I'm dead, now what?

Hello beautiful people.

I am finally taking the time to go through this wonderful course, so generously provided by these wonderful teachers, Andrew Holecek and Ken Wilber. I am grateful for this opportunity.

I have a few questions in my mind, or should I say, floating in emptiness (that I can feel - myself to be? - sometimes).
When the body is gone, and everything is the mind, WHO is there to guide the mind through the bardos?
If the sense of identity is mental, and a sum of impressions and experiences, how can the mind guide itself?
If the real identity is timeless, why could this be a painful process or why would there be a process at all, or a journey out of this world? WHO travels out of here?

Thank you in advance for your insights.

I do care about how I live and do my best to purify myself on all levels.
I think I fail a lot, but I keep on giving all I can.
I care about radiating the most benefic energy possible.
I care that my life benefits this world in whatever way I can.
Isn’t caring about the “afterlife” fearing life and not trusting it?
Isn’t thinking about death an escape from life itself?
If one is fully present, one is already dying.
Why care about the thereafter?

All viewpoints are more than welcOMe.
Thank you and many blessings on your path.