Happy festive holiday season 2018

Happy festive holiday season IT friends!!!

How are you celebrating?

Here’s me. Christmas eve with extended family after driving 12 hours over 2 days to Gold Coast, Queensland (true haha) Australia. Big seafood dinner. Presents under the tree. Beers or two. Throw nephews and nieces into the backyard pool (summer here). Reading KW book Integral Meditation. Some beaching, sightseeing, chilling by the pool, brought my yoga mat.

Blessings. #infinitelove


Merry Christmas to you, hearteveryonePeter! I was wondering who might post such a topic, and that it’s you and your #infinitelove and #yes doesn’t surprise me at all. Your summertime adventures at the Gold Coast sound fun! My well-wishes to the entire IL community as well for a meaningful or joyful or peaceful or (your preferred adjective here___________) holiday or holy-days or whatever (you do or do not celebrate–how little we really know about one another).

Me, I sing throughout this time of year; actually I sing all the time, but usually a single song gets stuck in my mind during these holidays. This year it’s Paul McCartney’s “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime.” “The mood is right, the spirit’s up, we’re here tonight, and that’s enough, simply having a wonderful Christmastime.” I also have a ritual this time of year of listening, just once, no more, to Elvis Presley’s “Peace,” which is a collection of Christian gospel songs. My favorite is “If That Isn’t Love.” Beautiful song.

For many years, I’ve also tried to do something out of character for me at this time of year, around Solstice or Christmas; kind of my way of birthing into light, even if just temporarily, something new in my experience and behavior. I usually have an out-of-town and out-of-state friend or two who come for a few days before and after Christmas. One has already been here, and brought me Merona shot glasses from her summer travels in Italy, and some Gran Marnier liqueur. She knows I don’t drink alcohol, but in the spirit of the do-something-new ritual, I acquiesced to her bad influence :slightly_smiling_face: (she’s such a good influence otherwise). Tasty stuff, but I enjoyed the pretty shot glasses more. The next friend coming is a politician in California, so we will spend a lot of time talking politics, and I’ll share a lot of Integral perspectives from what I’ve learned in recent months and she’ll be very receptive.

In between, it’s all about the peace and love, staples throughout the year, accentuated for a few days. I love the quiet in the world on Christmas day.

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That sounds neat, being able to celebrate Christmas during the summer. Very thankfully we are sort simulating that by leaving our cold home in Chicago and spending the first three months of the year Honolulu. Enjoying both the warm weather and the presence of the Aloha Spirit.

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Happy New Year 2019 to all of you from Slovenija!

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