Inhabit: Your Election

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Watch as Ryan and Corey reflect on the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, exploring its implications for the world and within our own hearts, while also creating a space where we can begin to release some of the fears and anxieties many of us have been struggling with during these chaotic and uncertain times.

Watching the video posted so not live, I’m concerned that Trump is not going away, announcing his run for 2024 Presidential race, taking on a talk show, even more time to troll on Twitter, radio or tv talk show spreading his negative message, on top of all of the lawsuits brought against him, how can we tell the media to ignore him?

I like the comparison drawn between our political polarization and a couple entering relationship therapy. I have an idea for a podcast that would use Imago Dialogue as a modality to facilitate a conversation between people with different worldviews. I also wanted to comment on something Corey said about the LL and LR maybe needing to move in different directions and how perhaps that related to the fact that the Senate will likely remain Republican ever though Biden won by 7M votes. I agree with the sentiment, but find myself frustrated because I see a Republican Senate to be every bit as hostile to LR progressivism as it would be to LL, if not moreso. The entrenchment of our 2 party system seems to make it impossible for these two quadrants to move separately from each other, which is why my personal bias is still towards a total Sanders / Yang / AOC style ‘blue tsunami’ occuring in the near future, not because I think it would usher in some kind of Utopia, but because at least it would solve some of our most pressing LR issues, and present us with some new, better, more interesting problems, the solution to which might finally catapult governance to 2nd tier. I don’t see that happening without green first being enacted more fully. The suffering is just too real for too many.

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