Haven't we suffered long enough?

“They” say, somebody said, that the degree of suffering we’ve endured, are enduring for whatever reason, karma, or cosmic pre-birth lessons we’ve signed up for, blah, blah, … is an indicator of how much bliss we’ll entitle ourselves to once we get around to it :blush:.

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Indeed! So many people have suffered and now it’s time for joy!

I just turned 60 and I fear that suffering isn’t going away anytime soon. Despite being active and eating extremely well most of my life my body is broken, autoimmune problems leave me in chronic pain for the last decade. I’ve worked with my hands and play multiple instruments and the pain and progressive deformity of my knuckles/fingers is taking a toll. There’s no retirement in my future being in the working-class in America my entire life and still living paycheck to paycheck. America is only getting worse for those of us in the lower income class and the collapse is at best a decade out, IMO.

Honestly, for the first time in my life I’m not looking forward to the future knowing that suffering is only going to get worse. Joy is beginning to seem like an abstract concept.

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Just stumbled upon Ajahn Brahm: “The hardest part of anything in life is thinking about it.” (from “Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung?”) …

… and maybe that old folk aphorism, “you find what you look for.”

Good luck to all and happy hunting,


I’m sorry for your struggles. Autoimmune disease really sucks.

I had huge problems with fibromyalgia last year and keto fixed the pain better than any of my exercises, medications or supplements. Have you tried it?


Humans have known methods to achieve bliss for anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 years now regardless of circumstace, even while lying on a bed of nails, for example.

Humanity as a whole has chosen a different branch of pleasure through vice and pain avoidance.

Bliss is that state that can exist in any circumstance. You might see it in the eyes of a child with cancer, for example. It requires nothing to achieve and is one’s only true “inalienable right” throughout the history of mankind. Its often ironic that those in worse circumstances learn how to find bliss while those living comfortably don’t. Its easier for a comfortable man to pass through the eye of a needle than it is to achieve bliss.

Karma can be changed. Not in some kind of spiritual barter where you promise to do good works in exchange for supernatural blessings.

Instead, see karma as a track you are on. The deeper the ruts, the more inevitable destination. These ruts are our very identity, who we believe ourselves to be. The only way to removd the inevitability of our destination is to remove the tracks - or at least lower them and jump to a different track.

Removing Karma can not be understood intellectually. It isnt in the “growing up” axis. Instead its in the “cleaning up” axis. Its removing those automatic autopilot subroutines running in our mind body spirit that are based in who we believe ourselves to be.
The ultimate karma removal is a psychic break or complete amnesia - the brain just separates itself cimpletely from tbeir past identity.

I dint know the degree to which the human body can get out of a rut due to disease or injury. Many things like alergies are reactions of the body to abuse. Some progress can be made in erasing these, but obviously not all. After all if you have a limb removed you cant change the “karma” of that.

Somewhere between pollyana and “science” there is the reality of it all. Placing too much faith in science and rational thought closes us to opportunities to break karma, but its a good idea to maintain some kind of tether to it


On the topic of attempting to solve ailments: some can be solved while others of course cant be solved, only mediated.

Two methods i have seen that work to lessen or fix chronic health problems are purification or system shock.

Purification is what many fad diets attempt. Thes work somewhat in some cases. The results will vary based on how strictly the diet is adhered to as well as how applicable the proposed solution is to the ailment. Just throwing out This worked for me with a completely unrelated problem probably isnt the way to go about finding a regime that helps. For autoimmune problems what helps me resist disease is surrounding myself inside and out with helpful organisms and nurturing their growth. Micoscopic organisms protect my gut and skin while plants filter my air and regultate temperature. When i do get something particularly nasty that requires antibiotics i know i am more vulnerable for a time.

The system shock method jump starts ones survival mechanisms. High Adrenaline activities, harsh physical activity over a prolonged period like a week on minimal calories or other things like a regimen of ice water dips all get the hormones jump started. I think everyone in modern life would benefit from some kind of staged (safe) survival situation every 3-5 years which combines phisical harship, dietary restriction and overcoming a primal fear