Help Build a North American Integral Conference

Help Build a North American Integral Conference

North America, the birth place of Integral Theory, does not have an ongoing conference. In coordination with IEC team and Bence Ganti we are hoping to build a North American version of the IEC to be held every other year. We need volunteers from anywhere in the world with expertise in web site development, marketing, social media, and blogging. Perhaps you have expertise in event planning, accounting, business development planning, hospitality, copy writing, graphic design, conference contract location negotiations, law, and more. Please contact Tom Habib at with a brief description of your contribution. Thank-you for helping us co-create The Future Human.

What’s the Future, 2024: The Future Human
A call to the Integral Community…to help us create
WTF 2024, An Integral Theory Gathering?

The Future Human is the organizing theme of WTF2024 we are beginning to develop. Our preliminary vision is to challenge all potential WTF, 2024 presenters to emphasize the practices and path they use to achieve these 2nd tier capabilities. Our vision is for an event where Integral Philosophy converges with cutting-edge advancements in AI, psychedelics, and consciousness exploration, education, business, spirituality, personal growth, and the intimate relationship among others.


Count me in!

Is there going to be a dance on one of the evenings?


I’m sure there will be

I hope there is one in North America, I have wondered why they go to Europe??? but not here.

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Yes me too, they have been going to Europe for years and I wonder why not have some here at home.