How does living an integral lifestyle affect your relationship with money?

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I’ve joined Cryptocurve, an online group of Integral thinkers involved in cryptocurrency. Amazing, wonderful and exciting to be part of… Learned so much about investing I’ve even put some coin into the mundane world of investing.

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Angelika, would you expound on integralism as it pertains to crypto, please?

Expound on integralism as it pertains to crypto…hum… Each crypto “coin” contains data that pertains to its project. The projects are ideas/ideals of its creators in how they want these coins utilized and where they see them as a form of exchange and how they want them to impact the world. There are a ton of different coins (EOS, ETH, BTC, IOTA for instance) that you can exchange fiat (regular) money for cryptocurrencies. You can purchase coins according to ideas/ ideals you want to see gain energy and momentum in the world. It’s a tad more complex than that, but in essence you have an opportunity to invest in currency that is open to an Integral view of exchange. As I’m new to cryptocurrency myself, it was a godsend to find a group connected with Integral to learn from and with.


Hi @Angelika_Ouellette, here are two items you might be interested in.

The first is an episode of The Daily Evolver that we did with Ryan Oelke:

The second is a free ebook, a work-in-progress called “World After Capital” that I think has some really great proto-integral insights:


Did watch The Daily Evolver with Ryan Oelke! Will check out the “World After Capital”! Thanks Corey.