How I spent my Election Day (new Four Quadrant carving)

I thought you guys might enjoy my latest piece. I spend most of the day in the workshop as a way to manage the anxiety of our present life conditions. I am very happy with how this one turned out!

  • Brazilian Ebony (frame, central arms)

  • Curly maple (the whitest/purest I could find, main base + central hub)

  • African blackwood (diamond inlay borders)

  • Amboyba burl (diamond inlay centers)

  • Red Heart (inlayed behind the central knot)


That is just beautiful in every way, it is impulse for me to say that I want to buy/make/own one for myself​:pleading_face: haha​:smile::smile:Amazing job Corey!

Corey, really beautiful and elegant!!!

The look is so appealing

gorgeous!!! is it for sale, Corey?