Hope for the Christian Contemplative Movement

Originally published at: https://integrallife.com/hope-for-the-christian-contemplative-movement/

In celebration of Father Thomas Keating’s life and his tireless effort to help people discover their innermost intersection with divinity, we invite you to watch the following free video where he shares some of his own hopes for the future unfolding of contemplative christianity.


My tears flow reading Ken’s letter. A most touching, intimate tribute of Love, respect and
humble heart to a man that shall remain alive always in his Presence within each of us.
Thank you Ken for bringing his teachings of Love to us all through your friendship with
Mary Linda

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Thank you Corey, Ken and the whole Integral team for so deeply and quickly honouring Fr. Keating. I am one of the very many whose lives and spiritual development have been forever changed by Fr. Keating and his students such as Cynthia Bourgeault. Fr. Keating personally illuminates the LL, 2nd person approach to intimacy with God. A hugs loss - AND - nw we are all his body. Meg

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I had watched Father Keating’s video on Becoming Nothing with my husband and son last year. We all agreed Father Keating looked like my Dad but was saintly by comparison. Today my son and I spoke by phone about a wonderful new opportunity that he said “fell out of the sky for him.” I asked my son if he remembered Father Keating’s video that we watched and he did and agreed it was sad that he had passed. In my heart I see Father Keating’s many graces that he had acrued and stored in the subtle plane are now being more fully released on his passing. I felt those graces were enriching us now, and my son and husband agreed. Such a Holy Man! I give thanks for all that Father Keating has given and continues to give.

I just finished watching Fr. Thomas Keating’s memorial and then checked Integral to see if Ken had weighed in. I am so genuinely touched by Ken’s letter to Thomas. I have repeatedly watched their interviews (many on Integral Naked) and have directed many friends to them. You were so great together, obviously really enjoying each other, there are so many gems in those exchanges. Bless all of you at Integral Life. Thomas was so eager to have all he knew study Integral. You are both, with many others in the field, Divine Messengers. Thank You for all Integral Life is doing to further the growth of evolutionary spiritual awareness.

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Jesus son of Joseph taught that we should NOT refer to anyone as “Father” except our natural father and Father God.

This is The Apocalypse and I AM the returned Christ & Albert Einstein reincarnated; see http://7seals.blogspot.com .