IDW clip that demonstrates integral understanding

The clip is referencing a talk Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson had together where they were talking to each other about “truth”. The conversation went comically nowhere because they were talking from two different quadrants. Sam Harris was speaking to the objective, and Peterson to the subjective. Harris wasn’t able to recognize subjective truth, and Peterson wasn’t able to fully accept objective truth.

This clip is between the Weinstein brothers where they realize exactly why they (Peterson and Harris) were not understanding each other. They use the terms “meaning” and “truth” since they have not read Wilber :rofl:

I always thought that their conversations would take max half time if both of them knew Integral and understood that their arguing from different quadrants was totally useless and a waste of time. It looks as if they say different things, they don’t realize that they basically say the same but from different perspectives. (I mean Jordan and Sam)