Grace and Grit: From Book to Film to Practice

We invite you to meet the maker of the movie, Grace and Grit, Sebastian Siegel, in Q&A with Nomali Perera, followed by a session of Integral Life Practice.

Inspired by one of Ken Wilber’s most beloved and acclaimed books, Sebastian Siegel set out on a decade-long journey of dedication and commitment, ultimately, to Love. In this conversation, Sebastian shares his brave decision-making process around committing to this project, what writing, producing, and directing this movie has meant to him, and how he steps into his work–no matter what that might be–as an Integral Life Practice.

Sebastian also discusses several other themes of the movie such as the challenging aspects of how he attempted to include the many voices of Treya and Ken Wilber as subjects and authors, the meta-voice of the transpersonal, plus, Sebastian’s own voice as the creator of the movie. We also heard from Sebastian–after having been in this project for a decade–what “grace” means to him, and who Treya has become to him, a beloved woman in the integral community that not many of us had the privilege of meeting.

Once the interview ended, Nomali then led a short contemplative practice in exploring the topic of grace and grit as something we all need in order to live purposefully, face challenges and birth our dreams in the same way Sebastian did, and in how Ken and Treya exemplified in this profound story of transcendent love.

Released on the 4th of June, 2021, starring Mena Suvari and Stuart Townsend, with Frances Fisher, Rebekah Graf, Nick Stahl, and Mariel Hemingway, the movie Grace and Grit is now available on Amazon Prime, Apple and other streaming services, as well as in select theaters.