How would an exterior atom holon be experienced without perception?


I have some confusion around the Four Quadrant model and how every holon has 4 dimensions to it.

So I understand that prehension is a holon that is the Interior-Individual (Upper Left) dimension of an atom or a molecule (which is an Exterior-Individual (Upper Right) holon).

What I’m confused about is how an atom or molecule would be experienced without perception. How would atoms and molecules be experienced from an Exterior-Individual perspective before the rise of organisms with the capacity of perception? Prehension doesn’t have the capacity to perceive so in what way would its exterior be experienced? How do we know it has an exterior perspective to it?

Hope that makes sense.

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And a follow up question to the above:

In what way do ALL exteriors exist independently of perception? Isn’t everything listed in the Upper Right quadrant experienced as a perception, which is level 6 of the Upper Left quadrant?

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I may just be confused about your confusion, but the interior of an atom is what you might call its awareness.The UL of an atom is not anything perceiving the atom or the atom perceiving anything. It’s the atom’s own, very limited, awareness.

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Hey Stephen, thanks for responding to my question!

Yes, I am clear on what might hypothetically be the interior experience of an atom. I can imagine there may be some rudimentary sensation of being an atom. What I’m confused about is how the Upper-Right of an atom would exist/be experienced during a period of Evolution where there are no perceiving organisms. Presumably, if every holon has 4 dimensions to it at all times, the outside perspective of an atom would have to have existed/been experienced in some way even when there were only atoms. I’m confused about how this could be without perception. As humans, all outside perspectives are experienced as perceptions. But perception didn’t arise until later on in the evolutionary unfolding so how would atoms experience themselves from an external perspective?

Does that make sense?

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After contemplating this a bit, here are my thoughts so far. Just as we can assume an atom has a rudimentary felt-sense (prehension), we could also assume an atom has a very rudimentary way of “seeing” its exterior or the exterior of other atoms; as well as a rudimentary way of experiencing its LL and LR dimensions. But this “seeing” is probably nothing like the colourful and linear way that we see things; a process that we call “perception.” At the end of the day, these would ultimately all be different perspectives/experiences of Reality/Spirit/Consciousness.

Someone please correct me if I am misinterpreting the Four Quadrant model in some way.

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