How Defensive States Prevent Self-Knowledge

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Dr. Keith and Corey navigate the psychological minefield of defensive states and shadow impulses that often diminish our capacity for wisdom, empathy, and self-knowledge.

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Defensive states, by definition, probably inhibit all knowledge as they skew perspectives to become biased in favor of that defensiveness.

I do my best to watch as many of your Integral live streams as possible (especially ones with Keith Witt), but somehow managed to miss this one.

Not sure if it’s relevant, but it might be, so here it is:

Compassion Prison Project - Childhood Trauma


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ps. Big respect for setting all this up and for hosting the live shows. I love the way you prepare questions, sum up key points and sit patiently during streams when the speaker waxes lyrical!

I also attentively listen to your own points of views. eg. Your take on Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which you mentioned again recently in a show with Ryan Oelke (Which i wouldn’t mind reading about somewhere if you have typed it out somewhere?)
pps. have you ever thought of doing your own (live) show?

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Hey guys, great discussion as always.

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