Helping the GOP Transition to an Integral Party

Here is a roadmap for encouraging the GOP to go integral. The assumption is that we are starting with many of them at amber.

  1. Orange - We should encourage members of the GOP to view their tradition as part of a Modernist assimilation project. A project that is meritocratic, egalitarian and meant to assimilate people of all sorts (races and religions) into a common way of living. This way of living is defined by the centrality of rationality as the great arbiter of differences of opinion, liberal notions of markets, individual rights, meritocracy, and somewhat traditional family values. They should be encouraged to feel that they are violating their own values if they do not allow those of different ethnic or religious backgrounds to participate in their form modernism.

  2. Green - Perhaps the GOP could then be encouraged to transition to green pluralism by convincing them that they can not win a fight to force their traditional notions of being American on an increasingly diversified population. They must instead switch from a strategy of domination to a pluralist strategy of voluntary subcultures and coexistence. Their form of modernism can exist within a framework that encourages diverse individuals and diverse communities - where defending the right of other communities to exist is seen as an investment in the protection of their own communities right to exist. They should be willing to exist as a voluntary subculture under the condition that a list of basic individual rights will be respected. Perhaps the strategy would be to convince them that the constitution and the bill of rights are general enough to accommodate both their brand of modernism and other subcultures. They should be encouraged to join forces with members of other subcultures to recognize and guarantee their basic rights.

  3. Teal - GOP members are often drawn to systems of hierarchy that offer opportunities for advancement. We can encourage this aspect of their personalities by introducing healthy hierarchies and encouraging them to adopt these hierarchies throughout their institutions - (e,g, churches, businesses, schools)

Disclaimer: I am a far left, bleeding heart liberal. I read one of Corey’s posts about the GOP possibly going Integral and I tried to come up with an explanation for how that could occur.