Greetings and salutations


Hello, folks. My name is Justin Weiner. I bought my first copy of Ken Wilber’s "Up From Eden in 1990 at the Phoenix Bookstore in Santa Monica, then strolled to my hang out Congo Square Coffee Shop on the yet-uncommercialized 3rd Street Promenade to soak in Wilber’s wisdom. I quickly fell in love with his clear, clean style of expression moving easily from the micro to the macro describing and delineating the human species. I have also read most of his other works, and become a student of Steve McIntosh as well. I have since- 23 years ago- moved to upcountry Thailand where I teach junior high and live with my wife and high-school graduating son. I look forward very much to exploring the potential that exist in this community as our country proceeds through what feels like an isthmus of uncertain times. For the moment though, I take pleasure enjoying the first gorgeous Biden- generated sunset in four mercurial years.


Welcome Justin. Happy to have you with us.


Love that phrase Justin–“Biden-generated sunset.” Yes, welcome.