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Intention: I want to let my very next communication in this space come from your Highest Self (vision logic).

Approach: a request for help in refining a document for my PhD.

Preamble/context (pre step)… Oh boy 🤦
So. My PhD supervisor has just had a full blown ‘whitey’ on me. I’ve been off grid writing and reading (SES-style) but me in this case… Created, what I thought was an epic integral artefact/paper… And my supervisor just says ‘you’re making things way too complicated’… I’m at my wit’s end**.

Please could someone take a look at the attached and give me one or two hints at where I’ve gone wrong? (Holons, writing with a con/form-op audience in mind and ‘androgogy’/scaffolding and Eros/power aware responsibility etc etc… Sorry, I’ve been reading a lot, maybe overthinking this all)

Link (Google drive pdf… Let me know if any issues accessing, happy to provide by email or other suggested means):

I’m a PhD student in the UK. Trying to write about holons as a method of analysis and ontological ground to my research (educational psychology). Any help or comments appreciated (iterative ‘line edits’ to ‘dev editing’ etc)… (The rest of my research is going very well :ok_hand::raised_hands:, it’s just this one specific bit :no_mouth:)



**Sincere request… I’m going mad here (figuratively speaking) :pleading_face:

A few partial thoughts:I’m not in academia but know a few people who are. First thought: recall why Ken Wilber doesn’t do academia. Second thought: academia makes the trading floor look like a soft play centre. Third thought: what impact will supervising your PhD have on your supervisor’s academic career? Fourth thought: listen to Corey and Ribb’s podcast on creativity esp where they cover Corey’s wood turning and his writing for the Integral website. Fifth thought: great that you are having fun with your family.
Stay safe and be well.

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Having read that thread I understood I comprehend 1/3 of it and I have response to 1/10 out of 1/3.

  1. Power to name.
    I would call it somesort of congnitive lust. I fall into that almost each day most recently. Language is sometimes so unrealistically silly and can be mushed (?) as a material. This feature is my daily sin and the most adorable toy. Developing a power to name? I think people are adjusted to simplicity and deal with their anger, thwy leave this power to people, who act out in some sort of way and want hear that power from the outside. Calling names any sphere of noous (am I right in terminology?) have to be supported with some line of thinking and humour. Grave terms died out long time ago, I think. Sandor Marai as a thinker and writer underlined the fact that any artist (he mentioned that in ‘soil and water’, my translation, I can look for that) that Freud created just a few terms that he left behind, but freudism is not a common practise anymore, my assumption of course. And it is really wide-spread approach: even some poets say that one good poem is enough. One book is enough. There was ‘invented’ some ‘static number’ of people interested in poetry during whole history of literature. I think that it would be a great idea just to borrow this and share it according to integral theory. Static number of integralist in each country. Whatever age.
  2. Limit to solo - synthesis.
    This. I have whole circles of interiority within to share, but when I come just to this place I am sure that a great and long journey has been surpassed and I write this with an awe (intuitive usage of ‘awe’). Synthesis is personal mostly and cannot be sometimes predicted. I did not even manage to finish bachelor, so PhD is a vague cloud in the future I don’t have and don’t need, I guess.
  3. PhD promotor.
    I cannot express how many stories I know about work and dignity being dumped or tossed (and broccoli, not salad) bqck and down (english is so cool, you dont have to learn it, just use directions as arrows on a keyboard and you are a wise thinker and neologism supervisor). So, yeah, I have to breath out the memories brought up when such occurrence is mentioned.
  4. Write into spaces.
    Deep and simple. I guess its a demand towards people to be more, live more. I am that way a bit. Maybe even a bit quadrupled. Quadranted?
  5. Tribe of tribes.
    I feel that. I would want people to rave and rage within the slight, warm darkness that is given once and needa to be fulfilled with prearranged expectation and a person lives the path that was just depicted on a ready template. And those people realize the cowshittism (no bullying here, lads) of that. And old people crap the carpet in anger for fun and we call it Gods perfect plan. The We around me or wider us within PL. I smile and go back to my course of day.
    Tribe of tribes will not be easily rised up, some people have to grab attention and some act, but share the mediocrity or simplicity of experiencing life in private places.
    I wanted to write more, but thats enough for today.
    I stole some surnames and will study it pointlessly some day. Not my cognitive heights.

Yeah, I get it know a bit. There is no integral theory, it was always here. I like to think that integral theory is multidimensional space to contain all there is to think of. To be of.

Synthesis is not crucial. Ability to synthesize is main goal. If a person is able to look through any word, synthesis begins. Heaviness begins I guess. So the main point is to be optimistically tainted with integralism. Then forget what there is to remember and count time of your attention.
I am talking to myself, am I not?

Its great to have people on earth that lived with integral theory and made space for attention addicts, like me.

Cheetos chorizos, besos mundos tutto. Thats native commercial-italian-spanish created out of creativity.
Over and out.

Nope, not a joke. I was a bit depressed yesterday, today also a bit.
God’s Word the real Integral is contemplated in and then spoken out. But a human is just a human, so it can be only said to some extent, nothing more. I got no real stack, just a heavy load of overthinking everything and wish to share all I have or all I think of.
In the topic of silence - I am not sure of scope of consequences of my actions, but I can create a silence on many internet communities. I need time to analyze all of the content and idea comes up, then I act and type some statement.
:meat_on_bone: This emoticon is a clue to a body. We are all meat alive, sensual body is greatest achievement of evolution. Sex is not, but touch is the core of relationship for me. And gaze into eyes of a partner/beloved one. Or beloved many, but that cannot be consumed and should not be, in my opinion.

I will use markdown and bbcode, cool you have this on this community forum.
I also saw that integrallife updated visually the website plus the whole outlook (I don’t know if that’s correct). Slight changes, good colours, good tone (as in music). Appreciate that.

I am currently low on money and no income, but right now it is not a grave difficulty.
Thanks for maintaining the ideas of Wilbers. Or just philosophy of Wilber or anything, I don’t know. I guess the impact and work done is vastly more and more.

Good day to everyone.

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What is needed at the present time is a new enthusiasm, a new joy and serenity of mind in the unreserved acceptance by all of the entire Integral faith, without forfeiting that accuracy and precision in its presentation which characterized SES/ROT. What is needed, and what everyone imbued with a truly Integral, holonic and apostolic [from Koestler to Gebser to Peterson] spirit craves today, is that this doctrine shall be more widely known, more deeply understood, and more penetrating in its effects on men’s moral lives. What is needed is that this certain and immutable doctrine, to which the faithful owe obedience, be studied afresh and reformulated in contemporary terms. For this deposit of faith, or truths which are contained in our time-honored teaching is one thing; the manner in which these truths are set forth (with their meaning preserved intact) is something else (*).

A. Thanks for the content inside the square brackets.

B. [literal biblical interpretation since I am strongly mythic?] Yeah, why did Jesus storm the Temple?

For fun (*). However, to separate the sacrum from profanum. It is not possible to separate this fully. According to wiki it was surely an act of rage and wish to clean up or create a border between those two.

C. [archetypes] God’s Word the real Integral is contemplated in and then spoken out.

Christian contemplation. Choose one word, few syllables. Favorite word, whatever. In example: stone. You repeat that as a mantra. Then the word gets de-attached/blurs/fades away. Then in some sort of a way, you surpass the language and every word is important or has psychological impact on you. Lacan again: ‘psyche is structured as language is’.

Not sure if sarcasm or nested/flipped feedback… will take as sincere reflection. Or righteous indignation?

Nope, that was honest. Self-destruction and no platform to share such points plus in person I hardly speak when I really want to say something. Righteous indignation, nice term.
Example: I am testing crappy soft. Developer, very wise/IQ up the sky/linguistically also proficient. There was some issue. I analyzed strange comment of his for 15 min + looking at the soft. I thought I am a dumb moron. We had a chat afterwards. It came up that all his gibberish could be concluded with statement: there are objects A, B, C. But the B is quasiobject that connects A and C, but in UI of soft they are represented equally. End of story. When I realized that I said nothing, but I felt ashamed for him and I was unconscious of the fact that I created that response/simplification. He remained proud good developer with huge income.

So, implicit - reading between lines - why has God not struck yet? (ethics, community safety? good point?)

Leave my narcissism, handsome boy. God struck some millenia ago. I do personal striking. Another angry email with huge middle finger between the lines was published by me. Check this out, this is my new track, me iz the good boy:

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Perfect poem. @timgreenwood First verse invites the reader to the problem or topic. It is a clue, but it is not. That is the targetting sentence, repeated as a title of a poem. ‘Look again, if you lost attention.’ So the first comment of such topic is wisely reminded in the beginning. Someone might too fast jump to conslusions. Easiest interpretation there is: that girl is a mother or a feminine relative as close as mother. She cannot comprehend that the reflections define her and her interiority - body does not express her at all. Or the understanding of mirrors tells her, she could do better ‘all of it’. Recreate it all, set a new

Tormented and lost and defiled

I love those words. ‘Torment’ is very uncommon, ‘lost’ abused and lost people are everywhere out there, but they don’t really use it, if they are truly lost, ‘defiled’ is perhaps an euphenism for a word ‘rape’. If an author uses those three in one verse and it is followed by

too many times.

It means, in the context of the first verse of four paragraphs, the heaviness of being that girl and being closely related and responsible for her is a heavy duty. Most probably, after some time when this girl became woman and now she is a senior, a spilled milk or water on a floor is a ‘rape’ or being ‘defiled’. I wonder what were the true examples of experience for usage of such words. They could be almost nothing, but they were too heavy, since the environment and life context must have been ‘not nice’ (*).

She’s an angry machine, unable to reason.

Reasoning hits back a person, when reason must conclude and terminate many mirrors/options. Anger arises and objective sensitiveness (might be an obligation from the very beginning of life of anyone), so the person is entangled in paradox of demand/expectation and that drives the rhythm of the word ‘torment’ used, according to the little girl. And the whole life of this girl, since poems are not pure creativity. There is always a real source of creative result. Or just a pinpoint of being of a person that creates.

Nobody knows where.

She knows. Other people receive the outcome of her being or just her as she is alive.

Don’t expect any sympathy for she has none to spare.
Don’t expect grace for she will kill you on sight.
This little girl has memory to spare and the mind of a shark.
Stone cold and violent, she is coming for you.

That’s a story, I guess, of the anger and rationality again. The ‘shark’ is on the opposite side of ‘grace’ and ‘sympathy’, just because she needs it. So the ‘entaglement’ must be of some sort just endless. That is more than a simple drama, that might be the thorn in soul for life.

There is a little girl in this house.
I don’t know her name.
She is here to kill me and I cannot recall why.
I’ve given up hope, reason, and have no last request.
I’m hungry and lonely and starting to cry.
Why won’t she care? What more can I do?
She is standing in front of me with an unmoving eye.

I might have wrote that earlier, but this is a relation of, maybe, no ending. This bondage cannot be just cut as it is. But it could be also all the way around - just the feminine part of the author towards the father or something similar.

(last paragraph)

Yeah, that is a mother. A good spell wrote after her death.

It is not a comment, just maybe a deconstruction of your poem.
Perfect one. I will save it in google notes so is always in my phone. :slight_smile: :woman_astronaut: :walking_man:

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Hi Timgreenwood

Your paper and threads are too lengthy for me to read. But I want to answer one of your question regarding " Why isn’t Integral Philosophy a larger force in the world? "

Basically because most of the people empowered with such vision is not working on the real world directing people, the economy, social groups, in politics, etc. So, if you want to be at academia, is ok, it is a good service to mankind. But you need to try your integral capacity with normal people, with day to day affairs. I understand you are young and you are still learning. So, try to pass your PhD tests, the best you can. But your real trial is on life.

Neither Pythagoras, Socrates or Plato were just writers or teachers. The three of them are key founders of classical philosophy and the three risked their life more than once putting into practice their ideas. Plato was taken prisoner for instance by the Syracuse Tyrane, as he applied a test to check if his government officers were capable of ruling the country. The outcome didn’t like to the Tyranne and Plato was imprisoned and sold on auction as slave. Fortunately his friends gathered the money and bought him. So, we have to thank those Greek citizens for loving so much philosophy and rescued Plato for us !!! Otherwise he would had been just a the teacher of the kids of a wealthy family !!!

So, friends of Plato practiced and integral philosophy engaging in real troubles, like Plato himself did.

So, young fellow chase philosophy as your lover, every day, into an integral life, not just an on integral academy. So pass your examinations the best you can, and get into real life challenges soon.

Kind regards


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