Inhabit: Your Creativity

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We live in an infinitely creative universe — and with every passing moment we have the option to actively and consciously participate with that creativity. Watch as Ryan and Corey explore ways to more fully align ourselves with our own deepest source of beauty, inspiration, and creative emergence.

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This was a really fun and full-hearted episode of Inhabit, and particularly energetic! Which made me think of Shakti, the name in Kashmir Shaivism and Tantric yoga traditions for the creative dynamic energy responsible for the entire world of form. Sometimes called “the will-power of God,” and considered feminine, Shakti is in a sense both the “original muse” and the original and on-going means for creation.

And since we’re using Sanskrit terms, the Sanskrit root “kr” or “krta” means to make, do, or perform. The word ‘create’ is related to this root, as is the word ‘karma,’ which means ‘action.’ (The word ‘Sanskrit’ itself comes from the longer word ‘Samskrtan’ which is made of the syllable ‘sam’ meaning “together,” and ‘krta.’ So the word Sanskrit means “to put together, well-formed, perfected.”)

The word ‘create’ also has Latin roots that mean “to make, bring forth, produce, beget, cause, and to make grow.” It is related to the Latin word ‘crescere,’ meaning “arise, grow, be born, increase.” The words ‘crescent’ (as in waxing or growing moon) and ‘crescendo’ (a steadily growing volume or pace) are closely related.

Perhaps a moral of this etymological story: our creations (whether of a thought, word, deed, self, world, or thing) birth and “grow” something, and produce karma. Karma of course can be both ‘good and bad’ or either.

This Inhabit episode with its all-quadrant look at creativity produced some pretty good karma, I would say. Really enjoyable; thank you!

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Thanks for the warm feedback LaWanna! It was such a fun episode, and it also felt like we only barely scraped the surface. So much more to come.

Hi Corey this was a great Inhabit episode. Looking forward to more, you guys do an amazing job. What’s your email address please, I’ve tried to send you mail but it keeps bouncing back. Cheers, Imago :grin: