Guides to sources cited in Integral books

I was wondering if there are any guides that go over the main points of one of the books commonly cited by KW, like those by Hegel, Kant, Piaget, Clare Graves, etc. Something that is easier to read than the original book but focuses on just that one book, allowing it to be more detailed than what is covered by the KW book where it was cited.

Sometimes the quotes in KW’s books from these other authors are hard to understand, and then KW explains it very clearly. If there were longer guides to some of the most commonly cited books, that would be cool. I will probably never read the originals, but it is nice to get a big picture of them.

I was also wondering if there are Integral books being written that are mentioned in Boomeritis, like Integral Historiography. I did see that essay about Captian Cook, so I will have to check that out.

Thanks mateys!


My introduction with Integral Theory and KW started about 15 years ago. It also included some Foucault, Piaget, Kohlberg and Ericsson. The developmentalists were straight forward for my engineering brain, but admittedly Foucault was perplexing for me.
I’ve been pondering and looking into Integral Theory (IT) as an anthropologic/development mapping then transforming into definition of higher human levels of development (Teal, etc). I’m completely on board with the anthropologic/developmental mapping approach, but haven’t been finding strong support (at least to me) for IT’s definition of the next human nirvana. But along my quest, perhaps not so popular with many here, I have found many current scholars that have been looking at (in reverse chronology) Wokeism, Critical Theory, Marcuse (uses biology as support for increased collectivism - seems to be basis for IT?), Marx, and credited with all starting with Hegel.
Couple of scholars I find very informative, all with large youtube interview collections:

  • Douglas Murray - “The Madness of Crowds”
  • Victor Davis Hanson - Hoover Institute Fellow
  • James Lindsey - New Discourse - blunt, confrontational critique of Woke, Critical Theory,…
  • Jordan Peterson - I go to his personal channel for the raw talks/interviews. Covers in-depth almost all the authors you have mentioned.
    Enjoy the journey!
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