How can we cultivate more authentic and meaningful interactions between each other on this website?

Reflect on the question above and share your thoughts with the rest of the community.

For me there is certainly the need to observe and resist knee-jerk responses. Reading more than one comment shared by a person, I noticed, changes my opinion. The opportunity to actually face a shadow or light aspect within myself - and be able to discuss this with others, well, that is fabulous. :):thinking:


I was thinking of starting a thread like this one. Here’s a funny story. About 3 years ago I discovered a Prayer App run in thr US by a christian orgsmistion. It was satisfying to share prayer requests and pray for others who shared their needs and aspirations. I was developong some friends there and conversing regularly. One post I mentioned that I took a eeekly yoga class and the benefits I took from it. I few days later I was advised by the admins that I couldn’t discuss yoga again or my membership would be terminated. I had to part company with those friends including a lovely moslim who lived in Norway.

I find other social media unsatisfying in the depth of relationship. Facebook is useful for many things including keeping up with family and friends.

I do fancy the idea of a worldwide network of integrals. I am interfaith so I’d like to think interfaithers would be welcome also.

To be able to friend and follow individual members would be useful , like on Facebook.

I’d also like to think we could adopt the #Yes,and… philosophy of respecting one anothers views without criticism AND adding to their thoughts with new facts or information to evolve discussions forward and build people up. As different from most SM which is heartbrakingly brutal at times. OK I’m a softy.

My 2 cents.

Blessings. #Yes,and… #infinitelove


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Yes! Being a sissy :heart_eyes: is very cool :slight_smile: (in my book xx)