Help me understand this: Life Purpose pursuit or Enlightenment experience

Hello all,
I hope this is a good section of the forum to put this here… I want to ask you to help me out to get a better grasp of my experience I had 3 years back when I was 28. I would appreciate suggestion from people, who actually experienced Enlightenment.

I am not sure, if my Life Purpose was fully revealed for me, or it might have been an accidental Enlightenment experience.

The circumstances were like this. I offered free consultation to a student of mine to help him develop a better statistical model to get better results in his semester paper. It took us a few consultation sessions. Student submitted the paper with a full statistics model, I corrected the paper, after that he did re-wrote it … it was a lot of work, but worth it.

When I was going through the final version of the paper, something mystical happened. I started to have a great sense of joy, which started to grow rapidly. I had to sit down, the joy did grow into ecstasy. Suddenly all the emptiness in me was filled with this amazing feeling.

And it kept on growing quickly. I suddenly though as if I am going to a different place. I got scared since I felt as if my brain is going to explode with joy. I could not do anything, just to witness, what was happening. From the start, it might have been a few seconds.

It felt as if I was losing myself, my sense of self was gone. When I passed that feeling, I felt as if I went some barrier. I was simply just on my chair alone in the office. I experienced an eminent feeling of joy, peace, beauty, fulfillment. And the feeling lasted for a few minutes. I was just experiencing the greatest feeling in my life, ever.

I didn’t have any seeing apart these feelings. If I would compare this to something, the only thing, that comes up to my (atheistic) mind is only: “Being touched and cheered by God himself”.

This experience was deeply personal for me. I did not experience anything like this at any point before or after. I do meditate frequently for 20 – 45 minutes. The best experience I got so far might have been a feeling of energy going upwards my spine as if I started to “fly”.

At first, I thought to myself, I have discovered my Life Purpose, which seemed to me “Help others grow.” Or the explanation might have been, that the student paper was containing a bit of LSD or DMT I might have inhaled. xD

Lately, I thought about this experience differently. Could that be an Enlightenment experience? I would appreciate suggestions from people, who actually experienced Enlightenment.

Thank you all

The first question I would ask you is what, if anything, changed for you after this experience?

thx for the reply. At that time I was working a on a regular adminiostration position and studying a PhD to achive something to myself. I did not like both.
After that I decided to get to a place, where I could be able to help others to reach their goals by enhancing their skills.
My path was web development.
So I learned myself to code. Now I work as a web developer for a year and I teach kids basics of programming for 4 months. Yesterday I helped out as lecturer´s assistant on a workshop for adults, the lecturer there asked me there, if I were interested to TEACH the next oncoming series of workshops, since he is way busy. Looks like there might be a path for myself, what I envisioned. Not bad for one “spiritual” experience I had years ago :grinning:
That is, what has changed :smile:

It sounds wonderful! These experiences are mysterious, we tend to muck things up when we try to explain or understand them. People attracted to Integral, myself included, can have a hard time with this. We like answers. Lately I have been practicing feeling the difference between allowing the mystery to just be and seeking understanding. I tend to be a seeker, so for me it’s a great relief to just sit in the mystery.

I have similar experience with spiritual material. It is often very confusing and opposite to my every day view. The feeling of “messing with my mind” often leads me to break-throughs. I enjoy the feeling of better understanding of myself and peace of mind. :grinning:

You started the thread, Michelle with: “The first question I would ask you is”
… so you have another question? :slight_smile:
Bring it on, shoot! :wink:

The next question would be what do you think the difference is between life purpose and an enlightenment experience?