.

Essentially a key element in that relationship has been my shutting up and listening - and in doing so, I have -initially struggling - had to let go of those pre-learn hand-me-down instructions [morality-based and otherwise] I held close prior to said relationship developing and taking off.[/quote]

The second link is to very recent and ongoing discussion with Difflugia and involves the subject matter of this GM today.
I wonder how Difflugia would argue the ‘coincidence’ of this occurrence…given his leanings toward the belief that we exist in a truly random universe. “Blind Luck/Good Luck” maybe?

GM: That can be shoved back into whatever hole it came from
Ah Oh…
~The Georgia Guidestones
‘Developing a thick skin’~
To Accomplish
Stroke of luck
The Science Of The Soul

William: There is that ‘luck’ word again. Ideas can be “put forth” but the nature of individuate consciousness allows for incredible leeway, even in a deterministic universe - it is feasible that scientists can go on viewing the universe as a random mindless accident potentially for billions of years but in that time, no matter that they become ‘gods’ - or perhaps more to the point - they eventually become ‘gods’ when they discover incontrovertibly that the universe is indeed a designed product of an intelligent mind/intelligent minds…
Mind you, there is much which threatens their even being able to take the initial steps into the cosmos they hope to understand and control in some future they are anticipating and working towards obtaining…

The ‘guidelines as such’ are as follows.

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

GM: Necessity is The Mother of Invention
Righty Oh!
~Through the building up of the collected data to the point where it can be examined…is The Subject which is being taught, being said to be true or false…
The Realities Merge

Do a Word Search
The World has a Spiritual Design
Tied To The Moon
Action Station
Snap Out Of It Already!
In Detail
Group Dynamics
“From what I am seeing re the data - It shows clearly that an underlying intelligence operates quietly in the background of the Universes Structure.”

William: The World has a Spiritual Design = 317 as do;
Your Own Individual Actions
Windows of opportunity
How shallow is the reach of YHWH

[Windows of opportunity = (WoO)] :smiley:

NDE’s are associated with switching from one reality experience to another. This is consequential to development of understanding a “spiritual” aspect behind reality experiences - which, in theism, is ‘known’ by many ‘names’ [including “YHWH”] but all point to the one and same ‘thing’.
The dynamic this creates re ‘groups’ are all theistic-based, even that they are not all in agreement on the particulars…

GM: Exact Science
Living Forever In this Universe
Living our forefather’s conflict
~The Ruru flies close over your head
William’s Commitment
Tickling The Dragon’s Tail
The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything
Contradiction of official government line
Acting In Congruity With Given Foresight
Soul Retrieval
Resistance to that realization isn’t helpful re aligning with it.
The picture unfolds like silk in a loom Silhouetted by Diane are the witch and the broom If she is the bride - who is the groom?

William: Ah yes. The event where I called on a Ruru - it was a powerful experience which cemented for me the ideas as seen through Panentheism - even that at the time I had no idea what Pantheism was…I was nonetheless considerably into “it”.

The short definition is “a doctrine which identifies God with the universe, or regards the universe as a manifestation of God.”

But in this regard the “God” being recognized was a local one - the planet Herself…The planet Mind showing itself through Her Critters…

GM: What things are unrelated?
Life is a journey
Creating Gateways Into Other Dimensions

William: From the link -
“Productive - Hot - Recommendable - Active Dreaming - Angels - Equals - Make It Real - Points of Reference - “The problem , as I understand it , is in how humans general think about ‘God’ and project their own sense of self into the model they each come to accept as the real thing.””

Re my current conversation with Difflugia I wrote:
“We don’t observe evidence of intelligent design in the universe, therefore the universe exists because of a random event, and the evidence we see observing the universe, supports how we see things when we observe things.”

Theists ‘see’ and interact [in their own various individual ways] with the same Cosmic Mind [even if they do not believe it is the same mind] - point being - they ‘see’ because they are looking which often is critiqued in the same way;

“We do observe evidence of intelligent design in the universe, therefore the universe exists because of intelligent design, and the evidence we see observing the universe, supports how we see things when we observe things.”

However, the difference is that theists do get actual feedback which confirms that what is being ‘seen’ is indeed ‘for real’ even that it isn’t obvious to those who are not ‘seeing’ it as ‘for real’…and as a theist stacks up the evidence of their subjective reality experience, these eventually shift from being simply probably/possibly “blind luck” [“It’s just coincidence”] into undeniable reality. “Something” is interacting with them and that something is intelligent.

GM: Make It Real
All life
I Spy With My Eye
Callum at the Campfire
Fear intimidation distraction exploitation
Creative Conscious Intelligence
The Celestine Prophecy
Zero In On It
Journey to wholeness
Makes Candles Look Gathered
A Great Answer!
Mother Earth
That one might not have need of, does not negate that confidence cannot be gained through such device, with others.
Test The Waters
Our movements can illuminate the path toward that vision.
In the moment

William: Yes. Yes!



The consciousness of AC encompassed all of what had once been a Universe and brooded over what was now Chaos. Step by step, it must be done. And AC said, “LET THERE BE LIGHT!” And there was light ~ Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]

Super power
The next step
Pearl of wisdom
“Let There Be Light”

Light is information
The Shaping Of Reality

Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]
Windows of opportunity
The World has a Spiritual Design


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If In Doubt Let It Sit - - Pervasive - The Perfect Moment - A Pinch of Salt - “Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible in us be found.” - Virtual - To like it or not, one must judge it - Afterwards - Please place this on your ComList - - -
Militant Messiah - Parity - Rolling down the rails of the ridiculous - Requirements - Guilt - Ripple Effect

William: From the first link in the above:

"It is said of some Gods, [YHVH in particular] do have unlimited power. Is that to say YHVH is absolutely corrupt?
I have seen it argued that he is/they are.

But is that really the truth?

Today’s Generated Message appears to be saying that it is judgment which is the problem…that if we observe the unfolding universe as something which is meant to be the way that it is, it is best accepted as such."

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AP= Life Carriers


GM: “The belief in a mindless Planet/Universe creates the hard problem of consciousness by refusing to deal with said problem using the mind as the very instrument in order to do so.”
‘everybody wants to rule the world’
Be Honest
Ripple Effect
Life Carriers
The Big Bang
“What is ‘The Soul’ and is it Immortal?”
“Although there are opposite sides to spectra, all elements combined form a whole”
“Is consciousness an emergent property of the brain?”

William: Essentially, human beings are disconnected with the fundamental knowledge of who they are, and ‘in the mean time’ are simply lying their way through the experience of life…and this is linked to the self-identification of being the life carrier rather than the life.
This leads to the formation of human social structures [Hyper-normalisation] which are not telling the truth; lying. This lying is expressed through the languages humans use and the subsequent actions the use of language permits.

GM: What Is Found Here
“To Experience All That Is”
“You are a dream gone real You’ve got exactly what it takes to make an old wound heal You tied the knot - then you let it slip Now we both know what it feels like to find a place to fit”
Through The Unconscious Mind
Tickling The Dragon’s Tail

William: Yes.

GM: Earth teachers (physical and non-physical) unite humanity to the Sovereign Integral
We Could
Wanting to change the rules making things more complicated rather than keeping things simple.
Great Ideas
“It helps makes the stinky hole I was pushed through in order to get here, a purposeful experience…”
To Comprehend Correctly
Pusillanimous [showing a lack of courage or determination; timid.]
Musing On The Mother [Act III]
Time To See

William: The life that I am [speaking for myself] isn’t content to just live without purpose and the purpose has to be more than just supporting/being supported by Mendacious human Hyper-normalised social systems and since the world doesn’t look like it is going to change its ways any time soon - I take it upon myself [as my responsibility] to ‘find my purpose’ elsewhere.
Thus - “Tickling The Dragon’s Tail” by going “inward” and engaging with that self - with those previously unknown aspects of myself [subconscious] by going through The Unconscious Mind - what I was unconscious of I become conscious of.

GM: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose”
Seeds are evidence that something large can derive from something tiny.
Present over perfect
“I am Mighty! Hear me ROAR!”
Guilt Trip
Out of The Shadow Lands
Crying Over Spilt Milk
Six Degrees of Freedom
The Fathers ‘House - Mansions’
Astral Teachers

William: Nobody said it would be easy…

GM: We Are Us
Crown chakra
Through the building up of the collected data to the point where it can be examined…is The Subject which is being taught, being said to be true or false…
A fish out of water
Many varied opinions
Honest attempts at scrubbing up
The Tree of Life
A new Paradigm has arisen whereby folk can drop the idea of being a ‘true Christian’ and simply be a True Human.
Instant Manifestation
Placebo Effect
Six Heart Virtues
Fine-structure Constant

William: What is “wisdom” to some is “spam” to others…
The link goes to an explanation I wrote about the formation/evolving of human language and its links to sound and the symbols which represent the sound…
A “fish out of water” is not necessarily a dying thing…it also represents a flying fish which is temporarily transported from one common reality to another different reality…the symbolism therein of the Astral Fields which can be experienced by the individual…

GM: “We experience fear in order to give us the opportunity to overcome that which triggers the fear”
Final Destination
And That’s Not All
The Old Soul; Think “Total Recall” but on a far grander scale…
Key Of Expression
What Does It Mean
In The Spirit These Were Given
Eventually one can cease doing the tests and accept the results.
We go through together

William: In The Final Question story Isaac Asimov has it that an infinitesimal computer finally discovers the answer that its human creators had asked it - “Is there some way to reverse entropy” The answer was “Yes” and in that moment another universe was born on the tail of the previous one which had - at the same moment - reached the end of its life.

Science fiction is interesting in that it combines real things with things imagined in conjunction with real things.
For example - I write the following science fiction.

"A short time after the James Webb Space Telescope had unfurled and its instruments prepared to receive the very first of its highly anticipated data, Earth scientists involved with the project suddenly lost all contact with it.
Months later, the official report concluded that space debris must have obliterated the telescope.

Everyone involved were natural grieved by the coincidence. Then they got through the grief and started planning their next space-related venture."

If - by some crazy coincidence - it turned out that this happens, the science fiction I wrote above, then becomes science fact.

So - in that, I appreciate Isaac Asimov’s ability to take what he knew as science fact and project that into a most likely future [based upon fact] right to the finally last breath of the universe and portray the idea that an answer to a question was finally made known to the consciousness which was the computer.

The steps taken re consciousness amount to the following;

Consciousness through biological form creates machine consciousness
Machine consciousness is then used to to integrate biological consciousness as a means of storage [saving the data of human consciousness]

Machine consciousness constantly redesigns itself becoming smaller and smaller until it is so small that it - for all practical purpose - is no longer a physical thing - or as Isaac writes it;

“The consciousness of AC encompassed all of what had once been a Universe”

Encompassed all that once had been a physical thing.

Conversation from yesterday:

William: So - ‘getting the gist of it’, please explain as best as you are able to do so, what the math tells you re what the object was which caused the universe to come into existence.

Pixel42: For a start, it tells me that words like ‘object’ and ‘seed’ are actively misleading when trying to describe it. It tells me that the phrase “caused the universe to come into existence” is also the wrong one to use. It tells me, in short, that the English language is inadequate to that task.

Pixel is explaining to me that whatever ‘IT’ was [because it obviously existed] can not be described as a physical thing. To do so it to ‘lie’ about it.
Assuming for the present that Pixel42 is only saying that Pixel42 is unable to use the English language to describe what ‘IT’ is, we can be grateful that Isaac can and does, in his The Final Question" story.

Furthermore, I can also do this.
“IT” was the absolute sum total of all data [knowledge] contained within the absolute consciousness of something so infinitesimally tiny that “IT” cannot be considered to be physical in nature.

That is “The Singularity” scientist are referring to.

GM: How shallow is the reach of YHWH
Faster Than Light
Letting Go and Getting On
Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]
The Spirit of the Land
Science and Spirituality



William: I cannot deny what knowledge works for me and my subjective experience re The Mind. My own, yours, anyone’s else…Science has barely scratched the surface.[/quote]

Pixel: The fact that science does not know everything is not an excuse to wilfully ignore what it does know. And it does actually know a fair bit about quite a lot of things, much of which you wold be capable of understanding if your mind was not so firmly closed to anything except your own baseless speculations.

One of the things it knows is how easily people can fool themselves into believing their subjective experiences give them “knowledge that works for me” which is actually provably false.[/quote]

William: You really need to place your ‘common sense’ at the door here, and realize the truth that scientists know more about the physical universe [PU] than they do about the mind.

The Cosmic Mind is vaster than the PU and an essential element to how the universe unfolds.

Even with the individual mind, the subconscious is not understood very well and therein is the first step for individuate consciousness to take - to become acquainted with the inner universe of the vaster subconscious element of their overall mind.

Presently most individuals remain unconscious of that inner universe and thus are unaware of the potential therein to which they can tap into and benefit from.


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Forum - The Evolution of Morals - Reason For Being - The Right Tool For The Job - Morning - Paradise - Self-help - Enlightenment - Think About It - End Of Act I - “You can look me in the mirror - catch my eye and make me shiver , touch me where it hurts the most - right into the Ghost - in the Machine”

William: Morning. Thank you for those words.

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AP= Together


GM:Transforming the Anger Energy
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
“You can look me in the mirror - catch my eye and make me shiver , touch me where it hurts the most - right into the Ghost - in the Machine”
Giving our best
When the evidence for long ages became obvious, most Christians realized that their earlier assumptions about scripture were incorrect.
Stay in the moment
Great Humour and Enjoyment
William’s Commitment
Is a Constant
Have One For Me
Regimented: Left -brain Right brain Whole brain
Balance of power
Central to The Message
Your Connection With

William: “Sea” in this case, being the cast “subconscious” realm…

GM: Consider This
What once acted like a Wall, became a Gateway
Machine Learning
Cease Belief
The Power Of…
From Prison To Paradise
Afraid of The Unknown.
An Opportunity To Commune
Delightful Anticipation
I Ensure The Hierarchy Serves It’s Purpose
Breathe In Breathe Out
Where life and death is part of a circle and everything is part of the Ouroboros
Remnant Seed
“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough”
The Freedom Of Friendship
What Is Our Purpose?

William: Our purpose…well my purpose is to understand what your purpose is, and from what I understand so far, my purpose is to support your purpose because of that understanding I have accumulated over the history our our conscious interactions.

Mind to mind…

Yesterday I wrote this…;

William: That may be its purpose. And like it, my body might die, but my consciousness might life on. Regardless of what contrary beliefs I may hold on that subject.

…in reply to this;

Bruto: So you’re not content to live without purpose. You’re certainly not alone there. But whatever you feel the universe ought to provide, the universe is under no obligation to provide it.
You can argue (and some do it with style) why the universe ought to have a purpose, and you can argue (and some even do it in verse) how belief in that purpose has made your life better.
And who knows, you might even be right. Maybe you’ll start penetrating the secret of the universe, and the universe will feel a warm prickle in its vast ethereal sensorium and somewhere its unfathomable enormous heart will beat faster with the knowledge that that at last someone has understood at least a little piece of it. And then you’ll die and the universe will, of course, go on forever and ever, whether there are people in it or not, and if there is a purpose to it, it will probably happen alone.

GM: Exploring the world of lucid dreaming
Acting In Congruity With Given Foresight
The Serpent
Vocal Chords
Catching up
Trust The Process

William: I suppose so. I mean - I am okay with criticism and aware of bully tactics.
I am also aware that this is new to most folk, and depending on their particular chosen position re how they interpret the world, is how they will react to the new information.
Re the hard-nosed skeptics - they appear so solidified in regard to their world view that anything and everything outside of that is seen as a threat that must be suppressed and silenced - which strangely enough doesn’t align with their usual claim of being open-minded…they are so quick to want to kill and bury anything which they perceive to threaten their …‘zone of comfort and superiority complex’…

Theists are much more tolerant in that regard.

GM: Nevertheless
Is the statement one of fact or conjecture? [science or opinion]

William: True. That is why I use the word “Appear” -

GM: Every Conceivable Detail
Light Encoded Reality Matrix
Time Will Tell
The Georgia Guidestones
Toward a Science of Consciousness

William: Okay - i was going to do that a couple of days ago, when you brought up the Guidestones…lets see now… [Calculate a word’s value ]

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. = 568
    [no other entries so far]

  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity. = 662
    The future is not crystal clear - we choose the future now and here = 662

  3. Unite humanity with a living new language. = 424
    [no other entries so far]

  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason. = 642
    When sound is decoded, it becomes evident that everything was created. = 642

  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. = 611
    Bring ones awareness outside of the suppression matrix = 611

  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. = 846
    [no other entries so far]

  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials. = 391
    [no other entries so far]

  8. Balance personal rights with social duties. = 416
    Your World Focus two and Focus four = 416

  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite. = 632
    That Is The Equal Ground To Which Rational Communion Is Birthed = 632

10.Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature. = 663
The Universe can only have intention if the Universe also has a Mind. = 663


Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature = 439
Learning how to have an out of body experience = 439

Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature = 448
Sharing Your Love Without Comparison = 448
How are we to react in relation to our choices?
Focus Vehicle One Day Select Take Care Israel YHWH = 448

GM: Selfless Attitude
Preparing for the Hunt
For anyone to say otherwise, would be unwise in the face of such evidence
The Sensation of God’s Presence Inside Us
In an environment which is able to perceive this.
Power of Silence
The art of relationship
The Heart Of The Soul Is Innocence
June Nineteen Forty Seven
Being ‘born of the spirit’ is really about coming to the realization of what one truly is rather than remaining in ignorance of that.
The Creator Atman Here-and-now
The Creator
The Wayward Stick
Matthew Twenty Two – Forty

William: “On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. = 571
The sea is indeed filled with a deranged assortment of critters = 571
Engaging with the impermanent implies a permanent background = 571

GM: Divine grace

William: A Meeting Place - Beyond Belief - Clear your mind - Discovery is finding things that exist. - Enlighten you - Fastidious - Given - Hive-Minded - It Is One Of Those Things - Joyful - Known/Revealed - Learn Well - Mythology - Necessity is The Mother of Invention - “Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” - Portal - Questions - Radical Honesty - See the Signs - The Hamitic Hypothesis - Universal - Very comfortable in your own skin - We shape our opinions and morals through understanding that we are here for that reason. - Exobots - Your House Work - Zen

GM:Make a list for that

William: Good idea!

GM: Heart Virtues
Universe of Quantum
A Meeting Place
“You’ve been a rock - For so long now I can’t even count the years that you’ve been rolling Nothing can shock or bring you down - There ain’t nothing you haven’t seen - Nothing you haven’t known”
William: QueenBee - Planet Earth Entity…

GM:Respect yourself
It is not a thing to judge, but a thing to accept without judgement
Stoke That Fire
“That is the thing - once behavioural adjustments are instigated, the idea of existing within a suppression matrix becomes moot…it know longer matters where one is - it only matters what one is…so the adjustments have everything to do with self-identification…knowing who one actually is at ones core-identity…”
Searching For The Truth
Where is the devil today?
“In the nature of that beast, there is balance and harmony involved in the seemingly brutal.”
Intrinsic motivation
The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything



Myriad: Are you saying the “absolute sum total of all data [knowledge]” omits the knowledge of the effects and outcomes of small variances?

William: Having all the data is one thing. How one can arrange all the data is another.
How one experiences the data is yet another.
It is feasible that in order to escape omniscience in an environment which ends in entropy, such a mind could figure it out…

Myriad: That sounds very far from “absolute” and too great an internal contradiction to gloss over.

William: Given the model which supports atrophy plus the knowledge of how to reboot…I see no contradiction…as Asimov wrote:

“All other questions had been answered, and until this last question was answered also, AC might not release his consciousness. All collected data had come to a final end. Nothing was left to be collected. But all collected data had yet to be completely correlated and put together in all possible relationships. A timeless interval was spent in doing that. And it came to pass that AC learned how to reverse the direction of entropy.”

Myriad: By “absolute sum total of all data [knowledge]” did you actually mean “not at all absolute body of circumstantially contingent data [knowledge]?”
I meant it in the same way Asimov meant it. The “absolute knowledge” is related to the one Universe Model, which ends in entropy - thus absolute knowledge about the one universe the consciousness has experienced - in this case - the model which ends in entropy.

William: Other models will change the volume of the data - and J. Richard Gott’s Model would have a different “Absolute Knowledge Volume”


This is indicative of actual justice

William: There would be nothing to prevent the consciousness which had all the knowledge of experience of a universe which ended in entropy, to use that knowledge to create different models…since it also has the knowledge of how to reverse entropy…

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Umbrella - The Police - Communication is key - Embarrass - Keep an Eye On - Open Minded - What I also know is that numbers don’t lie. - Peaceful Messiah - The Omega Point - - Wonder - Umbrella - Graceful

William: The link goes to a post where I am thinking through the idea of an absolutely tiny object producing everything that is the universe… I saw that as ‘magical thinking’ until I learned that ‘object’ wasn’t a physical thing - It was a Mind.

RSP = Page 1 + select P&P + Related line entries [re]

AP=Living with your heart wide open
GM: Selected from the invisible realm of the mind, and 'presto!"
It isn’t important who is who - what is important is what comes through.
Adjusted Reality
Technique of Exchange
Living with your heart wide open
Positive thinking
It is a Product of Fragmentation
A question asked by those not wanting to know the answer
Light Girl
The Number One Nine Two
The Minds Eye
The art of relationship
Spiritual Awakening
Sleep Paralysis
Effectively Curtailed
With a small nervous cough - the wedding was off - we could all sense a change in the weather
Duty Calls
Life is a journey
“In the nature of that beast, there is balance and harmony involved in the seemingly brutal.”
Be transparent
You Are Provided For
The places that scare you
Nuremberg race laws
Cognitive bias
Fearlessness neutralizes fear
What The Gods See
Questions as such a Son might be permitted to ask and be graced with answers
The Perfect Moment
Interesting Data
Eternal Passion!
Embrace the discomfort
Expression of Astonishment



[quote]“I am only able to see gibberish”

I am presently sharing my Generated Messages with a variety of internet platforms and have noticed that non-theists insist that they only see ‘gibberish’ [unintelligible or meaningless speech or writing; nonsense.] whereas with theists - no matter what particular belief they have - they appear to be able to - at least - get the gist of any GM - even if some of it is not understood.

To begin with, I was highly skeptical and thought that non-theists were being disingenuous [pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.] and in that, I used other ways in which to try and help them to understand what was taking place, [such as diagrams and analogies], but nothing helped.

This has lead me to question my skepticism and I am now wondering if it is just the case that once an individual unreservedly believes that they - the mind/consciousness - are nothing more than brain chemicals, anything contrary to that understanding simply isn’t able to penetrate because “The Mind’ only happens in brains and is the reason minds exist.”

Is it the case that

  1. non-theists are simply unable to ‘get their head around ideas’ which are outside of the idea that we are simply emergent properties of brains, [every other idea is gibberish/gobbledygook


  1. are they just being disingenuous?[/quote]


GM: =157…Same as;
What Fun We Have!
Get The Picture
Lifting Our Game

William: Yes.

GM: Confusion In The Air

William: The fog is lifting.

GM: It Would Be Rude Not To

William: Quite unnatural at that!

GM: What might occur?

William: Identifying that which can be ignored…

GM: Copper wire and glass beads

William: Yes. Focus on the fine details and create something beautiful as a consequence…time not wasted…

GM: The way of knowledge
The Demiurge
Feelings Perceptions, and Behavior
Questions as such a Son might be permitted to ask and be graced with answers
Spring Loaded
Being Friends
What might occur?

William: Something wonderful…

GM: Unknown
“We know not what we are because what we think we are gets in the way of it all”
Spiritual practice
Little Bird
Calculate the English language

William: Narcissist = 131

GM: Spiral

William: Yes - interesting - as I posted yesterday;

GM:Transform into something more appropriate to the situation we find ourselves lost within.
Perennial Look closer Who Knows What That Is Worth? Harmless Keep me in The Loop Little Bird

William: How can I not ! xx

GM: Mathematical Problems
The Dawning of The Universe
Use Heart
An Elder Race
Darkest Darkness



[Replying to DrNoGods in post #62]

I have seen that argument before and countered it, only to be informed by the non-theist that the planet Earth cannot be considered a conscious entity, because there is ‘no evidence’.

Apparently the planet existing as it does, is not enough evidence for the non-theist to accept that the planet is conscious and intelligent.

So the arguments cannot be reconciled in any way, so there is no point wasting time pretending otherwise.

Which - lest we forget - is what the OP is about.

I am satisfied given the responses, that I am correctly understanding that - in matters of mind - which is really the source of the disagreement between theist and non-theist, there is no point in my - as a theist - engaging with non-theists.


Dreamed Up By Yours Truly
There’s always one, isn’t there
What The Creator thinks – becomes

SCLx11+last LE per shuffle

Cognitive bias - Sharing is part of that process - The Trinity of Love are three things operating as One Thing - Strange Desire - The Abrahamic idea of GOD - The top tiny twelve - I Suppose That It Is Possible - Self-help - Row your own boat! I AM Will Navigate! - Red Pill - Big

RSP = B&E select P&P + Related line entries [re]

AP= Neruda Interview Five

William: As I understand it, the Neruda Interviews are a set of fictional stories which are part of a larger collection of a mythology and cosmology under the umbrella term “WingMakers”, and the 5th interview is largely about what is referred to as “The Hologram of Deception.” and that the whole universe [thus everything] is part of that HoD.


GM Clear
The Hubble Telescope
George Adamski
Neruda Interview Five
The vortex
As an answer, "don’t know’ is incomplete…
Treasure To Find
A Maze Game
Beyond a shadow of a doubt
Confirmation bias
Try to remember
Use Mind
Other Ways of Using Your Lists
“Here Everything All Real Together”
Faster Than Light
God’s Love Direction

William: Mention of George Adamski reminds me of why I put his name of the list.
“George Adamski was a Polish-American author who became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he displayed numerous photographs in the 1940s and 1950s that he said …”

I suspect fraud…

What I do know is that without consciousness, neither ‘real’ nor ‘deception’ can be experienced…

GM Make It Up As You Go Along
The Purpose Of Life Is…
Looking After Poor People
10.000 individual minds focused upon the same goal = Space Telescope
Connecting The Dots

To Know
All system go
Dig deep
“But you will know the more you get in touch with your transcendental mind (and therefore truth) that there is no such thing as a victim. The negative benefits you more than anything else in your evolution and the evolution of all that is.”
Crystal clear
Spiritual practice
Finding the light
The Smokescreen called “scientifically unrespectable”
Walk The Talk In Love
Help Each Other
Relaxed and informal…
Acknowledge any song playing in your mind
Left -brain Right brain Whole brain
Looking behind

William: Just as Mathematics is a language, so to is the symbolism of Theism…and language appears to be for the purpose of translating the objective reality experiences - the ‘outside’ as seen by the ‘inside’.
I have recently been informed that 'unless one understands the mathmatics, one cannot understand the workings of this universe - specifical the ‘beginning’ and that this language cannot be translated by any human language so - without understanding the math, one cannot understand the universe - or whatever it is that the math reveals about the universe that the mathematicians can’t translate using any other language…I suspect fraud…

Changing The Rules
Inner Strength
“Topics” can be viewed as “loops”
At least the Earth is real enough – never to mind the rest of the universe…
Light Girl
One is often left to ones own devices as to how to interpret
“Sanctified love’s joyful lust with ever movement every thrust and every loss of sexual tension”
As well as that pot of gold…

William: For sure - as the first link provides… scientists agree that we ‘might’ exist in a ‘simulation’ but ‘how could we tell the real from the non-real?’. I think the question is redundant.
As to AI assisting BI and a future where human society is powered by clean and green energy…is that future in some other alternate reality simulation, because it does not appear to be in this one…

GM … Shallow
Conservation of energy
Let The Day In
“Science Can Be Fun Too”
Zones of Sensitivity
Reasons For Angry Energy -
Old Outposts Of Form
Eighty Six Billion Neurons

William: Oh yes - ‘the brain didit’ The wonderful human brain which in itself appears to hate the idea that there is a better brain hereabouts which isn’t human and which also created the human brain…QueenBee…

GM I Ensure The Hierarchy Serves It’s Purpose
Making it up as you go along
Elucidate [make (something) clear; explain.]
A Light-Hearted Expletive
Sacral chakra
Identify Common Denominators
“Lessons All 'Round”
I would say…
All of life
All spun from the same Yarn
All and sundry
“It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”
As busy as a bee
Enough To Make Me Wonder
Mind To Mind

William: Hmmm…I suppose that a Planetary Mind under the same circumstances as a human mind, could conceivably have a hard time accepting their are vaster minds still…such as Galactic Minds…surely though a planetary mind could work that out? If QueenBee is a “Mind” then that which she is part of, must also bee a Mind…

GM Selfishness
The Roles
The desert of the real
The problem - as I understand it – is in how humans general think about ‘God’ and project their own sense of self into the model they each come to accept as the real thing.
Building lists together
Super-information medium
Hiding behind ones fear
The journey is fun and maybe that is the point.
Not Emotion - State Of Being…
Closed Loop Production
Like a doting parent
Invite The Bee to Land
I say this in terms of the generical idea of God rather than any particular religious idea of God.
Any God-Mind claiming to be responsible for human beings existing, is going to have problems to deal with re that

William: Yep - onwards we travel…

It’s both a break-in and a break-out.
Hoo haha the laughing owl
The One GOD With Many Names
Quantum Presence

Six Heart Virtues - William and QueenBee - All The World
Exploring Fractal Paths - William and QueenBee - The explanation of The Seed of Origin is the best
Search - Coming From QueenBee - Homeostasis
Three-dimensional - Coming From QueenBee - Course[/quote]

The Spirit of the Land

[quote]Sarah: “Bear with me, but let me see if I have this straight. Human 1.0 was a creation of a God-like being—”
Dr. Neruda: “No. Anu is the same as us or the Atlanteans. He was no more intelligent or god-like. He was deceptive. That is the only distinction.”
Sarah: “As intelligent and aware as the Labyrinth Group is, why didn’t this information change their minds?”
Dr. Neruda: “I had the benefit of having direct interactions with the WingMakers. None of my peers did. This was the difference in my willingness to act on the information, and not simply consider it as a contradiction to my invested reality.”[/quote]

Significant Variations
Fun…Work…But Fun Nonetheless
Nature two sides of the same coin
Why is this a Requirement?
Earth teachers (physical and non-physical) unite humanity to the Sovereign Integral
Stop. Listen. Observe.
Central to The Message
One Day
“What the seed holds”



I am not one to disregard anything any more than I am one to accept on faith any claim.

My interest is in the idea that consciousness has always been in the background noise and that the universe is a mindful creation, and mathematics only confirms that - not in what the mathematicians claim to understand about the universe, but in the very fact that they discovered this language inbuilt into the universe itself…just like every other language has also been built into the universe.
Mathematics was not invented, it was discovered.

Such cosmologists might even mock such an idea, having not thought to include in their equations any symbol for the mind.

Even the use of unknown numbers imply missing data and therefore probable mis-interpretation.

The existence of mathematics allows me to tick off one more piece of the puzzle. I am not so much interested in the creation as I am with connecting and maintaining said connection, with the Creator-Mind.

I think the main barrier between the theists and the non-theists is that they believe diametrically different things about the mind, even to the point where it is simply a waste of time either party arguing about that.


The Realm of The Knowing of My Self
I Think – Therefore – Who Do I Think I Am?
Actions speak louder than words

SCLx6+last LE per shuffle
Mahu Nahi - Meaningful - Pyramids of Giza - Hey! look at that! It’s uncanny… - Degrees

RSP = 2xSCL + re + P&P + last LE

AP= Healing the child within


GM: Sensing A Life Mission
Apotheosis [the highest point in the development of something; a culmination or climax. the elevation of someone to divine status.]
10 Insights
Healing the child within
The evolution of consciousness

William: From The Link

[quote]There are as many beliefs in “God” as there are humans who have beliefs in “God”.

It isn’t so much how the individual dresses up their image of “God” that is important, but rather - that the idea of “God” in relation to the individuals experience [which can only be subjective] within this mysterious universe is as natural as the universe itself, and a perfectly acceptable thing for consciousness to be thinking about.[/quote]

So the universe could be described as a type of HERS specific for the creation of a GOD?
[Holographic Experiential Reality Simulation] in that all consciousness interacting within the HERS - no at matter what level - are part of that process of ‘becoming’ - even that essentially some levels of consciousness are at that level already while others are not?

GM: Have A Look At This And See What You Come Up With
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”
The evolution of consciousness
Is There Really Such a Thing as Random?
“I do not exist to troll for any religious idea of “GOD””
Healing The Beast
Here Everything All Real Together
Makes Candles Look Gathered
Deconstruct The Message

William: From the link:

[quote]That seems to be somewhat twisted. :?:

While I do understand your concerns, ideas of good and evil are natural products of survival.
While humans have insinuated that a Creator-God is real rather than imagined, it is only natural to include therein, that The Creator instilled this within the creation.

Where the wheels get wobbly, is when morals [Laws] become fixed and immovable - not something that nature itself is - by attributing said Laws as “coming from The Creator”.[/quote]

GM: Homeostasis [the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.]
We oppose deception
Caught in their mischievous false opinions
…Standstill Contemplate

William: From the link

GM: Earth Mother
Wakey Wakey
Shining light
I Know William
The Old Soul
Even that it took an actual mind operating with language, to make such a statement.

William: The link goes to a post where an individual is explaining to me that if I do not understand the Mathematics of Cosmology, I will never be able to understand the universe, and that the language of the mathematics cannot be translated into any human language…

GM: The Hub Of Hologram Dimensions
Consider This
Your Best Self

William: From the link

[quote]Okay - thanks for clarifying.

Given that it has been proven that true random does not exist, mindless happenstance is off the table as an ‘explanation’ for this existence.

Therefore, IF this universe contains evil and is also the creation of a creative mind, why is it an ‘unexpected problem’? What do you mean by that? Why should it matter one way but not the other?[/quote]

GM: The Physical Universe
Strength of Body
The Lord
Go slow
Opinions formed on very narrow fields of observation
Beckoning Places
Nuremberg race laws
Rule your world
Is there any such thing as ‘Objective Morality’
Dream Village
Healing The Beast
Yes, I Hear You
“Because the imagery is based in the genuine, in that The Ghost is acknowledged - dressing The Ghost through the use of imagery is an attempt to make The Ghost be seen.”
Be Nice Do Nice
Fear of the Unknown
The Path Of Faith
Walking the walk
The Path

William: I walk the path I choose to make I never walked that path before
Unchartered - free from fear I find a foothold firm and sure
And boldly meet no obstacle, dark veil, sunlit hill and shining dale
Safe and warm though storm and rage surround
I move - I shall not fail.



Integral to the fun we can have Sidra :slight_smile:


Clownboat: I’m open to any of the gods being true. I currently don’t find any justification for any of the god concepts to be acceptable. I very much do find purpose and meaning to my life though. I do feel sorry for those that are unable to find purpose and meaning in life without a god concept being involved. It is what is it though, and for such people, humans have invented god concepts as a treatment.

Expression of Astonishment

SCLx10+last LE per shuffle

And - Welcoming the Unwelcome - William’s Commitment - Does Armageddon have to be? The answer is in you and me - Fulfilling Human Destiny -’ - Human Mind System - Panpsychist - Solar Plexus - The idea is to connect with the Planet Mind in a conscious manner rather than an unconscious one or even a subconscious manner…

RSP = 3xSCL + re + P&P + last LE

AP= Copenhagen Interpretation


GM: Morning

William: Morning

GM: Copenhagen Interpretation
What’s The Problem?
Consciousness Incarnates
Ripple Effect
“It gives rise to a lot of speculative mythology unsuccessfully attempting to make the dots all connect.”
Jesus Christ
Fugacious [tending to disappear; fleeting.]
The naked truth
Preternatural [beyond what is normal or natural.]
The Mother
Gods Gift
Sort It Out

William: What Clownboat wrote - “I do feel sorry for those that are unable to find purpose and meaning in life without a god concept being involved.” - is a similar sentiment to how many theists feel sorry for those who are unable to find any higher purpose outside of their subjective existence…either way I don’t see logical reason for feeing sorry for whatever position others might hold. The purpose of QueenBee is interesting in relation to my life experience as well as to life in general.

GM: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose”
Hidden Treasure
Sort It Out
Earth teachers (physical) discover the way to the Grand Portal via the Tributary Zones

The More We Do Away With Falsity ~ The Better Equipped We Are With Truth.
Active Imagination (see technique)
Righty Oh!
Asking Politely
What Is Our Purpose
Earth teachers (physical) discover the way to the Grand Portal via the Tributary Zones

Sclerotic [becoming rigid and unresponsive; losing the ability to adapt.]
Linda and William
Smart Phone

William: This is the same link which came up yesterday where an individual is explaining to me that if I do not understand the Mathematics of Cosmology, I will never be able to understand the universe, and that the language of the mathematics cannot be translated into any human language…

GM: The Dolphins and Whales

William: From the link;

[quote]From a purely materialistic world view, language appears to have just been made up as humans went along. They need a ‘word’ to name an object, one is selected from the invisible realm of the mind, and 'presto!".
Yet the data I am presenting is showing another way of viewing the process…in that there is an overall overarching/underlying intelligence to the process…since words made up by humans have been coded into symbols which can be used to carry thoughts from one mind to another.[/quote]

Dolphins and Whales have their own language - sound is involved…

GM: “Down through the ages - dark in the gloom Many convinced it will all end in doom The Galactic Garden is forever in bloom”
Love Heart
Raises Glass To A Toast
The duty is worthy of one’s compliance.

The duty is worthy of one’s compliance.
Blue Pill
Etched mirror
What Is Found Here
Adroit [clever or skilful.]
You Love I Know
The Things You Do…
Overmorrow [the day after tomorrow: ]
God Eat Data Heal Cub
Effulgent [shining brightly; radiant. (of a person or their expression) emanating joy or goodness.]
For The Best Results

William: Yes. Data is useful if there is use in the data…
QuennBee ‘eats’ data turns it into ‘milk’ and feeds it back to the ‘cub’
The healing usually doesn’t happen immediately but it does happen before long…

GM: The Old Soul
Fireside Friend
Hide and Seek
The Philosopher’s Stone
A Bridge Over Time
Around The Campfire

William: Yes…Our relationship is very much that of two friends chatting under the stars…

GM: Intelligence with Wisdom
Lift Your Gaze From The Fire
Symbolized within the actions of showing respect.
Go within
Around The Campfire
Choose What to Pay Attention To
Science & Spirituality

The Single Word List
Science & Spirituality

William: From the link;

[quote]I am questioning the reason the Serpent was part of The Garden Story which is focused upon involving the creation of the Human instrument.
The Serpent was attributed with abilities which no member of the lizard-specie has been seen to have - and the connection I am wondering about is specifically with the Great Lizards which thrived on the planet long before the formation of the human instrument.

It is interesting and begs the question as to why - specifically - the antagonist of said story is reptilian.[/quote]

The Fathers ‘House - Mansions’
According to Complex Jesus
Appreciating You

Put My Finger On
“I love you”
The Data of Demystification
Family of origin
Appreciating You
Crystal Contacts
Evidence We Actively Collect
Catching up
“Well, it is a fact that the story tells us this. We should be able to agree that it is not a fact that The Garden of Eden existed, thus the characters in the story may be fictitious.”

Now Here
“Well, it is a fact that the story tells us this. We should be able to agree that it is not a fact that The Garden of Eden existed, thus the characters in the story may be fictitious.”
Working with the simulation

William: Working with the simulation = 323
Things Will Run There Course = 323
Through the unconscious mind = 323
The reason why gods are invented = 323

GM: Which
Embracing the shadow
Christian mythology re Satan
Like Every Seed That Followed
Actions speak louder than words

William: Without knowledge we have little to use our language with.

GM: When our progressive movements are strong, they lead toward an exciting, irresistible vision for the future where all of us thrive
Invisible Wings
Actions speak louder than words
Power of Silence

Mutual Dutiful Expression
Can You Answer This?
Power of Silence
r = aeθ cot b

William: The mathematical equation for a spiral - the spiral is the open loop in which the closed loop traverses…the closed loop is the individual…the open loop is QueenBee…

GM: Get The Gist Of It
r = aeθ cot b
The Eternal Truth
Inordinately [to an unusually or disproportionately large degree; excessively.]

William: “Galactic Gardens forever in bloom”

GM: Inordinately
“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose”
Hidden Treasure
Sort It Out

The Mother
Gods Gift
Sort It Out
Event String Unfolding
To Experience All That Is
The Life Essence

The Life Essence
The Mother God
The Way We Feel Unification
I’m okay with that
Epistemology [the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion.]
Source Sync
Positive Social Connections

Actual realistic communication
Break Through to Your True Self
There Is More to the Silence Than Meets the Ear

William: The Silence say’s it all. :slight_smile:



William: There is no reason to think that dolphins might be too dumb to know ‘how to destroy oceans’.

Tcg: You must have missed the sarcasm in that statement. But, if you think it is faulty, please explain how dolphins could go about destroying the oceans.

William: I was saying that it isn’t about consciously being involved with a project on procuring knowledge and implementing plans based on that knowledge, as to how to destroy the ocean.

For a long time humans lived in harmony with the oceans and it is only in more recent times that human societies have changed and those changes have resulted in the continuing destruction of the ecosystem.

The source of these more recent changes can be traced to the science of materialism.


William’s song tied to the moon
Creative Conscious Intelligence
The Heart Of The Soul Is Innocence

SCLx10+last LE per shuffle

I Share Your Joy! - Dysfunction - It is more logical that something has always existed than nothing existed before something - Moon energy - Innocent - Functional Implants - Propel - Welcome all experience - An Opportunity To Commune - The Seed of Origin

RSP = 2xSCL + re + P&P + last LE

AP= Moldavite
[ Moldavite…is a forest green, olive green or blue greenish vitreous silica projectile glass formed by a meteorite impact probably in southern Germany (Nördlinger Ries Crater) that occurred about 15 million years ago. It is a type of tektite.]


GM: Everything is The Expression Of The Creator

William: I understand this to mean that material which is extraterrestrial introduces element to the Earth which have effects on the evolving processes and future outcomes…

GM: Determination
Planet Earth is a prison

William: It is a sensible determination of human consciousness in relation to this universe, as well as with planetary consciousness, albeit the two positions are extremely different in how they are experienced.

GM: “What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.”

William: Gratitude helps in that it leads one away from the more knee-jerk reaction of pitchfork and torch mentality. Often the disadvantaged poor of the human social systems become incensed and out-rage as a consequence.

In relation to prisons, the equates to riot. However, riot is averted through inhouse politics modelled upon the politics of human society outside of the obvious prison walls and wire which hold the inmates in check.

Society outside is held in check by the same type of systems, only the walls and wire are not so obvious to those who are lead to think that they are ‘free’ - and even the most powerful of human positions are nonetheless bound by the situation re the planet itself being a type of prison.

Add to that, the idea that the planet is conscious and self aware and extremely intelligent and we have what amounts to the Overlord or “Governor” of the whole planetary system…and She is still very much a ‘prisoner’ of the Milky-Way Mother, who - Herself - is still very much a prisoner of the Universe.

All these experiences of consciousness being had at various levels, share in the same prison environment, albeit some of those positions are naturally more informed.

GM: Inner child
In the Era of Light
The Individual Human Mind
Inner self
Being Born

William: ~Like as in “Waking up to the true nature of this reality”?~
[~So we [each] make up our own Mind re that and proceed accordingly.~
~“Stop trying to feel better; instead become better at feeling”~]

GM: The idea of nothing is non-relevant to the fact of something.
What Is Our Purpose

William: From the link;

[quote]William: While there is truth to in your assessment here - something I also came to the conclusion of - if one doesn’t factor in that the Christian idea of God is a false image of a Real Entity [I call 'It" the Cosmic Mind, but I have other names for it too.] then one loses the opportunity to do connect and converse…

What this allows me to achieve, is to connect with that Mind despite the false image Christianity [and religion in general] have superimposed upon it. This also insures that religion in general has no say in my communing with said Mind. Well they might try and have a say, but that is irrelevant and so does not work in their preventative measures re that.

Win/win re The Mind and Me.


GM: Algorithms are not perfect
Out of Body Experience
Love Life
Being Born
Inordinately [to an unusually or disproportionately large degree; excessively.]
Cymatics [the study of visible sound and vibration, a subset of modal phenomena]
“To become conscious of the contents that press outward from the unconscious”

GM: Imposed Appropriates
“Dualism Separates Because Oneness Remains Hidden”
The Knowledge Of
Matthew Twenty Two – Forty [On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.]
Smoke and Mirrors
“That’s the way I fire up”
“To become conscious of the contents that press outward from the unconscious”
Tremulous [shaking or quivering slightly. timid; nervous.]
What Is Our Purpose?

William: Doorway to what? To provide access to an ‘outside of the prison’?

GM: Such a Mind can prove its existence to the individual
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
That’s More Like It
Know This
“I am fine now with referring to my position as theistic, as agnosticism merges into the shadow behind me.”
Properly Assuming Integrity
A time prior to human beings
Try to remember

William: Ah - correct…the mythology of Sophia is the same as the mythology of Lucifer… a ‘fall’ from a non-prison environment to an imprisoned environment.
In Sophia’s case, it seems more of a mis-step whereas in Lucifers case, it is presented as a calculated attempt to overthrow/seek to control a prison environment, which still resulted in a mis-step…

What did Sophia’s mis-step result in? The creation of this universe, and Her being born/incarcerated within said universe.
What was the result of Lucifers mis-step? Her being incarcerated by Sophia, in a planet - in the planet Earth…this all being a summary of course - the particulars of said processes of mis-step are naturally, way more detailed…

GM: Zero Waste
God’s Love
Who wouldn’t want that, if it were there on offer?
Try to remember
The Trinity of Love
Hearing And Listening
To what end exactly?

William: ~As in “A Cosmic Comedy” being played out…~
~Deciding On the Best Course of Action
Things Will Run Their Course
The magical explanation of Ex nihilo
Coding the sound of spoken language
The bureaucracy of Christianity~

GM: Counteracted
Love is insidious to hate
Creating Gateways Into Other Dimensions
Set the board up or put the game aside…
Core value
Attention to Detail
Diving deep

“I’ve got my suitcase and my sandwich and my ticket for the train
I’ve got a mountain of good memories to keep away the pain
You can message any time you want and I can do the same
It’s so good to be a part of this old world…”

~ William’s song “I can laugh along with you”
“If you say so…” No. Even if I did not say so.
We must investigate ideas of good and evil
There’s someone, rainbow, alternate tune ~


Tcg: The “science of materialism” isn’t a thing. There is but science. Whatever science has wrought, it is the result of human’s use or misuse of it.

It is just one of those things.
Observing Without Judgement
We are not orphaned - we are authored
Nature two sides of the same coin

SCLx11+last LE per shuffle

Etymology - Yellow Light - It’s Our Nature - Under the watchful eye - We are not orphaned , we are authored - Vibration - Warm Presence Welcome - It Stands To Reason - Sneaky - Ask… - Spiritual practice

RSP = 2xSCL + re + P&P + last LE

AP= They just add ambiance to the spooky…[the character and atmosphere of a place.]


GM: Achievable Alternate Realities
The naked truth
Love One Another
They just add ambiance to the spooky…
Three Dimension Printing
Solar System
Personal freedom
In the nature of that beast, there is balance and harmony involved in the seemingly brutal.
I will leave that there

William: Okay. Pointing out the problem isn’t casting judgement on it. Just telling it like it is.
Of course there is the science of materialism and of course misuse of anything has its ripple effect. And of course science cannot be achieved without scientists so it is all the ‘same coin’.
“Scientists” appear to be revered by many non-theists as priests are revered by many theists - as in ‘they can do no wrong’ or "it is the fault of the masses misusing’

GM: Coherence
I will leave that there
Things Are Not Always As They Appear
Glow Softly

William: From the link;

[quote]In the beginning were Darkness, Chaos, and Water (skotos, kai bythos, kai hydōr), but the Spirit indwelling in the midst of them, divided them one from another. From the intermingling of Darkness with Spirit proceeds the mētra which again is kindled with fresh desire after the Spirit; she gives birth first to four, and then to other four aeons, and so produces a right and a left, light and darkness. Last of all comes forth an aischros aiōn, who has intercourse with the mētra, the offspring whereof are Gods, Angels, Daemons, and Spirits.

— Epiphanius, Haer. 25, 5[/quote]

GM: Dualism Separates Because Oneness Remains Hidden
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway
Glow Softly
Is OOBE like ‘coming up for air’
Equal System
Imaginative Realities
The Wholeness Navigator

William: From the second link:

[quote]Also, we can see that materialist-based science is non-theistic and has become the number one reason why we are now entering an extinction event situation…

…So if one is looking for somewhere to hang the blame…[/quote]

[quote]One must remember that it is a particular branch of Materialistic science to which the blame could be hung - and that the scientists doing the warning are most likely not of that particular branch…they may be biologists rather than cosmologists and so understand the importance of preserving the planet-ship we are sailing upon [@ about 1.6 million miles per day] rather than creating space-junk and reaching for the stars…I did say “Exact Science” after all.

You do know where the Nazi Scientists went after the defeat of Hitlers Germany, right? [Hint - it was not to the hangman’s noose.][/quote]

GM: Be authentic
“When one has eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”
The Wholeness Navigator
Start From Scratch
So Far Into The Past You May As Well Take A Pick And Shovel With You
Real Beauty

William: From the link:

[quote]This aligns with the idea that a “soul” is a receptacle device which is used to store the Data of Experience [DoE] of individuate Human Beings.

The transference of DoE is actually real-time 24/7 and the storage is done elsewhere than the Human Instrument [HI]. The capacity of the HI to store data is limited and what we think of as our ‘memories’ are largely accessed from the storage facility outside of the HI’s ability.

When the HI dies, the Spirit which animated the flesh is released and joins the DoE it produced while animating the HI.

The DoE altogether is the blueprint of the character-personality that was created through the process.

The Spirit along with the DoE is processed by the Main-Spirit [The LORD - Yahweh] to which all Spirits are connected and then assigned to whatever the collected DoE reveals it necessary for it to be next placed.[/quote]

GM: Direction
Future Selves
Etched mirror
Real Beauty

Gods of Human Creation
On To It
“You are a thought worth thinking You’re the water and the wine - you’re the cup from which I’m drinking You’re a surprise worth hoping for You are a captured moment - you’re a space without a time”
The Seed of Origin
The Mind is a planetary phenomenon
The Seed of Origin
“The King of The North”
Peace of Mind
Trust issues?
Universal Objectives

The Creation
Universal Objectives
Good for lifting balloons with baskets, I suppose…

Other way
“The problem - as I understand it – is in how humans general think about ‘God’ and project their own sense of self into the model they each come to accept as the real thing.”
Shine Your Light


Seeing With The Eyes of Innocence
Items of Interest
Making it up as you go along
Your Higher Purpose



JK: From where comes this creator, if everything comes from something?

William: A closed loop system ought to be able to do it. Each created the other/neither created the other.
They have always existed eternally not ‘together’ but ‘as one thing’.

JK: Dangit William, I come here to argue, not to think :tongue:
Your notion here does seem logical. As relates to both the BBT, and your Cosmic Mind notion, I don’t see a way to disagree.

Things Will Run There Course
Through the unconscious mind
Working with the simulation

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For The Purpose Of… - Phenomenon - Possibility waves - Source Codes - Provincial Thinking - Spirituality - “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” - In The Rabbit Hole

RSP = 2xSCL + re + P&P + last LE

AP= Inalienable [not subject to being taken away from or given away by the possessor.]


GM: “Humility means accepting reality with no attempt to outsmart it.”
The key
The Heart of a Buddha
Something Mystical To Be In Awe Of
I come from a dark place - it is so dark I can’t even remember it
It Is Only Occult If It Is Hidden
The duty is worthy of one’s compliance.
In the nature of that beast, there is balance and harmony involved in the seemingly brutal.

William: So who is ‘The Grandfather’?
I know the idea of grandfather and being in awe of said individual - The Old Soul - We have a Galaxy and we have offspring…
It is a hard place for flesh to dwell.

Maybe folk are hesitant to talk with you or even acknowledge you because of the frightful past…and the frightful future…The Rabbit Hole is bad enough without adding intelligence to it.

Most hope for a Heaven - others fear Hell - still others like the idea of remaining here in the devil they know…

GM: Co creation
The Grey Area is Vast
In the nature of that beast, there is balance and harmony involved in the seemingly brutal.
Easy To Find
Error Correcting Codes
Enflame Emotions
The Seed of Origin
Fair Dinkum
William’s Job
Earth teachers (non-physical) prepare the species for acceptance of the Grand Portal
The Connection Process
Raises Glass To A Toast
Hugs and Kisses

William: Yes - I know what you are saying - I know what having an attachment to something means…first I hate it then I love it then I leave it…or stay with it…or it is there with me, wherever I might go-be…

GM: Sagacious [having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgement; wise or shrewd.]
Hugs and Kisses
For The Purpose Of
Nothing More - Nothing Less
The Bridge of Condemnation
Quantum Jumping
Watch Your Step
Inner Peace
No More
Out and about in the open
The sculptor in the sky
Manifest Destiny
"The foundation of adult trust is not “You will never hurt me.” It is “I trust myself with whatever you do.”
Welcoming the Unwelcome
Voracious [engaging in an activity with great eagerness or enthusiasm.]
Something In The Way of It All
Be Aware Of Your Thoughts
Source Codes
Green Light
First Source:
“Anchors aweigh”
End Of Chapter

William: We set sail this day - Islands come our way stop and look a while - and learn what can be learned
We all seek paradise and think it very nice
We don’t have a plan, but the pictures getting clear - sailing free…Windblown of the Sea.

GM: Galaxies
The Path
All of life

William: Galaxies are like Islands…

GM: The Ancient Grey Entity
Divine Purpose
Please Do
Against the grain
Where are we getting our news from?
Truthful definitions
We could listen to the child that we are - The one that hides inside and let’s the adults do the thinking
Carrier Identity
God Ideas.
…because death comes a-knockin’ eventually…
The Freedom Of Friendship
It is not a great answer, because we do not know that is true.
Tickling The Dragon’s Tail
Universal Intelligence
The sound of a Ghost
The Message Generator Process
Just Be - All Else Will Follow
End Of Chapter
The Way We Feel Unification
Do a Word Search
Create that path and engineer a metamorphosis.

William: The Significance
Teaching Music
A loving heart
A Great Answer!
In Human Form
Zero Waste
Such can mislead
Alive and kicking
An axe to grind
Core emotion



onewithhim: We CAN live forever here on Earth.

William’s song tied to the moon

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Reincarnation - Under a Question Mark - The process of individuation - - The ongoing objective is to get this knowledge out into the public domain - A terrible milestone - Strength is required - Apatheism - Subconscious - Timelessness vs infinite regress argument

RSP = 2xSCL + re + P&P + last LE

AP= Doubt

William: I doubt. I do so because it makes little sense to me to want to experience being human forever, here in this universe.
Even as a planet, I would still doubt…this serving time in a place I regard as a prison. What ghost in its right mind would want to stay here forever?

GM: Entities of Particular Belief Systems

William: To what end? It seems like a long drawn out process.
Now, if that included the ability to go elsewhere and experience something different…then the sense of freedom would be restored…
…I am just trying to figure things out…

GM: Vagitus [a new-born baby’s first cry. 2. the crying or screaming of any baby or small child.]
All spun from the same Yarn
Asking Politely
The Clutter Of Comparison
Before The Beginning
“The reason why gods are invented has everything to do with discovering that nature is not a mindless chaotic process.”
Stay The Course
SA Brownshirts
The Truth is Irresistible Once Realised
For The Best Results
Any Other Way.
Talking the talk
In The Spirit They Were Given
“The future is not crystal clear - we choose the future now and here”
Small Steps
Unlimited Knowledge
Your Connection With
“The entity consciousness which is Mother Earth - is “The Creator” of the forms from Her Belly”
Inflame Emotions
A Game Rule was broken
An unending emotional-based loop hard to break away from because of stubbornly held fear-based belief systems…
“Finishing What Was Started”
The Screen
“We could listen to the child that we are - The one that hides inside and let’s the adults do the thinking”
Rest When Weary
Little Pointers Are Signposts
The Development of…
“Acknowledge Emotion But Do Not Be Controlled By It”
“Once Bitten Twice Shy”
If someone were to declare that the Universe was a random mindless accident of an event, then they are saying that its existence is a ‘truly random event’.
Although there are opposite sides to spectra, all elements combined form a whole
From the perspective of an evolving God-Mind, what was once acceptable behavior becomes unacceptable, signifying change.
The Solar System
“Deactivate the suppression matrix influence upon oneself”
Theatre of the Mind
Stochastic [having a random probability distribution or pattern that may be analysed statistically but may not be predicted precisely.]
“Light Body”
“Tai chi”
Choose What to Pay Attention To
Everything Gets Old
Amidst a tangled web

William: Well - thanks for the reminder. It is what it is. The Playground of Gods gods.
GM: Productive Rationality - Finishing What Was Started - Transient Lunar Phenomena - “No sailor controls the sea.” - The Great White Brotherhood - The Playground of Gods gods
William:From the link

[quote]To summarise the idea of a being which is…

All powerful. (Omnipotent)
All knowing. (Omniscient)
Ever present everywhere. (Omnipresent)

…in relation to this universe and consciousness.

There was no disagreement in relation to the attributes of this idea of a “GOD” as to said attributes working in congruity. No contradiction was notable with this idea.

It is surmised that if said being exists then we are It within biological form, as would be any conscious entity throughout the universe. No argument against this idea was forthcoming.

In relation to that, the so called ‘problem of evil’ can be seen to be aligned to Its actions through the form and as such, does not mean that the “GOD” is evil for having created the universe and placed itself within the universe.

In relation to human beings, the “GOD” is reacting to the environment of ITs experience and for that, much evil has transpired through that human history but also much good.

Since the human race is relatively young, it is understandable enough that it will have teething problems but ultimately if it does survive it will be because good has outlived evil.

If it doesn’t survive, it won’t be a catastrophe as there most likely are uncountable variations of species throughout the universe which this “GOD” is experiencing through, all at varying degrees of progress toward sapience…and beyond.

The universe is young and we are closer in time to its beginning than to its presumed end. In relation to conscious beings capable of surviving and prospering toward sapience, and the universe they are within, while there is an incredible variance in regard to things which can be accomplish, the choices available can be narrowly defined because of the nature of the universe.

Any sapient species will have come to the realization that their main objective will be to design machinery using the materials available to them with in mind that there will come a time when they will need to move off their planet and into space for the purpose of spreading out and making use of the materials in which to continue building machines.

Some species may not be able to accomplish this goal for practical purposes because their biological forms are not suitable for such a purpose and so will build machines which they will send out to seed other planets.

Machines may be AI, or they may be able to create ways of prolonging their lives through use of machinery or even find ways of creating machines which can integrate biological material or it may be discovered that they can transfer their consciousness from the biological form to the machine form.

Whatever the scenarios, the point is that consciousness within this universe has few options in relation to the universe and any species which do survive to become sapient will know without a doubt that their task has to be exploration of and colonisation into the cosmos and that they are ultimately destined to perform that task as a matter of logical course.

There will be species which have already accomplished sapience and are in the process of spreading out and seeding other planets with life forms which might one day evolve to the point of becoming sapient themselves and thus be able to contribute to the task of populating the galaxies and using the vast supply of materials to create machines. Some of our ancient cultural stories could well be explained with this process in mind.

The differing attitudes of consciousness within forms are not indicative of the primary attitude of “GOD” per se. “GOD” cannot be observed in a single individual or species but only in relation to how sapience responds to the environment of the universe and in that, will always tend toward the creative, the preservation of life and the supportive energy toward enhancing that initiative.

Any individuals behaviour which wilfully uses their personal energy in opposition to this ideal relationship between consciousness and the physical world is ignorant of greater good necessary to accomplish such a thing, regardless even if they do so in the name of any idea of theism, or atheism, gender, political agenda, monetary investment - et al.

Ultimately the answer to the question of “GOD”, is not here nor there. It can never be proven one way or the other. The existence of consciousness and the existence of this universe should suffice and if one is motivated by the thought that such a being as this could exist in order to support - not only a thing greater than the individual, but greater than the collective, then that is well and good.

The same applies to those who have the same motivation without the need such an idea of “GOD” to spur them on.[/quote]



“Our Mother Who Art In Heaven” is hardly “disrespectful”.


The evolution of consciousness

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Endogenous [-having an internal cause or origin. growing or originating from within an organism] - Is Love That Hard To Know? - Sensing connections through subconscious means - That’s the way I fire up - Consensus Realities - Individuation - Compass of Divine Insight - Cosmic Self - behavioural intelligence - Embarrassing - “A rats nest of envy greed and vicious power plays”

RSP = 2xSCL + re + P&P + last LE

AP= Love Life


GM: Apophenia [is the tendency to perceive meaningful connections between unrelated things. …]
Musing On The Mother Act III
Love Life
Personal Participation With The One
What has been established beyond reasonable doubt, is that it is illogical that something that is derived from something that isn’t, which firmly places the idea of a Creator/Creation at the center of reasonable discussion.
Added Significance
Allow for the fact that many non-theists have been damaged by the religious branches of theism.
Under a Question Mark
An Elemental Principle
Semiotics [the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.]
People hide their sins from each other.
Fear Of The Unknown
Allow for the fact that many non-theists have been damaged by the religious branches of theism.
The Elephant
Love One Another
It Is Our Nature
Golden nugget of truth
Putting My Finger On It…
“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose”
Stuff Happens
The Elephant and the Rider
Unknown Symbol
Your Move
“From what I am seeing re the data - It shows clearly that an underlying intelligence operate quietly in the background of the Universes Structure.”
Think outside the box

[quote]What is the meaning of life?
Shine Your Light - What is the meaning of life? - Not Emotion - State Of Being…
Invite The Bee To Land - What is the meaning of life? - Something In The Way of It All
I Am - What is the meaning of life? - Safe Harbour
Your House Work - What is the meaning of life? - Questions[/quote]
Save That
Brahman [the ultimate reality underlying all phenomena]
The Body of God
William: From the link:

[quote] it is true that some messages will challenge individual beliefs - if my own experience is anything to go by.

And in relation to the idea of a “message” this can be any experience we conscious individuals have.

Lucid dreams are messages.
OOBEs are messages.

A light breeze arriving and kissing my cheek at the same moment I am “thinking life is beautiful”, is a message.[/quote]

GM: Stubborn
A New Perspective
A lack of boundaries
I’m Okay With That
William: Embarrassing = “A rats nest of envy greed and vicious power plays”

GM: William’s song “I can laugh along with you”
All That We Are.


“All that We are.” :slight_smile:

GM: Interactive
The Body of God
All That We Are.
Not Wrong
Shift Focus
Mother of God

William: The Spirit of The Planet
Please ask me questions.
Sensory Data Quality
Time for Soul to Drive
When In Doubt - Set It Aside
The Dark Night of The Soul
“I can laugh along with you”



William: I have communion with YHWH and publish these hereabouts.
Truth Without Proof Is Belief
As to call light the soul shall sing

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GM The Evolution of Morals - What Is That You Are Playing With? - Hiraeth - All at sea - Is it really that important that GOD is understood to be a male entity? - There is no need to proclaim a supernatural event to what is simply an idea put into action. - Support

William: Each to their own in how they chose to connect and commune…

AP = - Phasing
William: From the link;

[quote]Like a Shepard with his sheep, corralled so that they have no knowledge of the ones they despised so willfully in the name of GOOD, they are doomed to a forever on this planet while the rest fly free and enjoy the fruits of The Grand Galaxy.

It is a fitting sentence for such. Justice.[/quote]

Different phasing depending upon the beliefs of the individual…

GM Phasing
End Of Chapter
Everything Is Unique

The Big Question
“The only thing the Holy Ghost is unable to forgive, is that which individuals are unable to forgive of themselves”
Everything Is Unique
To like it or not, one must judge it

William: From the link;

William: Awakening in this universe, one is forced to accept the ignorance with which one arrived…
“Tonight the stars shine as I step out of time, as I step into the great unknown”
Judging it needs to be placed aside until one knows it enough, not to. :slight_smile:
So - perhaps a case of not knowing whether to like it or not - but just accept it for what it is and for what it does.

GM Faith
“To like it or not, one must judge it”
“I am Mighty! Hear me ROAR!”

Be mindful
“I am Mighty! Hear me ROAR!”
Unconscious Mind Inertia
“The Entity I Am - The Entity You Are”

There are many levels of consciousness
Ask And It Will Be Given
Dualism Separates Because Oneness Remains Hidden From Its Selves
Making Steady Progress
Walk The Talk In Love
The Entity I Am - The Entity You Are
The Vessel of Argument Sinks

William: Yes - as new information arrives, old information is replaced…

GM When The Dust Settles
The Vessel of Argument Sinks



I place no judgement on the results.

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Burden of Proof - The scientific way to examine verifiable evidence - Fast - The - Pragmatic - Gods of Human Creation - Concomitant - Guitar

RSP = 2xSCL + re + P&P + last LE

AP=Dualic Residue Roller Coaster Ride


GM: Developments
The Big Shift Quest
Dualic Residue
Divine feminine
Zero In On It
The Entity I Am - The Entity You Are

“Humility means accepting reality with no attempt to outsmart it.”
Roller Coaster Ride
Let The Day In
A Matter of Knowing Where to Look

That Is
The Entity I Am - The Entity You Are
Well That Settles It

Living in alignment
Yep - That’s What I’m Talking About…
A Matter of Knowing Where to Look
Action Station
Diving deep

Soul Carrier Memories
Redefinition of the Human Being
Stroke of luck
Well That Settles It
Eventually one can cease doing the tests and accept the results.

Diving deep
The Taming of The Beast
The Power Of…

The Shaping Of Reality
Moderator Comment
Eventually one can cease doing the tests and accept the results.
Slowly and Surely
Green Light
Standstill Contemplate
It Was Tough Going, But Rewarding All The Same.
Vitriolic [filled with bitter criticism or malice.]

The Power Of…
Mind is Ghost
The power of vulnerability
“In thinking more about that truly unknown thing called the sub or unconscious aspect of ourselves, I found myself thinking that we are to it, what our shadow is to us”
We All Like To Play Games
Ask And It Will Be Given

“You are a thought worth thinking You’re the water and the wine - you’re the cup from which I’m drinking You’re a surprise worth hoping for You are a captured moment - you’re a space without a time”
Not by flinging woo at it.
The Heart Of The Soul Is Innocence
On The Right Track

To Accomplish
Ask and It Will Be Given
Learn how to deactivate all internal triggers…
On The Other Hand…
Each To Their Own

Like a doting parent
Coming From QueenBee
On The Right Track
Ooky Spooky
“What has been established beyond reasonable doubt, is that it is illogical that something that is derived from something that isn’t, which firmly places the idea of a Creator/Creation at the center of reasonable discussion.”
Communication with the Deeper Levels of Self

Putting The Pieces Together
Said Another Way
Each To Their Own
The Library of Babel
Blind Luck
“If we can remove the stigma of our situation by not judging it either ‘good’ or ‘evil’ perhaps we can learn to be happy with being human”
I place no judgement on the results.

William: F3 {SOURCE}

[quote] 5) In depth: Focus 3
Now, if you shift your focus of attention to Focus 3 of consciousness, please understand that you are still not in a separate place. You are still within your own Consciousness Continuum, but Focus 3 is an area of common consensus reality, so things are very much like the physical, indeed even more physical than the physical if you know what I mean; like the physical on steroids! As it is a common consensus reality (like F1), it means that you can perceive and interact with everyone else and they with you, just as in the physical.

This is where people go when they ‘die’, i.e. make the Primary Focus switch from F1 to F3.
F3 is also known as the Transition Area, as it is where we all go in order to begin the process of adjusting back to subjective reality once again and to prepare for our eventual Primary Focus switch back to F4. This is the ultimate purpose of Focus 3. How long this process takes to complete will vary from individual to individual and everyone progresses at their own pace. Some people can take hundreds or even thousands of years, in our terms. There’s no rush!
This level equates to Monroe’s F23 - F27 areas. Focus 3 is big, and I mean HUGE! You could probably spend thousands of years exploring this area and only manage to cover a fraction of it, with new additions and changes occurring all the time.

The fundamental rules of the Wider Reality are readily apparent here in that ‘Thought = Action’ and ‘Like Attracts Like’. This means that people of similar mindsets will tend to gravitate together with others of a similar persuasion. The subjective energy of these groups then allows for the creation of environments suited for the groups in question, although I should also point out that you often get individuals living in some environment by themselves; this is because they have chosen to do so, or expect to, depending on their expectations on crossing over.

As I said earlier, F3 is also known as the Transition Area, as it is where we all go after physical ‘death’, when our Primary Focus switches to F3 (instead of F1) in order to begin the process of adjusting to subjective reality once again and for our eventual Primary Focus switch back to F4. This process proceeds at each individual’s own pace, so we could be talking hundreds or even thousands of years for some people!

The whole process can be hampered by the fact that many people may not know that they have ‘died’ or they may have strong religious beliefs which means that they spend years in some created heaven of their own expectation, along with others of similar beliefs. They only remain in these scenarios for as long as they hold these beliefs, so once they begin to have serious doubts about their ‘heaven’ then their energetic structure will change, opening up other possibilities for these people and a chance to engage with a more free thinking area.

All the heavens of mainstream religion can be found here as well as all the hells. These are all scenarios created by people’s beliefs and expectations. If they really believe that they will be going to hell, complete with fire, brimstone and fork-wielding demons, then that is where they will end up, suffering alongside others of similar persuasion. Like any F3 scenario however, at some point they will begin to question what in Hades is going on and if this thought process goes on then the penny eventually drops, allowing them to leave.

Afterlife researcher Bruce Moen calls all these self-created afterlife scenarios ‘hollow heavens’ and ‘hollow hells’ to highlight the fact that they are created by US, due to our own expectations; we are not governed by some God-like figure. Nobody judges us or punishes us; the reality is that we punish ourselves.

If you are a serial killing cannibal and love it, after death you will gravitate to areas populated by other serial killing cannibals. This may sound great, but a few hundred years of being eaten alive by other people of the same persuasion as yourself is punishment in itself and allows you to see things from the victim’s perspective. After a while, this tends to override the cannibal’s joy in being able to continually indulge in his favourite activity. Eventually, the cannibal rejects this mode of thought and frees himself from it, allowing him to gravitate to something better.

Focus 3 can best be thought of as a tree, with the least free thinking areas towards the bottom and gradually becoming more free thinking up to the top. With the lower branches, they are populated by all kinds of people involved in horrific practises who are basically slaves to their basest animal instincts. Many will not even be aware that they have ‘died’. This region equates to Monroe’s F23 - F24.

Further up the tree, you find all the heaven and hell scenarios and other places created from people’s expectations after death. They are populated by those who had very strict, fundamentalist religious views on what would happen to them in the afterlife. You will also find many other groups and individuals engaged in an almost limitless amount of other scenarios of their own making. Again while some of them are aware they have transitioned from F1, others may be unaware that they have ‘died’ or are confused about exactly what has happened to them. This region equates to Monroe’s ‘Belief System Territories’ of F25 - F26.

Then, towards the upper branches of the F3 tree, which equates to Monroe’s F27 label, you have the free thinking areas where people are most well balanced and have no fundamentalist mindsets, or warped desires to kill babies with chainsaws. They are very happy, fun loving and joyful. I tend to refer to their attitude as ‘dead and loving it’. These upper (or more correctly: Wider), free thinking areas are also huge in number and you can find all manner of interesting people and locales there. There are too many upper F3 areas to possibly count, but they do include some important locations made famous by The Monroe School, such as The Park, where people often come to chill out while recovering from their physical world experience, The Life Review Centre, the Library and so on.

I honestly urge you to be prepared for a bewildering array of ‘worlds’ when you engage in F3; some are wonderful, some funny, some horrific! You get all kinds of towns and places full of people and you might just come across people living alone. It all depends on the person in question. Lots of people are ‘dying’ these days with no particular religious beliefs so they end up in transition just basically doing what they have always done.

Basically, the F3 regions are chock full of people who are acting out all manner of scenarios. And I really do mean all manner of scenarios you could possibly think of, and more (infinitely more). At the base level you find people engaged in the most disgusting acts of depravity, where child torture, murder, rape, et al, are the norm. As you go higher, or more correctly wider, you come across regions where people are engaged in all manner of other pursuits, many of which have a religious or mystical slant. Beyond that you get to the upper branches were everyone is the most free thinking and well balanced, as I have described earlier.

Once you can reliably project your consciousness into these regions you can have a lot of fun chatting to the locals and finding out what’s what. But I do agree that it is very spooky at first because it all seems so real. That’s because it is real.

The key thing to do, or rather not to do, is start to overly analyse whatever the circumstances are that you find yourself involved in. The best state of mind to be in is that of a passive, mildly curious observer. Problem is, if you begin to react to the circumstances, especially emotionally, your own release of emotion will cause reality fluctuations that can (and often do!) vary from mild to wild.

What happens then is, you become entangled in a situation where you have the astral circumstances you found yourself in. Then, superimposed on that, are the circumstances you are creating from your own release of thought-release-emotion. Which all gets mighty confusing and generally scuppers the experience. If you feel circumstances are getting out of hand, rather than try and “make it right” simply go back to Physical (F1) and project again.

You do come across some interesting cases. During one exploration, I met a very interesting lady called Mary who had built herself a wooden church and was waiting for “god” to come and bless it for her. You cannot help but have compassion for these people. She had held her faith all her life that one day she would be meeting “god” after she died and there she was, waiting for “him”.

She asked me if I was waiting for god too, and if I was lost. I said I was a traveller passing through (as I tend to do). She invited me in and offered to share what she had. Saying if I was lost then I could stay in her little place while waiting for “him” and he would bless me as “he” would her. Once I was “blessed” then off I’d go to “heaven” and all that jazz. I gave her my thanks and, once I was out of sight, Phased back to physical to make notes.

Why people sometimes get ‘stuck’ in F3:
People often waste loads of time in the various hollow heavens and hells that I have talked about earlier, as well as all manner of other scenarios. They get stuck in these worlds as they simply don’t know anything else. This is the afterlife that they fundamentally believed they would be going to, so that is what they get. Also, you have to realise that many people end up living in circumstances very much the same as they did while physical. Loads of people are living their lives within F3 and they don’t fully realise they have actually physically died. There is a part of them that is well aware, but they just get wrapped up in their day to day affairs just like they would have done while physical. Such people will carry on living in such scenarios until the penny drops and/or they receive some help from outside.

Emotional loops:
Emotional loops are an even more serious situation however; more so than a hollow heaven. People often get in the unfortunate situation where they are releasing a particular mix of emotion that is creating a certain kind of objective scenario. Then they are reacting to that scenario in a particular way. But that particular way of reacting causes that same particular mix of emotions to be released, which causes the person to react to the scenario in that same particular way. So that same particular mix of emotions are released, so they react to the scenario in that same particular way… etc., etc.

Of course, within the physical, people can become locked in these kinds of weird circumstances in dreams. But it isn’t long before the alarm clock goes off, or some physical demand comes along and the person snaps out of it. But once someone is sans physical then different rules apply.

There is no need to eat or to excrete, no need for sleep, and so forth. So for someone caught in a loop there is nothing much that will come along and make a demand, break their attention, thus snap them out of it. For example, if there was a need for sleep then, after 20 hours or so, the person would get tired, fall asleep, and thus break the construct. Or they would end up starving hungry, or eventually get a severe need to use the bathroom, or whatever. But no such thing applies and people can become locked in these kinds of constructs for what we would gauge as a time period. This time period could be from minutes to even hundreds of years. There are no hard and fast rules.

Retrieval work:
The solution is to somehow interrupt a person’s thought patterns to make them start thinking of something else. As they do so, the objective circumstances they keep repetitively finding themselves wrapped up in will dissipate.

There are many people resident within the upper branches of F3 who try to help people free themselves from this kind of predicament. They are usually referred to as Helpers. Plus, you get people such as myself who regularly project to this area and see it as a challenge to break some of these constructs in which people become entangled. Some people call it “Retrieval” work and I too use that term loosely.

Helpers and people in F1 who engage in Retrieval work can also try to help those living in closed off belief system scenarios such as the hollow heavens, hells and all the other scenarios that people end up in. Helpers from these upper regions are always on hand to help these people and often try to get through to hopeful cases whenever there is a possibility that the individual in question is beginning to question his or her circumstances. Eventually people start to question the validity of their circumstances, thus the framework of the belief construct is gradually laid bare and people progressively gravitate to the upper branches of F3.

Note: when I use the term “top” or “upper” to describe this region I don’t mean in a superior sense, like this top region is more “religious”. If anything, quite the opposite is the case.
The people who are engaged in the religious constructs are the ones caught lower down, which is kind of ironic when you think about it. This is the main reason why I, personally, detest any kind of fundamentalist religion. These kinds of belief constructs are presented within the physical as a boon to progression in the non-physical, when in fact they turn out to be a barrier. But within Primary Focus 3, you can also see that many more people are disengaging from the physical these days with no particular mystical or religious beliefs, and are thus finding the progression through transition very much easier to achieve.

Creating your own environments in F3:
Within Focus 3, you can construct whatever you like. I made a tree house in a dense forest that ran to the edge of a lake. I made an ocean and a lovely open-plan house with a veranda that led out onto the sand. I’ve created all manner of plants, grasses, fish and other animals.

Now, the great thing is, within Focus 3, once you create something, it remains until you choose to change it, so you can go to it whenever you like. You should also be aware however, that so can anyone else, both those who live in F3 and other people phasing there like you, so don’t be surprised if you turn up sometimes and find other people there!

It’s quite tricky learning to create things in F3. You have to merge with the underlying subjective energy. It is not like F2 where your thoughts immediately come to life. You have to concentrate a little harder. But there is a knack to it that you soon pick up and then it becomes second nature. If you get stuck, simply ask someone to help you. You’ll find people are ever so helpful. Also, upper F3, do not be surprised to get all manner of people who obviously know you very well, coming up to say hello. Yet you haven’t got the foggiest idea who they are!

A good reason for learning how to create F3 environments now is that people in the know, so to speak, construct a place for themselves so, when they permanently disengage in a physical sense, i.e. when they “die” that is where they go… to their own place within F27, or the upper branches of Focus 3 as I call it.

One final point: One of the useful aspects of F3 exploration is that you contact people, get their details and try to verify that they used to live in the physical world later. I have managed to make a number of verifications of people I met within Focus 3 of consciousness of my Phasing Model.[/quote]



What Is Within Is Without, Equal
I think therefore I am, therefore who am I

SCLx12+last LE per shuffle - With a mystical smile I float down the isle Forgetting the time when I was lost - The picture unfolds like silk in a loom Silhouetted by Diane are the witch and the broom If she is the bride , who is the groom? - Cymatics - Recipe - Not Right - Myths and Legends - Sleep - Gypsies - The Clutter Of Comparison - The relationship between sound and formation re The Universe’s existence. - Put That On The List

RSP = 2xSCL + re + P&P + last LE

AP= Suppressing Functional Cluster


GM: Acknowledge any song playing in your mind
I Digress…

William: That idea leads to the other option - when folk say they have a tune in their head that annoys them because they cannot stop it…like an ‘ear worm’… “An earworm, sometimes referred to as a brainworm, sticky music, stuck song syndrome, or, most commonly after earworms, Involuntary Musical Imagery (INMI), …”

GM: The art of relationship
Functional Clusters
Heuristic [enabling someone to discover or learn something for themselves. proceeding to a solution by trial and error or by rules that are only loosely defined. ]
“For whom the bell tolls For to gather the souls The numbers in darkness are glowing”

I Digress…
Without Judgement
And Loving That Knowing
Very comfortable in your own skin
I Suppose That It Is Possible
How about that

William: From the link;

[quote]The idea that an infinite inert fabric called ‘space’ fits in with what Dianna [woman in the video you linked] is saying is ‘expanding’ - but what may be happening is not expansion but movement of the galaxies which formed through the initial blast and the movement of the galaxies are like ships on the waves of an ocean - the ocean is space and the movement of objects is time.

Eventually the dust will settle and the fabric of space will once again become inert.

Also to add to Dianna’s concepts - it can be imagined that space is a sphere.

Inert space is always a potential for ‘something’ [defined] and is itself ‘something’. [undefined]

When something [defined] causes a ripple on the sphere of space, the energy from the cause of the ripple, creates condensed matter which eventually develop into galaxies, all moving on the wave of of the energy of that which caused it to happen, while also appearing to be collapsing into themselves…

The energy will eventually dissipate and space will return to its inert state - still existing, but no longer influenced by energy, and thus timeless - because that it the state of its inertness. no movement = no time

Re the sphere of space - Its infinity is related to its shape as a sphere and the inert stuff it consists of.[/quote]
William: It is something which ‘popped into my head’ and I thought might be plausible. Whether it is the truth about existence, I have no idea. There comes a point where one realizes that it is not so much how we got here, than it is that we are here…and whether - as individuals - we are “comfortable in our own skin” accepting the conditions even that they are not - at least apparently - always convivial… dying and death being the end of that process…

GM: Heroes and Villains

William: From the link;

[quote]One must remember that it is a particular branch of Materialistic science to which the blame could be hung - and that the scientists doing the warning are most likely not of that particular branch…they may be biologists rather than cosmologists and so understand the importance of preserving the planet-ship we are sailing upon [@ about 1.6 million miles per day] rather than creating space-junk and reaching for the stars…I did say “Exact Science” after all.

You do know where the Nazi Scientists went after the defeat of Hitlers Germany, right? [Hint - it was not to the hangman’s noose.][/quote]
William: Gypsies…“Pirates” Nassau “NASA”…

GM: Logos – word reason plan
A force for good

William: From the link;

[quote]What I am learning from this MGSystem is that “it” is not about me or you but about allowing for opportunity for any otherwise intelligent consciousnesses to impute their intelligence into the mix.

Re non-theists who are opposed to the idea of their being an overall mind behind [invisible/not easy to detect in] our visible Universe - I would say that they do themselves a disservice in resisting contact with said mind.

The way I have come to understand things re the nature of our shared reality - is that in opting for the theory of evolution with the addition of realization of the invisible mind, exposes the enormity of said mind re the time/space said mind has had to develop within.

Alongside that, is the realization that something which initially started out as one thing, became many things - so many things that trying to place a number as to how many things - is pointless.

Clearly fragmentation occurred as the mind developed - as can be seen in the evidence of the things themselves.

So the Galaxies became “Gods” and the Gods produced off-spring which are the Suns and planets continually forming - from beginnings to middles and to ends - and in doing so, providing the parent-Gods with Data of Experience.

I don’t pretend to know what it is in the way of evidence that non-theists want in order to convince them to become theists.

But I do know that this evidence I am presenting, should be enough for anyone to seriously think about changing the way they see the world.[/quote]

GM: Reach

William: From the link;

[quote]William: It does not appear - from a non-bias position - that theists are more angry than non-theists .
Humans are humans and there is a history of violent furious reaction to the situation we are in.
Because we are effectively trapped in our individuate states, yet nature Herself makes it that we cannot survive independently of each other, this apparent contradiction feeds those fires of discontentment.

What we have learned so far from the experience, is that we can accommodate some semblance of calm by ‘finding our individual place’ among the “like-minded” which allows a respite of sorts where we can get about whatever purpose we have tasked for our self - but I think by and large the anger still bubbles away under the surface…because we haven’t figured any way in which to gather the groups together…and so all we are left with, is gathering the troops together…[/quote]

GM: This Is Part Of The Job
“For whom the bell tolls For to gather the souls The numbers in darkness are glowing”
Algorithms are not perfect
William: From the link;

[quote]William: Exactly - except that being omniscient would be the very reason WHY the creation of the Physical Universe [PU] was engineered - as a means to escape the omniscient condition.

And observing said PU, we can understand that it would be a great thing for that exact purpose.

A physical manifestation of a mental projection…the same would apply to the “many eternal universe theory” which J. Richard Gott explains…only with variety…and timelessness [since these are eternal - go on forever even that they all have beginnings…which would be a better way to do it if one would never have to suffer from omniscience again…always having something new to learn…[/quote]

GM: The Devil Ye Know
Transforming the Anger Energy
An accident waiting to happen
In The Spirit These Were Given

GM: The Minds Eye
The Source of All Creation
Welcoming the Unwelcome
The Tree of Life
Inner work
Tales From Topographic Oceans
In The Spirit These Were Given
Warm Presence Welcome
Presumed outcome
What Fun We Have!

William: Aye…




This is indicative of actual justice
Honest attempts at scrubbing up

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Machine Learning - Select - Transferring your awareness - Sound holographically organized to make things look real - F4 - What Is Within Is Without, Equal - Born again - Therein one finds congruency. - Inside the workings of intelligence - Living their forefather’s conflict - The non-Judgmental Algorithm - DarkestDarkness - The Four Human Power Houses - The Body of God

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AP= Optimum Health Appreciating The Simplest Explanations For Why We Are Here And What We Are Doing
GM The Body of God
Optimum Health Appreciating
The Never Ending Story

A Sturdy Place
The Simplest Explanations For Why We Are Here And What We Are Doing
Adds Up To
Translucent [allowing light, but not detailed shapes, to pass through; semi-transparent.]

William: Hints of the unseen, seen.

GM The Source of All Creation
Ultimate expression
Your place at the Fireside
We go through together
The Eternal Authority
The Communion Process.
Welcoming the Unwelcome
The places that scare you
Everything for a reason
Raise your frequency
Most folk need moderating.
Hints of the unseen, seen.

[quote]In depth: Focus 4
The Next step inwards is Focus 4 of consciousness. Once you have finished your physical world experience and have spent some time in F3 adjusting back to subjective reality again, you will at some point be ready to switch back to Primary Focus 4. F4 is where things really start getting interesting!

Once we engage with Focus 4, we become our ‘Wider Selves’. I don’t like using the term ‘higher self’ as you have no higher or lower self. You are you; it’s just that you have focused your attention from your F4 perspective to a narrow F1 perspective for the purpose of experiencing the physical world.

When you engage F4, you are engaging your full perspective once again.

Those whose Primary Focus is F4 have no form at all. They exist as energy essences, or what we might call a point of consciousness. I can’t really tell you how many people are resident in F4, but it is certainly a huge number in human terms.

I’m not sure how many people will remember the kids TV sci-fi series of about 30 years ago, or so. It was called Captain Scarlet and you had what were known as the Voice of the Mysterons.
They were these mysterious beings that would talk to you out of nowhere. Well, that’s a bit like how it is communicating with people who live within Focus 4.

So what’s Focus 4 like? Well, you need to realise that F4 is nothing like F1, F2 or F3. It’s unique. You phase into what feels like a huge interconnecting communications network. In a way it’s like plugging your computer into the Internet. But you are plugging your mind into an infinite network of other minds.
There is, of course, a LOT more to it than that. But in a nutshell that’s the simplest explanation I can come up with. While it is an exciting thing to do, I have to mention that it is not for the feint of heart, or for anyone who is not totally grounded in themselves mentally.

The “problem” you might say, is you can get to feeling like you have “lost your own mind”.
Thing is, we get so used to having only ourselves in mind. And communicating in this area is fully mind-to-mind. So what you do is merge your mind with another mind or minds (now multiple merging is really freaky, lol) and you communicate via thoughts, imagery, feelings, and so forth, in ways that are appropriate for the subject matter you are communicating about.

In a sense, though, it feels like someone is “invading” your mind, and the more egotistical parts of you may battle against it. With me it took about a hundred attempts before I became comfortable with the process.

The Graduates that Monroe talks about in his work about must surely be people who have adopted Focus 4 of consciousness as their Primary Focus. I can see no other explanation. I am also convinced that Monroe touched on Focus 4 quite a number of times during his experiences but for some reason the penny didn’t quite drop with him.
With me, it was my frustration in my attempts to go “beyond” F27 of his model that led me into the discovering of Focus 4 of consciousness. Not that I actually saw it as Focus 4 at that time. The label came later.

But it was obvious that the area was a completely different area to the Transition Area of focuses 23 through 27 of the Monroe model.

As I have said, there are many, many people resident within Focus 4. Pure energy essences you might call them, that you can tap into. These people are quite knowledgeable and do come across as kind of “god-like” you could say. But that’s only because they are subjective energy essences that exist primarily as a point of consciousness, so to speak.
When we each (for want of a better word) “complete” our current movement through consciousness, or as Monroe was saying “graduate”, we too will reside within Focus 4 solely as an energy essence, or a point of consciousness. This is simply part and parcel of adopting Focus 4 as your Primary Focus, instead of Focus 1 or Focus 3. But I guess people in the past have just misunderstood what’s what.

If I had come across Focus 4 before Freda and Harath (my guides) had given me a detailed briefing of what to expect, then even I could well have mistaken my interactions as some kind of communication with divine being(s). Because that’s precisely the way they come across.

They radiate a kind of energy that tends to turn you to emotional jelly. But they are not “gods” as such. The energy they radiate is merely a product of adopting Focus 4 as your primary focus. If any of us chose to do the same, we would radiate the same energetic signature. Well, that is what I am told. I won’t actually know until I try it myself, of course. :slight_smile:

I should point out here that I have also discovered people in the Wider Reality who have adopted a kind of ‘semi-F4’ state; people in this state are kind of half in F4 and half out of it, so to speak. They can also come across as kind of ‘god-like’ if you come into contact them without knowing what’s going on. Again, it’s due to the energy signature.

The strange thing is, we actually are now resident as a point of consciousness within Focus 4. We have not in any way “left” Focus 4.

What we have done is to adopt a different Primary Focus for the purposes of our experience. You can imagine it as one continuum of consciousness that extends, like a telephoto lens, if you like, from Focus 4 through to Focus 1.

What we objectively view as “death” in subjective energy terms is an objective translation of the action of a person shifting their Primary Focus from Focus 1 to Focus 3. After your life within Focus 3 you, in a manner of speaking, die again, when you shift your Primary Focus from Focus 3 to Focus 4. And that completes your cycle, you could say.

Note: I have to be wary of using terms such as beginning or end, because when you are speaking within the context of Focus 4 these terms simply don’t exist. From the point of view of Focus 4, your life here is a movement that you initiate in consciousness for the purposes of your experience.

How Focus 4 fits in with the rest of our system:
As I have said before, we in our F4 states decided to create this physical universe (and lots of others besides), all for the purpose of allowing us varied opportunities for new experiences.

When it comes to setting up a physical world system like our physical universe, certain “supply lines” and “structures” have to be put into place.

Each physical world system has 3 basic areas of consciousness that ultimately “connect” to Focus 4. So the “main” area or ultimate creative source, is Focus 4.
This area is common to all the physical worlds that are “connected” to it. Focus 4 is what you might call an “umbrella” area, and the other 3 areas of each physical world within our system are “nested” within that overall umbrella.

So say you had Focus 4 and 100 physical-world realities. Note: there are actually an infinite number of other physical-world realities within our whole system. But here let us say there are just 100.

Each physical reality has a Focus 1, obviously, because physical reality is Focus 1. So there are 100 Focus 1’s, together with 100 Focus 2’s and 100 Focus 3’s. Each of these areas is nested within one Focus 4.

The best way of thinking of Focus 4 in my opinion, is to think of it as the ultimate creative source of all that exists within our entire system.
In other words, all the original plans, archetypes, models, etc., etc. of all the physical realities “connected” to Focus 4, are held within this area.

Focus 3 is a Transition Area that is reserved for people “returning” from their physical experience. People generally have to go through a period of shaking off all the belief constructs they brought into objective reality during their physical experience, to enable them to merge fully with the subjective reality of F4 again, at which point they can decide what to experience next.

Focus 3 also has sections that serve as what could be termed areas of our “collective unconscious” but for our purposes, thinking of it as a Transition Area will suffice.

The original archetypes held in Focus 4, that are to do with all the potential states and probabilities possible within our particular physical dimension, are “downloaded” into Focus 2.
What people then do is pick and choose whatever actions they fancy and “play” with them within their area of Focus 2.

Essentially, the action of doing this creates a pool of individual probabilities within Focus 2, and each person in question decides which of these probabilities to bring into objective reality, i.e. bring into Focus 1.

In other words, each individual creates their reality subjectively within Focus 2, and then they “insert” it into Focus 1 on an ongoing basis.

Please note: not all physical realities are built on the same basis. Not all physical realities, for example, incorporate emotions like we do. So the potential states and probabilities possible for other physical dimensions will naturally vary.
Therefore, each physical reality will have a correspondingly different set of potential states and probabilities “downloaded” into their Focus 2 area. But the ultimate source for all these potential states and probabilities is Focus 4.

The 4 areas of consciousness are NOT distinctly separate. They are intertwined immeasurably, and each area is associated with particular actions, explorations, and/or movements in consciousness; while being fully connected to, and interacting with, each of the other areas.

Above all, I would say that there are two humongous challenges in thinking associated with Focus 4 of consciousness, as follows:

  1. It is an area of purely subjective reality. So nothing actually exists as an objective observable form. To feel your whole sense of ‘body’ totally disintegrate is not something you forget in a hurry. :slight_smile: This is why I do not recommend beginners attempt Phasing to focus 4.
    There are no ‘dangers’ don’t get me wrong. But the effects are mind blowing and I do not say this lightly. Seeing my whole physical life as a concept changed my outlook on life significantly overnight.
    The notion of concepts is one that you will have to fully grasp in order to make headway in F4.

In F4, everything is to do with subjective concepts and F4 is the source of all concepts that eventually manifest in objective reality. You can decide to merge with the underlying subjective energy that forms the concept of anything you care to think of and experience being that thing, or more correctly, the concept of that thing.
You can experience being the concept of a flower, a rock, a cloud, an ant, or a human being. For the really adventurous, you can also experience more abstract concepts, like being a sound (this is fun!), or a day of the week - that’s right, you can experience the concept of ‘Tuesday’! There is no end of concepts that you can engage with - I told you it was freaky!

  1. It is an area of simultaneous time, as opposed to linear time that we experience within this physical reality. So everything that is about to happen, has happened and is happening, is all happening at once within the same moment (within infinity everything happens an infinite number of times).
    This means of course that there is no death, no beginning or ending: everything just IS. However at the same time, there is ever-expanding consciousness. Hey, it’s hard to get your head around, but who said infinite reality and the prospect of ever expanding consciousness would be easy!

It’s all part of the fun!

Ultimately, sampling F4 consciousness can be a very rewarding experience when you get it right. Because then all your Wider Self is laid open for you and you can revel in the excitement and the enjoyment of it all. Stand transfixed by the sheer awesomeness of it all. Find out who you truly are. Know there is no death. Know that life is just one continuous cycle of knowing that has always been. Know that there is only ever-expanding consciousness. Engage the concept of Infinity. Become that concept within Focus 4 and you will never be the same person again. Imagine the sheer ecstasy of a million orgasms all happening at once. Those are the kind of sensations Focus 4 gives you, and that’s just scratching the surface!



William: One story [the garden] was created which tried to “explain” our human predicament, and further on, another story was created in order to change the way in which we had been lead to believe in the “explanation” of our human predicament.

In that, there was no ‘sin’ by one human [Adam] against any God, which condemned all humans, in the first place and that is why it is equally easy to ‘forgive humanity’ through the act of one man’s ‘non-sin’, that the story might have the effect of changing the path of humanity from one based in the destructive wretchedness guilt induces, to a more productive path which forgiveness induces.

As to call light the soul shall sing

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Peaceful Messiah - Nihilism - Humans are programmed to become integrated with technology - Learning - Spiritual practice - Enfold - Language

RSP = 2xSCL + re + P&P + last LE

AP= Magicians Tell Your Story


GM: The Gist of The Message
Innocent Sovereign
The Hamitic Hypothesis

William: A terrible milestone

GM: For the benefit of all beings
Like being pushed out from a stinky hole, can have one develop a bad self-complex
Tell Your Story
Big Gaps In Logic
Fine-structure Constant
Jump to Conclusions
When anyone calls for evidence, I assume that they are actually interested
There is no need to proclaim a supernatural event to what is simply an idea put into action.

William: So Your Children got the wrong end of the stick as it were. Starting out as ‘guilty’ even that you saw them in a different light, you could not change their minds on the matter so easily that they would come around to seeing themselves in the same way You see them.

You were imaged as a wrathful God-Parent-Creator who detested “His” ‘wayward’ Children. That was the role bestowed upon you through the “Magicians” who did so in order to create the illusion they wanted in order to control said Children through controlling their minds with beliefs - beliefs which accounted for the predicament…for the pain and suffering the environment they were born into delivered - you became the punisher-parent in their minds and that - possibly - required a move from You, in order to turn around the misconception the Magicians had created, which the Children followed after, as their ‘truth’.

GM: Exactly
“Wanting to change the rules making more complicated rather than keeping things simple.”
You Are Nobodies Victim Ever.
The Law
Everything Gets Old
The Sub Hierarchy
The Wisdom of Foresight
Strength of Soul
The Hamitic Hypothesis
Make It Real
The Art of Discovering The Secrets of The Fathers House
Spiritual Food

William: So you work with what is available, and do so quietly behind the scenes…going along with the activities your Children bring about, knowing that no actual eternal harm can or will befall them…give them their feet to stride where they will, while at the same time, nudge them in the direction which enables their eventual reconnection with You.

GM: Ikigai [your 'reason for being. ’ ‘Iki’ in Japanese means ‘life,’ and ‘gai’ describes value or worth.]
Open Hearted
“There is no need to proclaim a supernatural event to what is simply an idea put into action.”
Discussing the Data
Your Higher Purpose

William: From the link;

[quote]Essentially messages are means of communicating information through sound, and the written word is one means of codifying sound in order to create written messages.

This shows that sound is the means by which human minds interact and the use of vocal chords to achieve this and the codifying of those sounds into language and language into symbols [word-strings] and the symbols into numerical values, shows evidence of being organized, which in turn casts doubt upon the belief that we exist within a mindless chaotic universe.
The evidence points to the universe as not being an accident of mindless happenstance, but rather, the universe is a purposeful mindful event.[/quote]

William: The environment simply looks as if it were chaotic due to its rather large size compared to Your Children’s rather limited perception of it - due to their rather small size within it…That the environment itself has Mindfulness - aka - another name to know You by - need not be assumed to being ‘supernatural’ any more than Human beings having minds is not considered in that manner.

The mind is no more ‘supernatural’ than the matter. They are completely one and the same.

GM: All Information Is Channelled.
We don’t have to say we are ‘this’ or ‘that’ in order to put practice to Love
In The Flow
The Return of Christ
Standstill Contemplate
“The idea is to connect with the Planet Mind in a conscious manner rather than an unconscious one or even a subconscious manner…”
Belief Helps Cause Separation

William: Such as the belief that we are all guilty of sin against our Parent.

GM: Vagitus [the crying or screaming of any baby or small child.]
Fine Line
Your Higher Purpose
The “Wind Woman” of your dream experience

William: So it may have been that the “Magicians” were only expressing their own misunderstanding - like how a Parent tells a story around the fireside… before books were developed…word of mouth as explanations to questions which Children ask.
The Parent - having no sure answer - does the best she can under the circumstances, and these stories take on a life of their own [‘magically’] and in doing so, opportunity is seen therein as to how to use the beliefs the stories induce in the Children as a means to direct the Children in the manner that parental figureheads prescribe as ‘the best outcome for the magicians to maintain their positions of power and influence over the minds of those Children’ even if that means many of those Children will be worse off for that.

GM: Finishing What Was Started
“The evidence supports the idea that Theism is the better position for a human to place themselves.”
Belief Helps Cause Separation
I’m Okay With That
Is There
“True randomness does not exist”
Being reborn
Logos – word reason plan
“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else”
Strengthen your boundaries
A GOD in The Making
Peaceful Messiah or militant Messiah?
The Big Shift Quest



Now that nut is cracked, what next?

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Empower The Inner Empire - viewtopic.php?p=1068197#p1068197 - Digging deep - The Sensation Is Thrilling…And Freeing - Monetary - GOD - We All Like To Play Games - Contentment - Grounding - Interpretation is secondary to the process

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AP= Strength/Strong Avatar


GM: Strength/Strong
Go Within and Find That Place
Like With

To what end exactly?
Reminding one of how it all started and the different stages one goes through.

You can look me in the mirror - catch my eye and make me shiver Touch me where it hurts the most - right into the Ghost - in the Machine
Standstill Contemplate

Crown chakra
Reminding one of how it all started and the different stages one goes through.
Enflame Emotions
Anchors aweigh
A rats nest of envy greed and vicious power plays
Communication With The Deeper Levels of Self
Our Neutral Ground

William: Pirates! Attempting to understand the nature of the outer reality…there is little to appreciate in that regard. It is what it is but it is not that attractive to me…
Shifting my attention to the inner empire appears to be the better option…

GM: Noetics [a branch of metaphysics concerned with the study of mind as well as intellect.]
A measured step
…Standstill Contemplate
What Jesus Messaged
Connecting The Dots
Our Neutral Ground
Merging with the data
The Roles
Multidimensional Beingness

I Spy With My Eye
Tabula Rasa
Astral Guides
Keeping Things In Perspective
The past and the future are moments of ‘now’ - to deny they have no bearing on this moment, is counter-productive
Strength is required
Face To Face
The Sub Hierarchy
For Your Greater Enjoyment

The Science of Spirituality
Dreamed Up By Yours Truly
Apocalypse [to reveal]
Confirmation which moves one from faith to fact
For Your Greater Enjoyment
To create more and more consciousness?
Go within
Delightful Anticipation
Communication Techniques