Healing the Divide: The Polarity of Freedom and Responsibility, Nov 25 Practice

I did this practice session because I know I have issue around these values. I also saved my notes, thinking they might be worth reviewing later. This morning they came to the top of my pile, so I re-read them.

At the end of the practice, I’d written the positive side of Responsibly was “long term control.” The negative side was “no fun.” Furthermore, the positive side of Freedom was “Fun, Spontinaity, and Hedonism,” the negative being “obesity, poverty and harming others and the system.”

A week later (and after a round with my psychotherapist on the topic), It had all shifted, so I re-wrote it.

Now, the positive side of Responsibly is “long term freedom and the satisfaction of doing good for myself, others and the system.” The downside is self-denial. The positive aspect of Freedom is now “fun and spontaneity,” the downside is sloth and gluttony.

Thanks to Lisa Frost for a good practice.


Why would you not choose to take responsibility if you were completely free to do whatever you wanted? The answer holds the key to reconciliation.
I think the key is that you think you should take responsibility. A should feels a certain way. It’s a contraction of the heart where you tell yourself you won’t love yourself unless you confirm to the should. If you let go of the should you invite yourself to choosing to take responsibility from free will. It’s just a shift in attitude.