Geomagnetic Pole Reversal

Has anyone read about/watched videos of etc…about the geomagnetic pole reversal?

There are a dozen or so potential catacylsmic events that have happened hundreds of times in earths past and will happen again in the future. All of them completely out of humanitys control.
One could go mad thinking at any moment all life as we know it could be snuffed out. Be it a supervolcano, massive asteroid or comet, a new ice age, a virulent pandemic, a solar flare, a rogue nuclear terrorist, a malignant General AI, a hostile alien race, and so on.
I place all these in the “meh” category. Just as i know every day walking down the street I could be killed by a poor driver or even a falling piece if masonry. I could get a sudden and violent allergic reaction to an insect bite and a hundred other things.
Yet focusing overly on these random potintialities would greatly increase the probability that I would die from a very real and common cause of death: heart disease exacerbated by stressors.

On the other hand - is it not wise to prepare in a general way for some of these potentialities? Well, yes - and without going off the deep end of your typical “prepper”.
A single concise and common sense statement that will help not just for remote potentialities but also for ones psychological well being here and now is: create a separation between yourself, technology and the supply chain that relies on this technology.
“Buy local”, for example, isnt just a Green platitude in this light. It is also logical Orange and Survival Red. There are hundreds of ways your average human can “unplug from the Matrix” without going full luddite or starting a Butlerian Jihad.
Returning to hobbies of old also improves ones psychological and often physical well being.
Rather than seeing “prepping” as a consumption driven activity where a person purchases hundreds of thousand dollars of product only to hoard it under a million dollar bunker, just create and increase the degree of separation between youself and the unhealthy world created by technocapitalism. Dont sell yourselves and your proginy so early into the new technofeudalism.

A simple way to increase this separation is interestingly by methods thousands of years old. Learn to distinguish pleasure from happiness. Technocaputalist Feudalism is predicated on addiction to pleasure seeking. True Happiness will never be found online or in anything supplied by Capitalism.
The freater the separation, the less significant a magnetic pole shift will be

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Hi Ray, all valid points. I don’t see it as bad necessarily, just as an emergent situation.