I wish for an Enneagram fiction book

What I realized recently when contemplating why my partner read only fiction books and I read only non-fiction, is that I perceive the fiction books in a more relaxed way. Non-fiction books for me feel like a study process. Recently I picked up one of the Deida’s books and had this realization, that how awesome would it be to read a story about Enneagram types:

Nine characters, each representing one type in a fictional story, where characters would start off as unaware and caught very much in their patterns. When the story crisis forces them to step back and become observant of the patterns and grow closer together as a group.

My wish is that somebody writes this book!


Good idea! For example, I very much enjoyed Jordan Myska Allen 2015 book “A Beautiful Apocalypse” where he built his fiction story on developmental levels.


That’s so cool! Thank you! Do you know more integral theory inspired fiction books?

My pleasure:) Another one is Ken Wilber’s 2002 fiction book “Boomeritis” about the disasters of postmodernism or mean green. These two are the only ones I’m aware of.

I’m a fiction writer and I love this idea. My current works-in-progress include some subtle references to self-development within the character arcs.