How to find Wilber followers locally - any suggestions?


Hello all,

As much as I appreciate the opportunity to share and be involved in this online community, I love to connect with people face to face. Having relocated to Barcelona (from Australia) I would really love to connect with some local Wilber enthusiasts. Do you guys have any suggestions as to how I can find integral thinkers locally? (I have tried the meetup platform but no luck there for local groups where I live)

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions!



Hola Kinga, Espero que hables español, entiendo el inglés pero no lo hablo muy fluido.
Yo vivo en Barcelona, así que estoy encantado en formar una comunidad en Barcelona. Tenemos una comunidad on-line por si te interesa se llama


Hola Gustavo,

Muchas gracias pero no hablo mucho Español todavía. Sería bueno para conectar con el grupo en el futuro.



Hello i live near barcelona also. I never meet any one ho is interested in integral theory so maybe some day we can speak about that.


Hello Raimon,

Yes, I’d love to meet up sometime. I go to a philosophy group every Wednesday in Barcelona. It is usually held in Cafe de les Delicies in Rambla Raval and you can find it on the meetup website. Come along if you are in the center (even if the registration is full, it is ok to join).

Hope to connect with you in the future,



Ok thanks for the invitation kinga


Perhaps you can check as well? If there isn’t a Meetup group, you could also found one.


Hello Russ,

Yes, I love the meetup website and use it a lot already. And I agree, if there is not one, I may just have to create one :wink:

Thanks for that!



HI Kinga

I am actually in Australia (from Sydney) LOL, I was actually thinking of the same thing. Do you know where the local Integral Aussies are at?


Hey Wyze,

I was part of a great Wilber group in Adelaide before I left - they have been going for years now and I found another one in Melbourne when I lived there on the meetup website. wither that or FB may turn up some local integrals.

Or as russ.legear said above, start one yourself! Integrate them people :wink:

Good luck


Hi @Wyse,
I’m new to Integrallife today. I live in Sydney. My interfaith group are aware of Wilber and I will be sharing more of his work with them as I learn. Did you find any others in Sydney? Blessings Peter.


Hey Hearteveryonepeter

No I haven’t found anyone. I don’t actually know where to even start to look. Im guessing there will be few of us who knows about this flowing around but may not be using buzzwords like integral/spiral dynamics etc



Hey thanks Kinga
I’ll keep trying.


Dear Wyse, It seems Integral Theory hasn’t really gained much traction in Sydney. you are welcome to our monthly interfaith gathering. here is the link.
it may or may not be for you or if its too far for you, we could admit you to our Private FB page so you could keep in touch electronically.
So we are mainly Sutherland Shire dwellers and mainly anglo christian backgrounds. Around 15 members. and mainly middle aged.:smiley:

There is a city based gathering which some of us attend. Its called Sydney Sacred Centre. I cangive you details if this would suit you better.

Blessings #infinitelove