How many of us are out there?

I am less than a month on this site and wondering @corey-devos if it is ok to ask how many members are on here. I know in the Discord community there is an active process going on of conscious community building. One of my thoughts initially in our stumbling blocks is how can integral individuals have so many disconnections? I do understand how so many different voices can create the need for the same amount of connections. I know @HawaiianRyan asked the same sort of questions in a different thread.
If integral is the next wave it would be nice to know what it is going to look like. I don’t think there is a more central hub than Integral Life. I guess my reason for this thread is to ask “how many of us are banging the drum for integral?”.
In the most recent entry 'Evolving a Multi-cellular society" DSW reminds us that the need for connections is at an epidemic level and its symptoms are manifested in mental illnesses. I know @HawaiianRyan has already sent out the notice for Discord to others that are looking to connect in other ways, but if we are not involved in the conscious group building who will be?


Yes…Thanks @lxvythrs for this…

I am also trying to find ‘connections’ here in Hollywood, CA…specifically in the field of Integral Religion/Spirituality…it’s about two weeks now since I’ve joined, and it would be nice to connect with others in my area, individually or perhaps in groups like maybe a Meetup group? We’ll see what may arise…thanks.:heartbeat::heartpulse:

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I would be interested in communicating further with you re your post and the work you mention. Taom

@Alex_Sahagun, San Diego Integral has a member who comes monthly from LA. She is considering starting an LA group. If you don’t mind the drive you’re welcome to join us in San Diego on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Find us on Meetup. Blessings

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Hi Alex and Thomas, It’s good to see you guys are interested in forming something local. A few of us are organizing online on the Discord server. Please feel free to drop by online and see if you get anything from it.

:ok_hand: I will check it out…Thankyou, Eloy :v:

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Thanks Matt! Will check out Discord…:v:

Seems like this invite link expired!

I am also out of LA. Went ahead and sent you a message!

Here you go:

I am looking for a group in Cincinnati. I am 84, have read Ken for about 22 years, and was in a great meet-up group in Phoenix for 10 years before moving to Cincinnati.

Maybe I will try the online group. Years ago I was a member of By the Fireside (BTF) through emails, and first heard of Ken there. Wonderful folks. Hello to any BTF folks who may read this.

Hey Jim- It sounds like there is a real need for a local connection. I am in Eugene, OR if anyone was closeby and wanted to meet. We have also discussed retreats and meetups on Discord. Would be wonderful to all meet. Even an Integralist likes Vegas right?

I am out of LA also and would love to help start an LA group or at the very least participate in a carpool!