Help for the infrared stage of development

I think I have issues at the infrared stage of development. I wonder if anyone has any advice for healing at this stage?

This is a poem I wrote about how it is for me right now:

No one can help me

no one can ever help me

because I’m not a baby anymore

no one can know me completely

no one can love me unconditionally

It’s not a problem

If I can tell people how I feel.

Problems are secrets.

My secrets have been secrets for too long.

So have most people’s.


Is healing eliminating “negative and painful energy” … the energy trapped in our own individual consciousness?

We all seek understanding. We attach interpretations and descriptions to define the negative energy, which causes us discomfort, or if buried disease. Perhaps it’s not the energy itself but it’s our interpterion and/or response to it that causes the suffering.

Spiritual healing is about fixing ourselves on the inside. Using the spiritual law of polarity to discover the light in the perceived darkness. Changing our own energy frequency to transform the negative into a positive. I call it the spiritual quest.

It’s the work of spiritual alchemy that turns shadows into positive light energy. Why not change your “secrets” into wisdom and share them with others? You are “light of the world” let your light shine bright!

~ Peace :slight_smile:


I love this question, and I love @excecutive’s response, framing this in terms of polarity.

I actually have a list of polarities at the infrared stage, I wonder if internalizing those polarity maps might be helpful for you @Julia248? My basic line of thinking is, unintegrated polarities at these earlier stages can be something like open wounds in our self-system, and having a way to identify and re-integrate those polarities can be tremendously healing. But that’s just my hypothesis right now, I’d be curious if it actually works for you!

And infrared is an especially difficult stage to get at, simply because so much of it is pre-verbal, so it can be difficult to heal those wounds using a purely verbal/textual/conceptual approach. But at the very least, it can help you hold those kinds of wounds in your mind, and allow healing awareness to do its work over time.

Anyway, I’d be happy to share some of those infrared polarities with you, perhaps you could even help point to some other critical polarities that should be integrated at that stage. I can send via private message, if you think it would be helpful for your grow up and clean up work.


Thank you, both :slight_smile: Such kindness

Thank you, Corey, I would be very grateful for your insight on this if you would be happy to share, privately or non :slight_smile:

Hope this is helpful too.

Thanks, Corey :pray::heart:

I relate to healing negative and painful energies. Meditation is so helpful for me in regards to this. My ego doesn’t want me to meditate though (I think because it gets smaller in the process…) or at least there’s something in my mind stopping me meditating.

What are your methods for eliminating negative energies? I’d be interested to know if you’d like to share.

I agree with sharing secrets into wisdom too. Thanks, Executive :pray: :heart:

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Thank you @Julia248 I love you! and your creative spirit! :slight_smile:

Here is a short attempt to mimic your poem structure approach … from our spiritual quest blog.

There is a place inside of me that decides which world I choose to see … like a smiling face as a trusted friend or as camouflage hiding their lies.

Trouble or triumph I will decide … it’s my world that I define. Like how to view the nature of the sun … is it fun like being at the beach … or as scorched earth in dessert heat?

Your thoughts YOU CAN control … you DECIDE and define YOUR LIFE for you … Never let others decide for you what’s true.

I will not play a game of letting others define what I see … I won’t stand aside and let society define what my life is to me … I am open to listen and learn … absorb all sides of what should and should not be … but in the end I will stand, not against, but upon that which is right for me …

I won’t force my views on those who are weak … I will help them explore and help them to seek … they too have that choice, they’re as deserving as me …

Let’s all find our way to contribute back to the whole … not against another but in support of each and everyone’s chosen role.

Now you decide which role you play … be in the light or in the darkness, be the light or be the darkness everyone has their roles.

This short poem is to help you see … what your future world can be. ~ Peace :slight_smile:

As a hobby I dabble in this infrared area.

One thing that works is to have a group that does not analyze emotions, but just accepts that the members have them. Anger, fear, joy, shame, sadness. The support for these at this level does not analyze them or make them right or wrong or try to change them - it is to recognize that feeling and that it is legitimate to have those feelings.

After that, completely optional is to “work on it”. I guess technically this wold be a kind of parts therapy, inner child therapy or another academically trendy word - but we don’t call it therapy because that would be illegal so we just call it “work” lol. The term shadow work also applies, as long as we use lower case because upper case is trademarked.

One of many methods is to be guided to feel the “part” that experienced this, and reinforce modalities to make it more real and present. The goal is to try and get as far back as possible, even to 3-4 years old memories and trauma. I find it problematic to go back farther though. Baby trauma can be a real difficult one to find out what happened because there are no memories at all - just feeings. Anyway, once the part is identified clearly, Then introduce another “part”. This other part offers what the first part needs. Often it is baby self as child and present self as parent of that other part, but not necessarily. It can be any relationship that feels right.

As a hobbyist, there are areas i don’t go near like sexual trauma, clinical depression, suicide ideation, etc. I feed those into a support network.

Obviously, being a man - I have never tried this organization I’m providing the link to, lol. But I think it’s basically what I described for women.

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Thanks for your reply, Ray. I find interesting the idea of just being in raw emotions. It sounds a bit like drama exercises I have done. It sounds fun. I once did drama exercises where we all walked around the room as sadness, anger, happiness and so on. I found this very therapeutic. It would be good to bring these types of things into ‘work’, ‘therapy’ and so on. We also walked around pretending to be the wind, the ocean, or a mountain. I think this stuff is really helpful for gross realm work.

I’m thinking of starting my own meditation and works group. I love the idea of calling things ‘work’ or something similar. So much is therapeutic but doesn’t need to fit into any box and can really be delivered by anyone with insight and who wants to help people grow and heal :yellow_heart:

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I’ve had a look at the women’s circling website. Thank you for this. It looks great :slight_smile: