Healing Powers in later stages

There is not much about on this topic but i think stage Turquoise and later stages does have healing Powers.

If that was true, we would have known by now. It would have made front page news

Or the very few people who are having it chose to remain silent because it is way too difficult to make them understand :thinking:

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I think first we have to decide what we mean by “healing powers”.

There are several methodologies that science does not understand that do “heal”.
They do not work well with acute conditions, but often work better with chronic conditions, and work very well with conditions that medicine does not understand.

First thing I want to point out is that in the United States at least it is illegal for anyone except a MD to use the word “cure” in their treatment. So even if one does have a cure for something, it is illegal to make that claim or to tell anyone about your cure.

What is modern medicine good at? Obviously if you get in a vehicle accident and need your arm re-attached, no one is ever going to cure that with laying on of hands or the powers of the mind. You go to an ER. Other things medicine is good at is killing viruses like the syphillus, which used to kill millions per year, or in vaccinating against viruses like smallpox. The last category that modern medicine is good at is for people who lived an unhealthy lifestyle and got a modern disease like obesity and need medication to stay alive because they refuse to eat broccoli instead of pizza.

So - what is modern medicine terrible at curing but certain woo-woo methodologies excel at?

  • Stress and all the negative side effects from it. These are available at Green tier. Meditation, Yoga, Acupuncture and several other methodologies will reduce, eliminate and reverse the effects of stress and all the physical problems caused by stress (high blood pressure, heart disease, risk of stroke, etc)
  • Certain medical manifestations that medicine does not have any clue what they are caused much less how to treat them. We have fibro myalgia, Irritable bowel syndrome and several others.
  • Then there are the chronic medical problems that often turn acute are caused by bad body alignment and imbalance of “Chi” (or Prana). Back pain that eventually leads to back injury is a huge example. Eastern medicine says the root of this is often sexual frustration, which westerners laugh at until they realize that Americans are extremely sexually frustrated and lead the world in back problems. AruVedic medicine and “Chinese” medicine can “cure” tons of stuff. (I use quotes so I don’t get sued by the AMA, lol)

The interesting thing is that all these are available at Green level, and were available even at Amber. Where Teal come in is using these without the negative baggage of Amber or Green.
“Laying on of Hands” is possible to cure a wide range of situation. Where it changes from Amber to Green to Teal to Turquoise is how varied the patient list can be. Right now it’s fragmented. Faith healers heal Amber only. Green only manifests health for Green but is to woo-woo for the rest of Tier 1. Where a Turquoise practitioners come in is removing any baggage from 1st tier so its more easily accessible to people from all levels, even Orange medicine.

But as for a Christ-like ability to cure anything - I think that is a mythic belief. I think Christ did things people didn’t understand, and probably left out important details because they didn’t understand why or how everything was done, so they just wrote it like the miracle they saw it to be, but if we deconstruct it, it’s possible to explain what could have happened from a non-magical point of view.