Hyperobjects, Archetypes, Realdialektik, etc (help wanted/needed)

Hello folks,

Just popping by to ask for some help.

I have set up a new group to help create some cross meta-theory catalysation.

If you have ten minutes and you are an expert in integral meta-theory – it would be enormously helpful (with no expectations for a sustained commitment).

If you could help open the group with some initial orienting generalisations to help open the ‘communicative space’ this would be epic (I have no idea what will come of this right now, maybe not much, but I feel I have to learn more about this important ‘meta’ topic).

I know this is a big ask in the sense that energy/time/attention are a significant form of capital these days.

My intention is to create (and learn how to create) a creative space for ‘communicative action’ (Habermas) on a topic that feels important right now: Hyperobjects, Archetypes, Realdialektik etc.

I’m using the principle of ‘better to do the right thing wrong, than the wrong thing right’ (Russell Ackoff) (aka, this is my first experience of starting such a group around a topic I care about).

Any questions let me know.

The group is here: https://mewe.com/join/uni_div

All are welcome.

Warm regards,