Idea for an Ashram 2.0

Earlier I was using some Binaual Beats to help me meditate into a delta state, and I was listening to the tones and thought, hmm what if these were Tibetian bowls.
The thought got me thinking how cool it would be to have a room full of people attempting to attune themselves to a specific state, lets say Causal for now.
There would be a teacher or leader of the group that would be giving meditative instructions from that level and holding the vibration.
There would also be tones bowls etc that would vibrating at the tone associated with the aimed state.
As well as imagery that would be related to that state.
And meditative instructions specific to the state.
Perhaps even an EEG machine to help confirm the state development.
And then ascend the state ladder with the next state once a number of the participants are able to achieve the state.
Ideas? Thoughts?


An idea for state imagery might be taking the predominant brainwave frequency
For example delta, 3hz
And then doubling it until it reorders a sand pile, into a pattern, and then drawing that pattern and putting it on the wall of the room. Perhaps a 3d model of the frequency could be modeled.
Along with this imagery of the wave, you could include art from and of that state, dieties etc.

we have a group in Boulder trying to work on mapping different mind states with consumer-priced EEG devices. not just meditative states. the challenge is achieving enough granularity w the devices to say which brain patterns correspond to which mind states.


That’s really interesting. Do you have some serious meditators there that can enter into different states or live with high delta? I would think you would need some sort of baseline to work towards.

Do we have some serious meditators in Boulder? Ha Ha. we aren’t far enough along to have a meditation use case, but may get there. We are using the Emotiv headset (they donated) for now, but the MUSE device definitely targets meditation as it’s primary market, and partners with therapists of various kinds just to get them to relax easier and better.

But you’re right, would have to establish baselines to be able to say something meaningful about results in the upper right quadrant. Anyone out there from Boulder who wants to help us out?

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here’s the event announcement - November 10 - hope Denver metro area folks can drop by

Join us and our sponsors for the project launch of the Rocky Mountain BrainHack! The RMBH project launch is an all-day collaborative event at Galvanize Boulder on Saturday, November 10, set to explore the frontiers of brain technology in relation to human performance, therapeutic, and assistive technology applications of a new generation of affordable brain computer interfaces (BCI). The primary goals of the event are to establish proofs-of-concept suitable for further business development efforts, and raise awareness of technologies available to help solve challenges in brain science. A small team has been working to tee up some hacking work and prepare some introductory presentations.

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Dear @dulchinos
Thanks for posting about the mind hack session. I too share an interest in those type of devices. Did the session yield any results you can share?
#infinitelove …Peter.

Thanks Peter - here’s a link.

Are you referring to Sound Bath meditation with Tibetan bowls?
I have experienced this on several occasions, and agree with you that at least for me, having the bowls placed on my body is a direct line to the causal state. Of course, there are no images when we are in the causal state, but I have experienced images (vision logic) when going into the state or when returning from it.
Dianne Pierson

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It’s very possible that tones can inspire activation of brain frequencies / states of consciousness. Probably why the Tibetian monks used so much chanting and bowls… Now, which frequencies activate these states? More research needs to be done, but a good place to start would certainly be the frequencies associated with beta delta and gamma.

Are you wanting to create Right Upper Quadrant verification for the LUQ, LLQ experiences with the chanting and bowls? If so, have you considered talking with a sleep study researcher? I think someone working in this field can probably provide some of the answers to your questions as well as support if you decide you want to go further with the project.

The more RUQ verification the better!

Locate states, and the physiology associated with them, and the mechanisms that can bring one into those states.

Also, important to note, that different types might express the states in a non-uniform way. Maybe the stage has an effect on how the state manifests in the RUQ as well. So the territory is going to be very messy.

Regardless of the lack of RUQ data, maybe the ashram 2.0 can be a smorgasbord of scientifically proven mechanisms, as well as yet to be proven methods, as well as scientific experiments. The question being, can one induce state change from tones, conversation, exercise, practice, silence etc. in a way that also positively affects ones stage, and shadow and quadrants?

Talking to a sleep researcher is a very good idea.

Glad I could contribute.