Growing Up: A Guided Tour

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In this episode of The Ken Show we explore one of the most central elements of integral metatheory: growing up through multiple stages of developmental maturity. Watch as Ken and Corey offer a guided tour through each of the major stages on the Path of Growing Up — an exploration of your own greatest, deepest potentials — and offer some simple practices to help you actualize those potentials.


Let us know what you think of this guided presentation, or if you have any questions you would like us to address in a future episode of The Ken Show!

Great presentation, I like this idea with the movieclips very much. Thank you for that. When we can see the other parts?

Hi Alex, so glad you enjoyed the discussion, and welcome to the community!

The next part — the guided tour from Orange to Teal/Turquoise — will be released next week. Some really great clips in there as well. Stay tuned!

Just a quick note about some synchronicity, if you will. I was browsing through the site over the last couple of days. I came across the discussion on Star Trek: Star Trek values are Integral Values, downloaded it and watched it on my commute to work. One of the points made was that there were representatives of different cultures in the programme. I work in Bradford UK which has an enormous South Asian population. Bradford is being promoted at the moment, including several events on the BBC network. On their website was an article about AA Dhand, a crime writer from and who sets his novels in Bradford. (You can read the article at He was bemoaning the decline of Bradford from its heyday in the late 19th C early 20th C, to its state today. (He describes the town as a cesspit in his novels). Anyway, he was talking about the regeneration of Bradford and made the point that the children/youngsters of Bradford need their own heroes. He notes Barack Obama and Beyoncé and then notes that there are no South Asian heroes that the children of Bradford can look to. Which brought me back to Star Trek Discovery because, of course, we have a South Asian main character: Shazad Latif who plays Ash Tyler. Whilst the main character is Michael Burnham, it can easily be argued that the depth of Star Trek Discovery comes from the plot lines around Ash Tyler.

Although I grew up with Star Trek, I was never a fan. One thing I found preposterous was that in the far future we would still have nationalities, races, ethnicities. Wouldn’t it be much more likely that nations would wither away and “races” (already a discredited concept) would blend. Even the idea that space would be the province of the military didn’t seem break new ground. Of course, as someone astutely said, “Science Fiction is always about the present.”

Well to be fair, Discovery and TOS are only set ~250 years in the future, and I am not sure that will be enough time for the human race to blend into a single mono-race… :slight_smile:

As for nations, I think they would remain intact, the same way that towns, counties, and states continue to exist today. All nationalities eventually become folded into a larger planetary society, of course, and then into the interplanetary Federation itself, but there would still be room for varying identities, cultures, ethnicities, etc.

Star Trek isn’t so much about finding some future unity around some homogenized “sameness”, but rather finding unity in “infinite diversity in infinite combinations”.

Sorry, total nerd moment over here :slight_smile:

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