Grace and Grit: An Interview with Sebastian Siegel and Julia Ormond

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Julia Ormond interviews Sebastian Siegel at the 2020 Integral European Conference about the film adaptation of “Grace and Grit”. Bence Ganti facilitates with an introduction to Ken Wilber. They discuss book-to-film, acting, directing, producing, characters and set, filmming, and pivotal elements of production.


A great book, “Grace and Grit,” and a great interview here, less focused on the technicalities of film-making such as in previous interviews with Siegel (on Daily Evolver, I think) and more on the content of this particular movie, which I look forward to seeing, Bear hugs to Ken Wilber for the soft heart and vulnerabilities he still carries, around these particular years and events, which I resonate with, having had a different kind of shake-you-to-the-core set of circumstances in my own life. To be touched and changed so deeply, although it doesn’t feel that way at the time, how lucky can we get?